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    The Blow Up

    Tuesday, October 17 2006
    Lance finds himself in another mess, Tania gets a happy surprise and Michelle makes a strategic business decision!

    Michelle busts up on the stage and calls Maria a liar! Michelle tells the press that Maria hasn't been able to produce a design in months and is taking credit for the work of other people! Maria tells the press that all of the designs were inspired by her. Maria goes on to say that Michelle is just a disgruntled employee because she was fired. Michelle tells Maria that she is no longer an employee because she quits, and that she is going to be her competition. Michelle Miller Designs will be a fresh new company. The press starts asking her when the company will launch. Maria says that she has no capital and nothing to start a new company with. Michelle says that she has plenty of ideas that Maria hasn't stolen yet, and that Maria can keep these dresses because there are plenty more where those came from. Maria calls security to have Michelle escorted out. Maria then asks for more questions from the press, but none of them asks her anything further…they just look at her.

    Luke approaches Michelle and she immediately apologizes to him. He tells her that it's great that she stood up for herself. Michelle realizes that she's going to have to work her butt off, but at least now she'll work for herself and get her own credit. Luke let's her know how hard the industry can be, but she feels great about it. They both walk off smiling.

    William and Nikki are enjoying their date with dinner and champagne. Nikki asks if he pays for dates often and he tells her that he hasn't before tonight…but that some things are worth the price. They cheer to each other.

    Lance and Rodney exit the fashion show and talk about the girls that they talked too. Lance is drunk and stumbling so Rodney urges him not to drive…but Lance insists that he's fine. Rodney while in the passenger seat wants to call a taxi because they are both too drunk, but Lance starts up the car and takes off.

    Nikki and William continue their date…he tells her she is beautiful. She tells him that it was quite a scene at the wedding and that she can't believe that he and Luke are brothers. He insists that he doesn't really want to talk about it and she says that it makes him seem very mysterious and a little scary. William assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Nikki gets a call from Michelle and wonders what is wrong.

    Michelle tells Nikki that she is freaking out a little and tells her that she quit Gianni…and begins to tell her about what happened at the Press Conference. Nikki tells Michelle that she wishes that she could have been there to see it. Nikki asks if she needs to come home, but tells Nikki to go ahead and stay with her date and that really all she needs is some investors…if she can find them to start up her new company!

    Luke comes over to Maria's and tells her that they need to talk. She says this isn't easy, but Luke says it's hard for him as well…finding out that his mom has been stealing from him. She tells him that she was having a financial problem and that she had no choice. He disagrees and says that she could have taken out a loan, but they still argue about it. Luke wants to know why Maria didn't just ask him for the money. She says she's going to pay back everything with interest, but Luke says it's not about the money…it's about her lying to him. She insists that she's sorry and blames it all on William. She wants to make William and Sophia pay for what they've done. Maria begs him to understand. Luke says that he wants to make her a deal. . .just walk away from all of this and he'll forgive her for everything. She says that she can't and that he knows how she is.

    Lance and Rodney get pulled over by the police. The cop comes up to Lance and tells him to open up the window. Lance wants to know what they can do for him and tells the cop that they are on their way back from the Charity auction. The officer tells him that he was speeding. The cop goes back to the car with his license. He comes back and asks if they were drinking, they say they just had a glass, but the cop wants them to take a sobriety test.

    Hans and Harold show up at Michelle's apartment to check up on her. She says that it's a really good thing for her and that she is really going to start her own line. She's very re-assured but they are concerned about all of the work and time. They are concerned that it will take a long time. Michelle remains extremely positive and they are behind her 100%. They tell her they don't want her to forget about them and they hug before leaving.

    Lance tries to tell the officer that there's no reason for him to take a test. The cop says that he'll still ticket him for speeding and that he can refuse the test, but he'll have to come with him. Rodney and Lance start to argue and Rodney reaches for the glove box. When it opens, there is a gun and the officer pulls out his gun at Lance! He tells them to put their hands up and step out of the vehicle. They push them both onto the hood of the car and handcuff them. Rodney asks him what the hell a gun is doing in there and Lance tells him to shut up as the cop pulls out the gun.

    Nikki and William arrive in the limo and she wants to know what William Chandler is like behind closed doors. He informs her that he's relentless, controlling and that's the best qualities. She tells him that she meant the sex and he says that's what he was talking about. She remembers when they first met and that she thought he was hot and was surprised that he didn't call. He has a confession to make and tells her he would have paid $100 million to go out with her tonight. They begin passionately kissing and she invites him in.

    Lexi rings Luke's doorbell and apologizes for coming by so late; she just needed to talk. He says that he wanted to talk to her at the show but didn't get the chance. He asks her about the night at dinner and if his mom slipped something into his drink. Lexi acts surprised that he even asked such a question but he just wants her to tell the truth. Lexi says that she didn't even know Maria was going to do that and asks him to forgive her. He tells her that he doesn't even want to hear it. He knows who put her up to it and walks her to the door as she apologizes one more time.

    Nikki and William enter the house still kissing. They move on to the bedroom, get on the bed and knock over a vase. He asks if it was expensive, but she tells him that he is worth it. Michael comes over and Michelle opens the door. He has flowers for Nikki. Michelle tells him that she's not there and that she is out for a run. She's going to give the flowers to Nikki and he wants to tell her congratulations. Nikki and William come down the stairs and Michelle lets her know the flowers are from Michael for winning the face of Gianni. After William leaves, Nikki says they both have a new beginning.

    Back at the House of Gianni, Maria comes in and gives Lexi Lance's card to find out anything she can about him. She also wants her to make an appointment with Tania. Lexi calls his office and the answering service answers the phone. She asks for Lance but was told that he is not in and that they are not sure when he will be back. Lexi says that Maria is a friend, so in that case, the answering service tells her that he is in jail for DWI.

    Hans and Harold look through resumes for an assistant and Maria and Tania walk up. She wants all of Michelle's work and sketches in her office. They just look at her and she asks if that's a problem. Maria also announces that Tania is the new face of Gianni in front of them. They are shocked and remind her that Nikki won. She had the highest bid and that was Maria's rule. Maria tells them that she owns the company and can break them if she wants to. Tania is thrilled with the decision!

    Maria has plans to keep Gianni!

    Maria asks if Lexi has found anything out about Lance and if they can meet this week. Lexi tells her that it will probably be 3 – 5 years because he is in jail. At the police station, a cop brings Lance into a room with Maria sitting there. He sits down and says that he appreciates it, but not sure why. She says that he was in trouble and that she wants to help. She knows that he is a CPA and needs his help to keep William off her back. This would help her get her revenge and help him get his own revenge. Lance tells her that he is not interested and will pay her back the bail money. Maria thinks that she can change his mind….she proposes that she can help him get his wife back!

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    Posted by MESHIA at Wednesday, October 18 2006 06:27 AM


    Posted by anick17 at Wednesday, October 18 2006 10:41 AM

    I missed it last night! I'm glad Michelle stood up for herself too. I hope Maria does lose the company. Who knows though. She'll probably find a scheme to remain the owner.

    Posted by Sassy M at Wednesday, October 18 2006 10:43 AM

    I hope that Michelle took her other stuff when she left, I'm glad she didn't let Maria take the credit for her designs

    Posted by sparkle222 at Wednesday, October 18 2006 01:05 PM

    I think that Lance will help Maria gain her company back by laundering his new clients illegal money through the house of gianni. Also i think lexy and michelle are going to go into business together because lexy has the business side of the industry and she is tired of maria and michelle has the designing talent. On the other hand Willimas mother is another story she is playing everyone against each other, but why? I think that maria and the company are headed for the worse, michelle was like a breath of fresh air for the company, they actually started making money when she came to the company, they are going to be at such a lost because shes gone now.

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