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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!

    Opportunity Knocks, Rings the Doorbell and Beats Down Your Door!

    Thursday, October 26 2006
    Maria makes her payment, Tania refuses help and Lexi gets her own revenge on Maria!

    William and Sophia sit down and tell Maria that they just can't wait to get to work. Sophia says that it may be foolish to fire her since she has been there for so long….and that she could possibly be her assistant. William tells Maria that she has had plenty of time and Sophia tells her that it is right…..and for Maria to just beg! They suggest that she just go out the back door and keep walking. She looks at them and (very calmly) informs them that she thinks that they got her this time and she just doesn't know what she is going to do. She hands William a check for $21 Million Dollars and tells him that he is not the only sleaze bag with change in his pocket. He then tries to tell her that it is too late, but she insists that he read his contract because she has until 6pm tonight. Sophia tells him to do something. He tells Maria that this isn't over, and she informs him that he is right about that…..because she isn't finished with him yet! As they leave, she tells Sophia to crawl back under the rock she came from. Maria falls to the couch laughing over her victory!

    William and Sophia get in their limo and realize that if the check clears, then they have no leverage over her. A frustrated William insists that he knows this already. Sophia suggests that maybe Maria is bluffing and wonders where she could get that kind of money. William informs his mother that Maria didn't get to where she is today without being resourceful! He thinks for a moment and tells her that there has to be another way. He remembers that they have all of that information on Luke's accounts. William starts to make some calls. As Sophia gets more upset he hands her a credit card and tells the driver Beverly Hills. He tells his mother that a little retail therapy will be good for her! She tells her son one piece of advice…Never give your credit card to an angry woman…you will regret it!

    Doris has severe pains in the hospital with Gloria by her side. Father Maloney comes to visit with Doris and Gloria tries to get him to convince her to do the therapy. Doris insists that he is busy and doesn't have to come see her. Father Maloney says that sometimes it is hardest to accept the things that we cannot control on this earth. He then informs Gloria that we are all her for a certain time and that we all have to use that time to do God's will just as Doris has done. He says that right now they just have to trust that things are in God's hands right now.

    Michael and Luke arrive at Tania's and find the place filthy. Luke looks at some pills on the table as Tania comes stumbling in. Luke wants to know where she has been, but she tells them that she is really tired and that they can close the door on the way out. When they tell her that they are worried about her she reminds them of what the two of them have done to her and that they are not her friends anymore. They insist that she has a problem but she tries to tune them out and relaxes on the sofa. She gets up and demands that they get out of her house. They finally leave and Tania is in a very emotional state.

    Nikki and Michelle walk through the garden at William's and are lead to the patio where they can await for him to return. William finally arrives and informs them that they will not be taking the boat to Catalina. Michelle offers to leave the two of them alone but he insists that she at least say for lunch.

    Lexi tells Maria that it was awesome the way that she handled the situation with William and Sophia. Maria then scolds her for letting them in to begin with. Lexi then starts to give Maria the information that she has requested. When the subject of raises comes up, Maria informs her that there will be no raises until further notice. Lexi defends herself and reminds her that she has done everything that she has been asked to do with Luke. Maria suggests that she go and promote her own competency because she couldn't even seduce Luke when he was drugged. Lexi storms out of the office.

    William tells Michelle that he will help her over lunch. Sophia enters the room with her shopping bags and inquires as to what they are discussing. William informs his mother that he would like to help Michelle. He then starts to tell her about the many options that are out there for financing. Michelle tells them that she is going to need it all to compete with Maria Gianni! Sophia gets interested when she hears that name and William speaks up and says that's right and that he almost forgot about that part of it. Nikki informs them that Michelle is behind almost all of Gianni's designs. William asks Michelle how much money it would take to get her collection off the ground. She ball parks it at around $100,000 and William tells that it is done! Sophia informs Michelle that her investor is right here!

    John stops by to see Maria and notices that Lexi has no typical spirit and that she really doesn't care if he has an appointment or not. She tells him that she does not want to be just an assistant and he suggests that she take what she has learned and leave. Lexi tells him that Maria promised that she would promote her when the time was right. John ask her how many more years she wants to give to Maria?

    William tells Michelle that with her designs and his financial backing, they will squash Maria's House of Gianni! Sophia assures Nikki and Michelle that William is serious! She tells Michelle to just worry about getting that collection done and William will handle the financial things from now on. William tells Nikki to stay behind for desert. Sophia walks Michelle out.

    Lexi sits at her station and hears Maria screaming for her. She remembers back to all of the snide remarks and the way that Maria has treated her while she has worked for her. With Maria still calling for her in the background, Lexi picks up the phone and calls Michelle and tells her that she really needs to see her tonight.

    Lexi sits at Suku waiting for Michelle to arrive. Michelle shows up and asks Lexi what this life and death situation is about. Lexi pulls out a CD and tells her that it holds the keys to the House of Gianni (suppliers, manufacturers…Maria's rolodex etc). It is everything that she will need to get a head start of Gianni. Michelle asks why she wants to sell this to her. Lexi informs her that she is not looking for money. Lexi insists that she can get Michelle everything she needs and all she wants is to be her partner at Michelle Miller Designs!

    Luke hears a knock at the door, and when he opens it Maria storms in and tells him that she really wants to go to his show. She tells him that she is proud of him and wants to see it. He tells her that he doesn't think that it is a good idea. She promises that there will not be a scene. He tells her that he needs some time to think about it and that it has nothing to do with Michelle. She says that she will await his answer and leaves.

    Michelle and Lexi together...Look out Maria!

    Lexi tells Michelle that she knows that this is odd. Michelle tells her that she is not sure that she can trust her. Lexi insists that the only thing that she should be worried about it why it took a smart woman like Lexi so long to read the writing on the wall! Michelle ask her if she is the one that stole her designs for Maria, but Lexi quickly informs her that if it was her then Michelle would have never found out about it! Lexi tells Michelle that she can have total control of the fashion side and that Lexi will handle the business side…and that they can buy William out when they are up and running. She tells Michelle that they can't lose with all of the information that she has about Gianni!

    Maria arrives at the office and furiously approaches Lexi and asks where she has been. Lexi tells her that she has been right here and that her coffee is coming. Lexi gets up and follow Maria into her office. Maria starts complaining to Lexi about the files on her laptop, and tells Lexi that she is acting strange. Lexi tells her that it is not strange…it is happy, because as of right now I Quit!

    Gloria begs Doris again to take the treatment. Doris says a prayer to forgive us sinners now and in the hour of our death. She tells Gloria that death isn't anything that you have to be afraid of. She informs Gloria that she is ready and that she does not want to be filled with tubes and drugs. The doctor stops in while Doris takes a nap. Gloria tells the doctor that they need to begin treatment, but she informs her that it will only delay the inevitable.

    Maria laughs at Lexi and asks her where she is going to go. Lexi tells her that she is going to be a partner at Michelle Miller Designs. Maria tells her that she is a little leech and that she taught her everything that she knows. Lexi corrects Maria by informing her that Harvard did that, and that the only thing Maria has taught her is how to be a bitch! She then tells Maria that she broke an obvious rule in business….Never Screw With An Assistant! Maria calls security and chases Lexi to her desk. Maria jerks some things out of Lexi's hands and declares them as Property of Gianni!

    Lexi makes her dramatic exit from Gianni!

    Maria chases Lexi to her car (with 2 security guards). Lexi gets inside her convertible and Maria screams at her and tells her that if she ever shows her face here again she will have her arrested. Lexi smiles and raises her hand in the air. She say's “Oh Maria”! Dangling in her hand is a USB Memory stick that has all of the information from Maria's laptop! As Lexi speeds away, Maria asks the security guards how much information you can put on one of those little things. When they don't know, she throws the laptop to the grounds shattering it!

    Could it be?

    Nikki wakes up in Willaims bed and feels nauseous. She says that she will skip the coffee and sleep for a couple more hours and then leave. She finally heads home and takes out some stomach relief medicine…..and a pregnancy test. As she waits on the results, Michelle walks in. Nikki hides the test under her blanket so that Michelle won't find out. The timer goes off and Nikki reads the results of the test. She says 'Oh my God” and holds her head in her hands!

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Thursday, October 26 2006 10:31 PM

    It's about time Lexi. Thank God you have finally come to your senses. Hopefully you will be straight and honest with Michelle and both of you can go a long ways.

    Who's the dad? Michael? William?

    Posted by beautifulniki at Friday, October 27 2006 06:52 AM

    poor niki, now what will she do. It could possible be micheals baby too?

    Posted by MESHIA at Friday, October 27 2006 08:08 AM

    Oh my GOD Nikki has made a huge mistake but could be a good mistake because Sophia is ready for grandkids...:)!!! But God why now???? Bad timing!!!

    Posted by thikchic428 at Friday, October 27 2006 08:10 AM

    umm i think its michaels cuz she's just been having sex with william for like a week n u can't get the results that wuick..i think..but am sure its michaels.....but can't wait to c what happens.

    Posted by Michelle15 at Friday, October 27 2006 09:58 AM

    I think it is Michaels and she'll try to play it off as Williams

    Posted by bondgirls06 at Friday, October 27 2006 03:20 PM

    YEAH FOR LEXI! You go, girl!! No turning back!

    Posted by eefjlo at Friday, October 27 2006 03:34 PM

    please dont let it be Michaels life is now beginning for the girl do some crazy stuff as the soaps do so it wii turn out in favor of for Lexi you go girl but please be honest with Michelle and bring Maria down.

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