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    Enough Is Enough

    Friday, October 13 2006
    John gets his payment, The charity show is a success, and Michelle finally stands up to a big way!

    Luke doesn't want to believe William!

    Luke doesn't believe William when he tells him that his mother has been stealing from his trust fund. William tells Luke the entire story about his business relationship with Maria. Luke tells William that he wants him out of his house. Before he leaves, William agrees with Luke that she loves him…..but William insists that she loves herself (and her lifestyle) more!

    John stands with the models and puts pressure on Hans, Harold and Michelle to get everything together for the show. Hans insists that he could kill Maria for this! Hans and Harold assure Michelle that the line looks great. John goes to see Maria in her office and she hands him an envelope containing cash. She tells him that is all that she could come up with at the moment, and he tells her that she is out of time! She tells John that she will have the rest of the money tonight. He suggests that she should start treating the men in her life better (after her wedding), but she quickly informs him that he is not a man in her life!

    Nikki and Michael are in the middle of a productive photo shoot when Tania walks in and interrupts. Tania and Nikki exchange words (as usual) while Michael looks on. Tania gets under her skin by telling Nikki that after seeing the finale dress on her…she is glad that she isn't wearing it!

    As Luke attempts to take his anger out with his work, he receives a call from Maria….he tells her that he wouldn't miss the charity auction for the world! Luke then goes to see Michael…..along with 2 six packs of beer. He tells Michael what William stopped by to tell him about his mother. Michaels says that it may be fake….but that he has to talk to Maria about it.

    Sophia tries to convince William that he has done nothing wrong by opening Luke's eyes to what his mother has been doing. She assures him that it will all be over with very soon.

    Maria can go through money fast!

    Lance and Rodney arrive at the show and run into William first thing. They have a very short conversation and head to their seats. Michael and Luke arrive and go backstage to see Maria. Michael leaves Luke and Maria alone to talk and Luke gives his mother his bank statements. She asks him who he got those from ….and he tells her to take a guess. She tells him that it is not as bad as it looks and that she only borrowed the money to keep the business afloat. He starts to leave but she convinces him to stay by telling him that she will tell him everything after the show. He tells her that this is the last time.

    Luke bumps into Michelle on his way to his seat. She tells him that she knows that he doesn't believer her……he tells her that he really does not want to have this conversation right now. Michelle asks him if everything is ok….and he says that they will talk later.

    Nikki helps herself to a few cosmetics. Tania comes over to start yet another altercation. Tania asks her if these empty threats will ever end. When she walks away Hans and Harold come over to reassure her that she looks better than Tania.

    Maria has yet another run in with William and Sophia!

    Maria runs into William and Sophia and asks them what the hell they are doing here. She tells them that she wants them to leave….and Sophia tells her that she needs to have more respect for the new owners of Gianni. William reminds Maria that the clock is ticking and goes to his seat. Sophia suggests to Maria that she really did fall in love with him!

    Maria then goes to see John and gives him the rest of the money in exchange for the tape. With the audience applauding, she then heads to the stage and walks down the runway. She starts off with a joke saying that “Incase you haven't read the tabloids…I am Maria Gianni”. She exits the stage and the show begins.

    As the show comes to an end….2 models are left on the auction block (Nikki and Tania). Maria auctions a date with Tania first and brings in $60,000. Then she moves to Nikki. Michael starts the bidding and continues to bid against one man in the audience. Michael stops bidding when the gentleman reaches $50,000. Just when it looks like Tania is going to win, there is a bid of $100,000…….from none other than William Chandler!

    Maria (stunned at the bid) tries to get $110,000 but ends up handing Nikki over to William. William heads up on stage to join Maria and Nikki. As she accepts applause, she and William discuss “things”. She tells him that she will be dead in the grave before he gets her company. He informs her that it can be arranged. William then excuses himself and Takes Nikki offstage for their date.

    Rodney suggests that he and Lance leave before the press conference, but Lance wants to hang around and run into Michelle. Just as he turns around, he notices Luke at the bar and informs Rodney that he is the new guy in Michelle's life. Tania heads over to talk with Luke and Michael at their table. She is upset (yet calm) about not winning and Michael assures her that she is beautiful…..and that going on the date with her high bidder is for a good cause. Rodney excuses himself so that he can mingle with the ladies at the bar. Maria then goes over and introduces herself to Lance. Maria tells Lance that she may be looking for an accountant and that she saw him talking with William Chandler earlier….so he must be good. Lance informs her that he was fired…but provides her with his card. She notices the name and tells him that she knows him by reputation. She shakes his hand and assures him that she will be in touch.

    Michelle corrects Maria in front of everyone!

    Luke waits backstage for Maria and crosses paths with Lexi. She is shocked to hear him say that he is glad that he bumped into her. Just as Luke tells her that he needs to talk with her, Maria rushes by and grabs Lexi…telling her that she needs her. Maria then steps to the runway and informs the crowd that they raised $350,000 for the charity. She then starts to take questions from the audience. The first question posed is about the line unveiled tonight. As Maria stands there and once again takes all of the credit for the designs…this time it is too much for Michelle to stand. As Hans and Harold watch in a total state of shock, Michelle steps up on stage and walks up beside Maria. She tells the crowd that Maria is a liar! She then tells Maria to go ahead and tell them who really designed the line.

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    Posted by antoinettem05 at Friday, October 13 2006 10:27 PM

    GO MICHELLE!!!! Its about time that she stood up to Maria. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Posted by amandarobin at Sunday, October 15 2006 10:50 AM

    im glad she stuck up for herself, but there are times that you need ot keep your mouth shut... maria is her boss after all.. i dont want william and chandler to take over the company.. theyre worse than maria. and all i care about is that michelle and luke get back together.. and that nikki and michael work things out

    Posted by Elle jay at Monday, October 16 2006 08:31 AM

    I can't wait for Maria Gianni to get what's coming to her.

    Posted by fashionfreak at Monday, October 16 2006 07:40 PM

    it's about time someone stood up against i want nikki and michael to work things out i think they would make a cute couple.oh yeah michelleand luke too.

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