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    Building Blocks

    Wednesday, October 18 2006
    Gloria continues to turn Eddie against Michelle, Nikki hears the bad news and Michelle and Maria come face to face!

    Lance paces the floor at Maria's house. He's tired, exhausted and hungry, but Maria wants to talk business first. She tells him that she wants him to cover her debt that she owes William. He suggests liquidating some assets, but she says she has already done all she can. She informs him that she wants a silent investor to help run her company how she wants to. She then tells Lance that she knows that she can help him get Michelle back because she knows her so well. He doesn't think that's enough…and tells her that he wants 10 % of her company! She thinks that's ridiculous, but he informs her that he knows someone that can help her. She then agrees as long as she remains in full control of the company. Then Lance wants to know what all she knows about Michelle.

    Meanwhile at Suku, Nikki and Michelle talk about William. Nikki tells her that he is so handsome and rich….He's also very confident in everything he does. Michelle warns her that she shouldn't set up the bridal registry just yet, and that it was pretty nasty what he did to Maria. Nikki takes up for William and says that he was just evening up the score! Nikki tells Michelle that he really respected what she did at the show and recommends Michelle call him for support….for her new company. Luke ignores Maria's call as he is sketching.

    Will Maria be able to keep Sophia and William from taking over Gianni?

    Maria walks into her office and finds Sophia reading a periodical about what Michelle did to her at the Press Conference. Sophia has interior decorators in there making new design plans for the office. Maria wants to know where William is but Sophia suggests that he's probably too tired after spending the night with Nikki! Maria acts like she is not bothered with what Sophia said, but Sophia insists that she must be upset…..with him spending the night with a much younger girl…..and a model at that! Maria calls Lexi in to escort Sophia out. Sophia quickly advises Lexi not to touch her if she wants to live! Sophia then shows herself out.

    Lance pulls up to Eddie's operation center. He tells Eddie about an investment opportunity for him….in a fashion company. Eddie tells him that he doesn't know anything about fashion. Lance tells him he needs a larger company to funnel his money through and lets him know that it is with Maria Gianni. Eddie seems willing to listen, but he will only give Lance one meeting with Maria to learn more.

    Back at Suku, Michelle and Nikki continue enjoying their lunch. Michelle makes a cheer to the New Face of Gianni. Nikki gets a call from Hans telling her that she needs to come to Gianni…..immediately!

    Michelle works on some new sketches and pulls out William's card from her purse. She decides to give him a call. When she does, he congratulates her. She tells him that she is looking for some advice from him and he invites her over to his house to meet in person. Hans and Harold look discouraged when Nikki walks up. They tell her that they have some bad news….when Tania suddenly walks up. Tania breaks the news to Nikki…that she has replaced her as the new Face of Gianni!

    Nikki accuses Tania of lying, but Tania tells her that Maria just announced it. Hans tells her that he is really sorry for her. Nikki says that she is going to pay Ms. Gianni a visit! Michelle shows up at Williams place and she lets him know his place is incredible. He tells her that she has a lot of guts for what she did. She tells him that Nikki suggested that he may be able to help invest in her company. At first William acts surprised that she needs the money….but he is just joking with her. He tells her that she has a great attitude and will not fail.

    Nikki shows up at Maria's office and Maria inquires as to why she is there. Nikki tells Maria that she won the contest fair and square! Maria informs her that she must have missed the moral clause. She can't have the new Face sleeping around, but Nikki tells her that she is just jealous. Maria then tells her that her services are no longer needed and that she is fired!

    Luke talks with Michael about all of the things that have happened recently. He also feels bad for calling Michelle a liar for saying that his mother slipped a pill in his drink. Michael tells him that he shouldn't feel bad and that it sounded crazy even though it was true. Luke tells him that he doesn't think that he can even trust his mom anymore. He's also worried about losing Michelle. He shows Michael his latest sketches he has been working on….all of Michelle. Michael thinks that they are fantastic!

    Lance and Rodney are talking and Rodney wants to know what he knows about fashion. He still thinks as long as Eddie invests, they will be just fine. Lance also tells Rodney that if he helps Maria, she's going to help him get Michelle back. Rodney tells Lance that he is crazy.

    Michelle tells William that she worries that she may have shot herself in the foot by making that announcement. She insists that she doesn't even know where to start! William gives her a friend's name…James. He tells her that he will be able to help her find investors to help her get started. William tells her that he thinks that she and Luke were very good together, but she says that she feels like the forces of nature may be keeping them apart. He tells her that he sees how she feels about Luke and that Luke needs all the support he can get right now.

    Gloria enters into Lance's office with some files. She tells him that she has already heard about the fashion company and that Eddie trusts her. She thinks that he seems really interested and that she believes that he and Eddie will work well together. She asks him if it's the same company that Michelle works for, but Lance stops the conversation. He tells her he's getting back with Michelle and nothing will get in the way!

    Michelle enters their apartment all happy about her conversation with William, and finds Nikki very upset on the couch. Michelle asks her what is wrong and all that she says is that Maria is a “lying skank!” Michelle sees that Nikki has been crying and tells her that she is really sorry. Now she has to see Tania's face plastered everywhere. Nikki tells her that this was her chance to really shine. She knows she's not so young anymore and that she may not get another chance. Michelle tells her that she'll need a new Face and wants Nikki to be it. Michelle asks for help to get the business plan together. The doorbell rings and there is a package. Michelle picks it up and notices that it is from Luke. It is the sketchbook of all of his drawings. He has written a sweet card inside and then Michelle starts looking at all the pictures. In the card he says that he should have never doubted her.

    Gloria arrives back at Eddie's. She doesn't seem very happy and he wants to know what is wrong. She tells him that she wants to wait and talk in private. At home, Alec asks his grandma if he can have a root beer, but she is on the couch experiencing severe pain. She tells him that he'll have to wait a while for the soda. She then tells him that she doesn't want him to call his mommy or tell her that she didn't want him to call. He starts watching TV.

    Eddie and Gloria drink some wine and he thanks her for introducing him to Lance. She is still upset and Eddie is trying to figure out what is wrong. She still wants him to take care of Michelle Miller and wants to know how much longer she has to wait. Eddie wants to know why she wants this so bad. Gloria says that Michelle threatened Alec because she thought that she and Lance were having an affair. Gloria makes up a whole story about how Michelle couldn't get pregnant and that Lance really wanted a child. She says that Michelle was so jealous because she has Alec. Eddie says that she should have told him about this a long time ago. He promises that the hit will happen soon and calls Michelle the devil.

    Luke answers his door to find Michelle there and she comes in and starts kissing him, and they continue to kiss! Michelle lets him know that she has missed him very much; he apologizes and she says they just need to trust each other more….no more secrets. She tells him that she loves the package that he left and thinks that the pictures are beautiful. She then wants to know what they should do now. Luke tells Michelle that he loves her…they kiss….and lay down on the bed. All of a sudden they hear a knock at the door. Michelle opens the door and comes face to face with Maria. Maria says, “Well, if it isn't the little traitor!”

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Wednesday, October 18 2006 07:49 PM

    Someone tell me how Eddie who even though he is a thug and is so wise can totally not see Gloria for what she is? Eddie can catch everyone else in a lie but not Gloria. I know that today he wanted to know why she really wants Michelle dead but Gloria once again (she must be related to Maria somehow as they are both very mean, evil people) was able to get Eddie to believe the worst about Michelle. Why doesn't Eddie, who is suppose to be so tough, just ask Lance.

    Posted by MESHIA at Thursday, October 19 2006 08:51 AM

    I agree....Why is he so blind when it comes down to Gloria??? If something actually happens to Michelle I dont think I would even watch the show anymore. I am so happy that her and Luke finally are back together and I hope that he throws his mom out when he confronts her about drugging him!!! And Lance is just so stupid!!! I feel so sorry for Nikki and I think that she could've walked out in a better way with a little sassy in her walk or something. I was very dissappointed in the way Nikki just left calmly!!!!

    Posted by C.Hart at Thursday, October 19 2006 12:44 PM

    Poor Michelle. she has been getting the short end of the stick since this D**n show started I only hope that Eddie can see through Gloria's lies and she get's what's coming to her ( Gloria that is ).

    Posted by Nadeen at Thursday, October 19 2006 03:28 PM

    I definately think the show is missing some dialogue. Michelle should have layed it on thick to Maria. She handled with class, but she should have called her out more.

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