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    Nursing The Wound

    Monday, October 23 2006
    Lance thinks that the plan might work, Nikki and Tania cause a scene and Luke catches Michelle in a big lie!

    At Gate Michelle and Nikki discuss the news show over some drinks. Michelle gets a call from Lance on her cell, but she ignores it. Nikki tells her not to worry about the news show….it is just one reporter. Michelle then gets a 911 text from Lance, and she decides to call. Michelle runs off to get Lance and take him to the emergency room. Nikki stays behind to meet William.

    Michelle arrives and finds Lance on the floor in pain. She is surprised that he is really hurt and asks him how he fell down the stairs. She immediately thinks that he was drunk, but he insists that he wasn't. Lance asks Michelle to take him to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance.

    William and Nikki sit at dinner and remember the night of the auction….when he bid $100,000 for her. Nikki tells William that she has to asks him if he had anything to do with the show that raked Michelle over the coals. He tells her that they both know what happened to the story. Tania walks over and takes a seat at the table. She introduces herself to William and tells him that she didn't know that Nikki had such great tastes in men. Nikki quickly informs him that they are not friends. Nikki tries her best to keep her cool when Tania pours on the charm with William…..Tania tells her to relax and not to be so insecure!

    Tania turns to William and invites him to join her and some friends at the bar. Nikki informs Tania that they are on a date, but Tania insists that she thought this was just part of the charity dinner and thought that he might like to have some real fun when it is over. William tells her that it was nice to meet her and Tania turns to face Nikki….telling her that she just can't stand to lose anything else….like the face of Gianni! Tania keep going and going with the insults. William tries to keep Nikki calm, but she goes on to tell Tania that she may have weaseled her “skinny little ass” into Maria Gianni's agenda….but that doesn't mean a thing! She then tells Tania that without Michelle Miller, Gianni is O-V-E-R! The two throw some names at each other and then Nikki tosses a drink on Tania. The next thing you know, slaps are flying and the two get pulled apart by William and another guy. William and Nikki find the humor in the situation when Tania is pulled out of the restaurant.

    Michelle does just what Maria said she would!

    At the hospital Michelle quickly informs the nurse that she and Lance are no longer married. The nurse seems shocked that he would believe that he shattered his knee cap in a fall. She then asks him how he fell and Lance can't find the words. The nurse goes through scenarios and suggests that Michelle may have pushed him down the stairs and that the hospital has counselors on staff. Michelle informs her again....that they are not domestic, they are divorced!

    As Michelle and Lance wait for the x-rays, takes the opportunity to thank Michelle for doing this. The doctor comes in and tells him that he certainly did a number on his knee. The doctor then tells him that this is typically from a blunt force to the knee….not a fall. He then informs Lance that the best thing to do now is to put a cast on it…….and possible surgery later on. Michelle gets a call from Luke but ignores it while in the room with Lance.

    William and Nikki continue their date at his place. Nikki tells him a little about how she and Tania are a bit competitive. William insists that there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. The two of them head to the bedroom where they spend the rest of the evening making love.

    Michelle takes Lance back home and helps him to bed. He thanks her again for all that she has done. Lance asks Michelle to help him take his pants off….Michelle hesitantly agrees. She tells him that she will be leaving soon, he begs her to please stay for a bit….she promises that she will. Lance turns over and pretends to fall asleep and Michelle brings a chair from across the room for her to sleep on. As she gets comfortable, Lance opens his eyes (facing the other way) and smiles.

    Morning arrives and Michelle wakes up shocked that she has been there all night. She starts to gather her things and tells Lance that she has to go. She rushes downstairs and tells Lance that she'll call Rodney and send him over. Lance sits up and is pleased with the way things are going.

    Dr. Woods tells Maria that he is pleased with the progress she is making. He tells her that it is understandable that she gets very upset when it comes to William Chandler. She then insists to Dr. Woods that William will pay for what he did to her. When he tells her that what William does now is not in her control, she tells him not to be so sure about that. Dr. Woods is surprised by that answer and tries to get Maria to tell him more, but she changes the subject. She tells Dr. Woods that she worked through some of her anger last night….by smashing someone in the knee with a ball bat! She tells him that it is a long story…..and the good Dr. tells her to start at the beginning. She keeps it short…just saying that she was helping a friend that wants his wife back.

    Michelle rushes into her apartment and changes…when suddenly Luke shows up at the door. She tells him that she has gotten a late start this morning. When he suggests that she was out all night with Nikki….she doesn't correct him. She makes excuses saying that she just didn't hear her phone ring. Luke tells her that he will cook her some breakfast while she showers.

    Rodney shows up to check on Lance at his house. When he asks what happened, Lance tells him not to even ask. Lance brags to Rodney that he may be on his way to getting Michelle back. Rodney doesn't want to hear it and tells him to get the idea out of his head.

    Luke and Michelle start breakfast as Nikki walks in the apartment. Nikki asks them if they hung out last night….and Luke starts to question things. Michelle jumps in and finishes Nikki's sentence…trying to cover up that she was with Lance. Nikki excuses herself from the awkward situation and goes to shower.

    Lexi tells Maria that Lance keeps calling over and over for her. Maria instructs her tell him to meet her at Suku tonight at 8pm. Carlos calls in and informs Maria that the research on William Chandler is going to take a little longer than originally planned. She insists that it can't be that easy to hide millions of dollars on a little island. Maria tells him that if he finds these accounts today she will give him an extra $5,000. He gets right on it.

    Surprise...the flowes are from Lance!

    Luke drives Michelle back home after their afternoon date. They start to kiss and decide to go inside. They walk up to the door and find flowers on the step. Michelle tells him that they are gorgeous, but he informs her that they are not from him. They agree that they must be for Nikki….and most likely from William. She hops on his back and he walks her in. They sit the flowers down and notice the card. Luke goes to open it but Michelle grabs it from him. They joke around about reading it, but Luke finally gets it and opens it….saying that he wants to read what William wrote. All laughter stops when Luke reads the words…. “Michelle, thank you for last night….it meant a lot and reminded me of how much I love you”! Lance.

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Monday, October 23 2006 10:40 PM

    Michelle - BIG MISTAKE. You were actually a fool to do what you did. You should have called Luke to go with you to see Lance if that is what you really had to do OR better yet you could have just called 911 and had an ambulance sent to Lance. You lied to Luke (I know why you lied because you didn't want to hurt Luke and have an arguement over what happened)but you lied (you most likely felt a little guilty) you should have just told Luke what happen. You played right into Maria's hands and make no mistake she will hang this over your head forever and she will use it against you with Luke. She will make Luke have doubts about you (as he is not a strong person) and she will turn him against you.

    Posted by MESHIA at Tuesday, October 24 2006 12:17 PM


    Posted by anick17 at Tuesday, October 24 2006 06:03 PM

    I agree. I'm starting to get pissed off too. Michelle has the worse luck and she's starting to get a little gullible. I would have called Lance an ambulance. She should have just told Luke what happened instead of ignoring the whole situation. It's bad enough that he's dealing with his slimeball lying mother he shouldn't be lied to by his girlfriend too.

    Posted by Argonaut at Tuesday, October 24 2006 06:20 PM

    Gone are the days where people like to watch melodramatic soaps where the heroine is the gullible, naive, good-hearted underdog, who get trampled upon!!! I agree with you all the Fashion House writers are moving the heroine towards that direction --- let her endure all kind of bad luck and sufferings... If they are moving there... I will be out!!!

    Posted by eefjlo at Thursday, October 26 2006 11:21 AM

    Iwas a little unhappy with the decision Michelle made. I think the writers of Fashion House need to get off the daily soap rutine. Michelle is kind, down to earth and a beautiful person,... Luke need someone to love him and care about his work they both belong to each other a struggling artist and a fashion designer please let it stay like that and dont turn it into Bold and Beautiful.

    Posted by ruthy at Saturday, October 28 2006 07:36 PM

    girl(michelle) what the hell were u thinking to nurse that idiot. but most of all u should have been smart enaugh to tell luke the truth. remember what jim carrey said "the truth shall set u free!" aya ya! dont do that again.

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