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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!

    Coup De Grace

    Thursday, October 19 2006
    Maria and Eddie form a partnership, William and Nikki go on another date and Tania has more than a pain pill!

    Maria storms out when Luke defends Michelle!

    Maria asks Michelle what she has to say for herself. Maria tells her that she is ungrateful for her giving Michelle a job when no one else would. Luke tells Maria that she can either apologize to Michelle or leave. He then informs his mother that he knows about her drugging him…..but she insists that whatever she has done she did for his own good! Luke stands by Michelle, choosing her over Maria. Maria stares at Michelle and tells her that it is not over between the two of them and storms out of the apartment. Luke tells Michelle that she does not have to put up with things like that. She tells Luke that Maria does scare her a little bit….but she is willing to take the risk. Michelle assures Luke that she did not use his mother.

    Gloria scrambles around to get Alec ready for school, but suddenly realizes that her mother is not doing well at all. Doris convinces her that she is fine and Gloria rushes out to take Alec to school.

    Michelle tells Nikki about the confrontation with Maria. Nikki tells her that talking to Maria is the only way for her to handle this situation. Nikki tells her that it's obvious to her that neither she nor Maria intend to back down. Nikki heads out to a hair appointment, but insists that Michelle needs to do this.

    Nigel stops by to see Luke's latest work. He is extremely excited and thrilled about the end results. Nigel accidentally lets it slip that William is the one buying all of his work. When Luke hears that he demands to Nigel that he wants William out! Nigel tells Luke that this is guaranteed money that he is turning down and that he really can't afford to do this. Luke says that he wants to take his work out of the gallery and hosts it in his loft. Nigel agrees to call William and tell him.

    An emotional Maria calls Dr. Woods and tells him that she needs to see him because she is falling apart. He schedules her for today and then calls William and informs him that she has made an appointment. When she arrives for her session, Maria tells Dr. Woods that she is devastated! She was happy….in love….ready to become this man's wife….and he spit in her face. She insists that she did love him and all the time she was just a pawn. Dr. Woods tells her that she needs to learn some kind of lesson from this ordeal. Maria then tells him that Luke wants nothing to do with her because of the lies and the drugging. Maria goes on to tell Dr. Woods that she never loved Charles and that the day she found out that she was pregnant with Luke is the day that she met Antonio Gianni. Maria says that came from a broken home and that she used to sit in bed as a little girl and promised herself that she would have more. Antonio came along and swept her off of her feet by showing her a life that she thought only existed in fairytales. She tells Dr. Woods that Antonio was a great man and a great father….but that she never loved him the way that she loved William Chandler……which is why she won't rest until she has completely destroyed him! He tells her that nothing good can come of this anger, but informs him that he is wrong. She tells him that she will have peace when she has destroyed William….and Sophia!

    Luke gets interrupted by a knock at the door….and opens it to find William there. William tells Luke that this has nothing to do with Maria. Luke insists to William that he and his Mother are just alike….that they both don't give a damn about who they hurt to get what they want. Luke then asks William why he didn't just contact him when he found out that he had a brother…instead of this elaborate scheme. William tells Luke that he needs to grow up and stop defending Maria after all that she has done to him. William then tells Luke a story about when he was young and found his father dead…after he killed himself. Luke says that it has nothing to do with this right now. William then tells him that Maria used to hate Charles paintings and that they were really good…..that's why he wants to help him. Luke tells him that he will not let William use him to hurt his mother. An upset William leaves.

    Hans can see that Eddie is involved in some shady business practices.

    Hans stands out front at Gianni on his cell phone and sees Lance get out of his car and meet with Eddie in the parking lot. Hans just shakes his head as Lance takes Eddie up to meet Maria. Eddie tells Maria that they need to get right down to business because they are both busy people. Eddie tells her that he knows that she needs an investor, but wants to know why. She tells him that she trusted the wrong person and now she is paying for it….to the sum of $21 Million Dollars….that is needed within 3 days! Eddie tells her that he will pay her debt….if he becomes the majority stock holder in the company. She tells him that she will accept his offer…only if she remains in charge. He tells her that he wouldn't have it any other way.

    Gloria goes home to take Doris some lunch. She tells her mother that she is worried about her and that she doesn't look fine. She tells Gloria that she has been living with these stomach cramps forever….and that living with her Alec makes her feel better.

    Clive shows up at Gianni to read over the paperwork for deal with Eddie. He tells her that he has to be concerned because this is the exact same conversation that they had about William Chandler. Clive then tells her that Eddie was on trial for murder one time. She knows but quickly tells Clive that he was acquitted. Clive agrees that he was indeed…when the star witness was found dead after his breaks failed in his car. Maria tells Clive that she can't let William Chandler take over her company. Clive questions what it will look like if Eddie walks into a staff meeting….or wants to take part in a design. She reminds him that she doesn't really have a choice!

    Michelle tells Nikki that it is so frustrating crunching numbers….developing a business plan for her new company. William shows up to pick up Nikki for their date and reminds Michelle that he is there for her…..and for her to call the number that he gave her. William and Nikki head out on their date.

    Maria wants to help Lance bring William down!

    Maria and Lance hang out at Gate. Lance says the he never knew a DUI could be so profitable. They toast to new beginnings, and then Maria asks him what really happened between him and William Chandler. She tells him that he already knows what William did to her. Lance says that he can't talk about it because the confidentiality clause extends after termination. Maria orders more drinks for the two of them. Maria tells Lance that what bugs her about William is that he has all of this money but she has never seen him work a day in his life. Maria continues to get information from Lance about William. She tells Lance that after all he did for William, losing William Chandler as a client is not a message that he wants to send to the business world and that William has ruined him. She then asks Lance if he thinks that William should pay for what he's done to him.

    Gloria and Alec come back home with dinner. Doris says that she is really not hungry and apparently is still in some pain. Gloria tells her that she will fix her some tea.

    Lance agrees with Maria that William should pay. He then tells her that William has a dozen off-shore accounts that he uses to avoid taxes. She tells Maria that William has probably already changed the account numbers. Maria tells Lance to let her help him bring William down. She says that if he gets her the information, she will facilitate the entire thing and that his name will stay out of it. She then tells Lance that she has a full proof plan to get him and Michelle bag together again. The two of them raise a glass to their new partnership.

    Maria is at home and hears the doorbell ring. Her made opens the door and Michelle walks into the room where Maria is sitting. She stands up and asks Michelle what she is doing there. Michelle tells her that she is there for Luke because she is worried about him. Michelle tells her that she shouldn't be making him choose between the two of them. Maria thanks her for the advice and tells her to get out!

    At her office, Maria has Carlos come into her office. She gives him the information on William Chandler and his accounts. He tells her that she wants to take him down as soon as possible. She promises Carlos a big bonus if he finds out all of the dirt (and account numbers) that he possibly can on William Chandler. She does warn him that William is a dangerous man!

    William and Sophia talk about taking things up a notch!

    William and Sophia talk about Luke turning down the sponsorship of his show. She tells William not to sulk because soon they will have control of the company and Maria will be out on the street. He tells Sophia that it almost seems too easy (just taking the company), and that they need to step it up a notch.

    Eddie gives Tania a pill...too strong for even her!

    Tania and Eddie make eye contact at Gate. She walks over to him and strikes up a conversation. She tells him that he seems that he is the mysterious type. He then asks what she is and she tells him…. “available”! The two of them start to slam down some shots and asks her is he knows who she is. He wonders if he should….and she begins to ask him if he knows any of the fashion houses. When she mentions Gianni (and that she is the new face), he tells her that he knows Gianni well. Eddie tells Tania that they need to lose that place and go to a real party. They arrive and he asks her if she wants to party. He gives her a pill and then he takes a couple as well. They start to feel good, but it suddenly becomes too much for Tania. She ends up wondering off and falling onto a bed.

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Thursday, October 19 2006 07:26 PM

    Why is it that the BAD PEOPLE (Maria & Gloria) never get caught? They never have to pay for all the unhappiness, the lies they have caused. Maria is going to be able to save her company and she is going to destroy William. Maria never has to pay for her actions. Gloria is going to get Michelle killed because she thinks that will bring Lance back to her and she will be protected by Eddie who can't think of anything because he thinks with his pants off were Gloria is concerned. Luke is a nice guy and he seems to be able to get mad at everyone except his mother and that is the one person he needs to have it out with. When does Maria and Gloria get their due?

    Posted by mrsw at Friday, October 20 2006 12:12 PM

    I dont like the show( fashion house

    Posted by MESHIA at Friday, October 20 2006 12:41 PM

    The show is starting to piss me off!!!!! Everything is not happening the way I wanted it to and if something happens to Michelle and if Maria gets her company back im not watching it anymore!!!

    Posted by Elle jay at Friday, October 20 2006 03:25 PM

    I wish that Michelle was tougher with Maria. She comes off too wimpy, it seems like the only person who can go head to head with Maria is Sophia. I hope she can give Michelle some pointers.
    As for Tania- i don't like the girl but i am sure she does not deserve whatever Eddie is going to do to her.

    Posted by Tricetop at Friday, October 20 2006 04:18 PM

    Please don't kill neither Michelle nor Luke. I have a feeling that if the hit takes place, Luke will be Michelle's hero, and we will lose him. And Eddie, I can't stand the way he bullies Lance and everybody else around who are trying to help him. Lance isn't a role model, but he shouldn't have to pay for his wrongs by being less than a man. Lance should had filed Chapter 13 and reorganized the business.

    Posted by Tricetop at Friday, October 20 2006 04:26 PM

    I agree Rodriquez that Luke is a nice guy, but IMO it seems that Luke loves his mother unconditionally and is accepting the negativity slowly but surely. He knows his mom well enough when it comes to other people but didn't realize that she would stoop so low. Because she is in a fragile position, he naturally protects her even though he knows he can't trust her anymore.

    Posted by Tricetop at Friday, October 20 2006 04:32 PM

    Elle jay Michelle is just learning the politics of the game. She is a young aspiring fashion designer and her only goal is to do well. Unfortunately, not everybody wants her to do well and eventually she will learn that. Because Maria has taken advantage of her naiveness, Michelle is seeing the light. Although she is trying to deal with Maria on a woman to woman level instead of
    beast to beast.

    Posted by Tricetop at Friday, October 20 2006 04:40 PM

    I agree Rodriquez that Luke is a nice guy, but IMO it seems that Luke loves his mother unconditionally and is accepting the negativity slowly but surely. He knows his mom well enough when it comes to other people but didn't realize that she would stoop so low. Because she is in a fragile position, he naturally protects her even though he knows he can't trust her anymore.

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