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    Table For Two

    Monday, October 16 2006
    Sophia works her magic on Tania!

    Sophia tells Tania that she would have chosen her as the winner!

    While ordering a drink at the bar, Sophia sees Tania sit down at a table. She notices that the waiter gives her a bottle of pills. Sophia walks over to her and introduces herself. Tania recognizes her. She sits at the table and starts talking with her. Tania didn't stay for the press conference because she lost. Sophia tells her she looked beautiful, and that she can't be held responsible for her son's taste in women. . .and that she would have chosen Tania for the face of Gianni. She tells Tania that she has a classic look to her. They order more drinks and are getting ready to talk about Maria. Tania says Maria has it in for her. They talk some about Luke, Tania tells her the beginning was great, but that it didn't work out in the end. She has flashbacks about the two of them. Then she (Michelle) came along. She has more flashbacks about when Michelle came along and when she and Luke broke up.

    Sophia asks if that Tramp just tried to weasel her way into the relationship. Tania says that she plans to get even with her…she's going to seduce Luke's best friend. Sophia asks if that's all she's got planned. They show flashbacks of Tania flirting with Michael. Sophia says that's a start, but not what she would have done. As Tania goes to the bathroom, Sophia tells the waiter she wants to know all about Tania's drug use. He acts like he doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him she'll have him arrested for selling drugs if he doesn't talk, but that she doesn't want to because he is so cute.

    The waiter tells Sophia that he doesn't sell drugs. Sophia then shows him her camera and how it can record things to be used in the court. She then informs him that she knows the DA. The waiter tells Sophia that today was pain pills…and sometimes diet pills. She's been coming 2-3 times a week lately and each bottle has 30 pills in it. She rambles about work and about all of the people that make her mad…especially Maria. Sophia now wants to know about Nikki. Then they have flashbacks of all the confrontations between Tania and Nikki.

    Sophia now wants to know more about her modeling, but mostly all about Maria Gianni. Sophia wants to know if Maria was supportive of their relationship, but acts surprised when Tania says that she wasn't. Maria should have been happy that Luke was with such a pretty girl. Sophia tells Tania there are a lot of things she doesn't know about Maria. The waiter brings another drink and Sophia again tells the waiter how cute he is. Tania wants to know why Sophia is being so nice to her since they don't know each other. Sophia tells her she needs to learn how to be more gracious when accepting small gifts. Tania informs Sophia that she's not stupid. . .and that she saw what they did at Maria's wedding. They have flashbacks about the wedding day.

    Sophia gloats about how glorious that day was, but Tania says not for Maria. Tania wants to know what she wants from her and also why she hates Maria so much. Sophia says that she will tell her, but makes her promise to keep it between them. Tania promises. They have flashbacks about Maria and Sophia fighting about Charles and William telling Luke about the past. Tania finds out that William and Luke are brothers and that is why she hates Maria. Tania says that she can't help Sophia get revenge on Maria; she knows what revenge feels like and it's not right. Sophia tells Tania that she is just warning her about Maria because they are kindred spirits. Then Sophia starts looking through her purse and Tania wants to know what she's looking for. Sophia says that she is looking for her pain pills…sometimes it's nice to take one with a drink at the end of the day to take the edge off. Tania offers her a pill, and Sophia accepts it. She acts like she takes it, but drops it on the floor. Then Sophia orders another round of drinks. Sophia does a cheer: “Here's to Tania, America's next top supermodel.” Sophia tells her that she was the star of the auction, no matter what happened. She was surprised that William even started bidding on Nikki. Sophia gives her one of William's cards with his private cell phone and tells her that she should give him a call. Tania asks what about Nikki and William. Sophia says she doesn't like Nikki either, another thing they have in common. Tania asks if those rumors are true about her and William taking over Gianni? Sophia tells her that if she were running the company, the first thing she would do is look for a new face for Gianni. Sophia gets up to leave and says that it was very nice talking with her and that she thinks that they are going to become very good friends. Tania smiles and takes another pill.

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    Posted by amandarobin at Monday, October 16 2006 08:05 PM

    nothing happened with michelle and luke today? i work second shift and dont get to watch it anymore, just read whats here

    Posted by derricknc at Monday, October 16 2006 08:08 PM

    Nothing happened between them. . .it was really just Sophia and Tania hanging out at the bar and talking. Hopefully tomorrow night we will see what happens at the show when Michelle steps up to Maria. . .and also what is going to happen to Michelle and Luke!

    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Monday, October 16 2006 10:36 PM

    Today's show was actually all flashbacks. Everytime Sophia or Tania said something it was a flashback. I am hoping that tomorrow's show has something NEW to see. Really tired of flashbacks.

    Posted by devon at Tuesday, October 17 2006 09:11 AM

    Yep lots and lots of flashbacks again. Man get on with the story line already.. I'm not going to watch this much longer..even if it is good. Just too much replay, you can only watch one day a week and catch right up.

    Posted by leeleejnyc at Tuesday, October 17 2006 09:16 AM

    I so agree with you about the flashbacks.....I mean for a 1 hour show you may get 45 min of flashbacks. Last night's eppy to me was a complete waste of time. I wanted to see Michelle blow up Maria's spot. I don't know if I will keep watching because the flashbacks are way too much.

    Posted by honeyjax at Tuesday, October 17 2006 11:32 AM

    It is absolutely preposterous that that they would have a clip show in the middle of the set-up for the rest of the show? The show is on everynight with the recap every weekend. There are incessant flashbacks, flashbacks within flashbacks, recap at the head of each show, and now a clip show. Is it possible that the producers don't think that the audience gets what is going on? Hopefully, for the next cycle of shows, the producers will shorten the length and occurence of flashbacks and move on propelling the storyline a little quicker.

    Posted by wendyNC at Tuesday, October 17 2006 12:45 PM

    i totally agree, when is something NEW going to happen? I would say atleast 45 min of the show is flashbacks and commercials. If they show Michelle walking in on Lexi and Luke I am going to barf, LOL. Plus what is Luke's deal now blowing off Michelle?

    Posted by ceci32 at Tuesday, October 17 2006 12:47 PM

    Here's a quote from one of the "insiders" on Desire/Fashion House on another message board, in answer to the viewers' objections to flashbacks:
    "The scripts were too short. 45 pages. This issue was addressed for subsequent shows (they bumped them up to 50), but Desire may be stuck with its overuse of flashbacks, unfortunately." And, here's another post by another "insider":
    "The flashbacks are a growing pain of the first round of shows. Some scripts came in too short or had scenes cut during production, so some episodes needed padding in Post to fill up the hour. It has nothing to do with the producers' assumptions about viewer memory."
    I did notice however, that last night's episode of Desire had NO FLASHBACKS at all. And it was so much better to watch.

    Posted by MESHIA at Tuesday, October 17 2006 01:38 PM

    I agree with everyone. Last night really pissed me off. I was so upset. I even put off studying and all I got was recaps and Sophia talking to Tania(who I dont like) I hope this never happens again!!!!!!!! Im waiting for Michelle to tell off Maria

    Posted by Elle jay at Tuesday, October 17 2006 02:32 PM

    I am so tired of these flashbacks . I was all set to see Michelle and Maria go at it and instead all i got was an hour of Sophia and Tania and a whole bunch of flashbacks. Enough already!! We remember what happened last week.

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