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    Tuesday, October 24 2006
    The day for payment is here, Tania is fired and Michelle is a dead woman!

    Michelle tells Luke that she can explain. She informs him that she did not sleep with him. She tells him the story, and Luke is extremely upset that she lied to him. Michelle continues to try and apologize, but Luke grabs his jacket and leaves. Lance and Rodney sit in a car outside of Michelle's apartment to make sure that she got the flowers. Lance is happy to see the way that Luke left the apartment.

    Michael stops by to see Maria at her office. He tells her that he believes it will be in the best interests to allow additional shoots with Tania. He defends Tania by saying that she was just having an awful day. Maria tells him that she is obviously on drugs….and he suggests that she may be right. He offers to sit down and talk to Tania again, but she insists that she would not put him through that.

    Sophia asks William how things are going with his little model (Nikki) over breakfast. She gives him a hard time wanting to know if he plans on ever giving her a grandchild. He insists that he is a little busy right now and that after their meeting with Maria…she will have a lot to do as well.

    Michelle tells Nikki that she feels like such an idiot! Nikki tries to comfort her and tell her not to be so hard on herself. She tells Michelle that she did nothing wrong and Luke just needs a little time. Michelle continues to be upset, but Nikki insists that right now what she needs to focus on is her career. She invites Michelle to come along on a cruise with her and William…and suggests that it would be the perfect opportunity for her and William to discuss her business. Nikki insists that she is not going to take “No” for an answer!

    At Suku Maria and Lance meet to discuss things. Maria is shocked that she hit him that hard. He tells her that she is one crazy bitch…but he will recover. Maria insists that a broken bone is better than a broken heart. He then informs her that the plan is working so far. Maria is excited to hear about the flowers that he sent and that Luke wasn't happy when he left. She orders the best bottle of champagne they have so the two of them can celebrate.

    Gloria leaves work to care for Doris at home. She insists that her mother needs to go back to the hospital because she is burning up with a fever and is in severe pain. They get Doris to the hospital and check her in. The doctor finally comes in and informs Doris and Gloria that the tests show that she has cancer.

    Tania once again gets woken up from a long night by a ringing cell phone. She answers the phone and is surprised to find out that it is 4:00pm. Tania is told that Maria Gianni wants to meet with her at 10:00am tomorrow morning.

    Gloria and Doris get tragic news!

    The doctor tells Doris that the cancer is advanced….stage 4. She then tells her that they can use aggressive cancer treatment to fight it ….but that due to her age and previous heart conditions….it needs to be thought through. Gloria insists that her mother fight it, but the doctor insists that it is up to Doris. The doctor tells them that the other option is to keep her mother comfortable during this time. Doris tells Gloria that she is an old woman, but Gloria tells her that she needs to fight it….for her and for Alec.

    Luke tells Michael about what Michelle did. Michael informs him that he screwed up today as well….taking the photos of Tania to Maria. Luke assures him that he has nothing to worry about because his mother loves him. Michael informs Luke that she has turned into a club kid since the two of them broke up. Michael then tells him that tomorrow morning Maria is firing her as the face of Gianni!

    Tania turns up the bottle!

    Tania hits the town again tonight. She starts the night off with several rounds of shots at the bar with some friends. Before she knows it she is turning up the entire bottle of liquor. As the night progresses, she remembers things that she has been through. At one point she tries to put on some lip liner, but totally messes up….right there at the bar. She sees Eddie enter the bar and runs over to him. He immediately hands her a pill (which she gladly takes). She kisses him and they leave together.

    The next morning Lexi informs Maria that Tania is waiting in the lobby. Maria inquires if she looks like the face of Gianni, but Lexi informs her that she is not really qualified to say. Lexi sends Taia in to see Maria. She tells Maria that this is kind of early for her. Maria hands her the photos of the shoot for her to look at. Tania insists to Maria that she can do better than this. Maria tells her that she has a problem and that she is going to have to replace her as the face of Gianni. Tania tells Maria that she does not do drugs. Maria tells her that she has a problem and needs to get into treatment. Tania tells her that she doesn't have to fire her….because she quits! On her way out Tania runs into John and informs him of what just happened. She tells John that it was all over one photo session and pulls him to her side. He offers to talk to Maria for her, but she tells him that there is no need. She starts to get upset and asks him if he has a pill. He informs her that he doesn't do drugs anymore….and even if he did, he would not bring them to work. She ten demands him to give her the keys to his apartment….but he tells her that there are no drugs there either. She accuses him of lying again, but turns around and asks him to meet her out later. John accepts (not really knowing what to say at this point) and Tania leaves.

    Tania shows up at the studio and barges in on a photo shoot and starts attacking Michael. She tells him that he is a two faced liar and that he has ruined her life. She screams at him and insists that she doesn't have a drug problem. She pushes him and tells him to go to hell, and then she leaves. Michael then goes over to see Luke and tell him about what just happened with Tania…..and that she has gone off of the deep end. Michael tells Luke that she is in trouble and needs their help. Finally Luke gives in and they leave to look for her.

    William and Sophia inform Maria that it's payment time!

    Maria calls for Lexi, but hears some commotion going on. Lexi tries to stop William and Sophia from entering Maria's office, but they just walk right on in. She inquires as to what she owes this visit. They tell her that they are just dropping in, and Maria informs them that she is busy…..and that she wished she could say that she was sorry. William informs her that she is about to be very sorry! Maria asks Lexi to give them a moment. Maria asks them if they are going to leave or is she going to have to call the police. William informs her that today is the day and that if she doesn't pay back the money right now, then He and Sophia will take ownership of the House of Gianni. He hands her a copy of the contract pointing out the specific time the repayment is required to happen by. He asks her what it is going to be. She can either pay him right now or he will call the police and have her arrested for trespassing.

    Gloria tells Eddie that the cancer is spreading and that Doris has decided not to do the chemo. Eddie tells her that he hates seeing her like this and that he wishes there was something that he could do. She tells him that it is just so much pressure. He takes it that she is talking about the hit on Michelle Miller. Gloria tells him again that she wants to know when it is going to happen. Eddie tells her that she has been very good to him. He promises her that the hit on Michelle Miller will happen sooner than she thinks and that he has hired a professional. Eddie tells her that they will not know the exact day because professional assassins work very secretively. He promises her that Michelle Miller is a dead woman! Nikki and Michelle arrive at Williams and enter the outside gate as Eddie promises this to Gloria. The man hired to take Michelle out is also shown putting his gun together.

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Tuesday, October 24 2006 07:20 PM

    Again how can Eddie who is no angel be so stupid as to believe Gloria's lies about Michelle. It is hard to believe that he comes across as being so smart and wise and that he actually has $21 million to give to Maria when he can't tell that Gloria is lying. Why doesn't he just ask Lance about what is going on? Now you have Gloria does she honestly think that Lance is going to go running to her when Michelle is killed?

    Posted by anick17 at Wednesday, October 25 2006 06:07 AM

    Ok. If my mother was just diagnosed with terminal cancer and refuses to get treatment, the last thing that I would be thinking about is whether or not Eddie is going to have Michelle killed. How did such a sweet mother like Doris end up with the spawn of Satan (Gloria). Lance is definitely not going to want her if Michelle is gone. He'll be a drunk all over again. I wonder if Michelle is going to get hit or if the sniper will accidentally hit Nikki instead. Eddie is letting sex cloud his judgement. He's an idiot when it comes to Gloria. And you know Maria is going to hand over the payoff and William and Sophia is going to be flabbergasted.

    Posted by bambilea827 at Wednesday, October 25 2006 06:11 AM

    i think this is what happens when scenes are spliced together with a bunch of flashbacks. no one can really do justice to any of the characters in this show becuz of it. even bloopers are allowed in the final cut. it's not done to give film quality to the storylines. we the viewers have to recognize what is blooper and what isn't and try to make heads and tails of the story the best we can.

    Posted by MESHIA at Wednesday, October 25 2006 10:37 AM

    OK...I don't understand. William is paying Maria's therapist to find out information about her so why is he so clueless about Maria having the money????? I bet Nikki will be the one get hit and everyone will start to blame William for this as a set-up!! The entire story will change completely. Is there anyway I can speak with the producer of this show???? SO SAD, SO SAD

    Posted by beautifulniki at Wednesday, October 25 2006 01:06 PM

    i think gloria will be the one to get hit, bc she is suppose to have a change of heart.

    Posted by MsLady at Wednesday, October 25 2006 01:27 PM

    Gloria has no other purpose than to run behind Lance. She claim she needs money, but if Lance is a struggling Accountant and Eddie's the Hustler, why chase Lance? Her acting is downright awful. Tania is getting on my last nerve. These flashbacks take up way too much time, get on with the show already!

    Posted by Argonaut at Wednesday, October 25 2006 06:23 PM

    Unfortunately, the writers for this soap are getting "writers block" and are just putting together bits and pieces of the story each week to meet datelines. The show is getting more and more illogical at points. As many of you have pointed out :
    1. Why is Eddie, a big time crimelord who is streetwise, believing every word that Gloria says ???
    2. Why is Gloria, who is overwhelm by the impending death of her mother, Doris, still thinking about Michelle's death??
    3. Is Gloria so naive as to think that she can get together with Lance after Michelle's death?? Kind of illogical.
    4. Why is William, who is extremely smart and cunning, totally unaware of the recent developments in Maria's finances. If he is smart enough to plant a spy in Maria's psychiatrist, why is he not checking out on other info?
    5. The whole episode about Michelle keeping secret from Lance and causing the big fiasco with Luke is really lame. Not well written and illogical.

    Seems that the writers just want to stitch all the scenes together, and writing enough stories to fill 5 nights a week. They dont seems to be thinking clearly through the plotlines, or attempting to make things more credible. Eventually the downfall of this show would be due to 1) too much flashback and 2) incoherent, illogical storyline.

    Posted by MESHIA at Friday, October 27 2006 08:21 AM


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