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    Fashion House - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!

    Stirring The Pot

    Thursday, October 12 2006
    Everyone prepares for the charity event, William and Sophia continue to work on Maria and Gloria once again tries to get Eddie to kill Michelle!

    Nikki gives Michelle some friendly advice!

    Michelle comes downstairs and tells Nikki that she can't understand how Luke could act like this. Nikki agrees with her but tells Michelle to never underestimate a man's ability to be a fool when it comes to his mother. When Nikki finds out that Maria doesn't know that Lexi told her what happened, she insists that the best thing for Michelle to do is focus on the show and hold her cards close. Nikki says that confronting Maria (at this time) would be like shooting herself in the foot.

    William and Sophia make plans to attend the Fashion Show!

    Over breakfast Sophia tells William how the press can't stop talking about what they did to Maria. She hypothetically thinks about what would happen if the two of them went to the charity show….William informs her that he has already purchased the tickets! Michael stops to see Luke and gives him a hard time for throwing Michelle out. Michael agrees that it is a crazy thought that Maria drugged him, but he insists that Lexi and Michelle would have no reason to make that up. He tells Luke that the one place to find out who is lying will be the fashion show…..because they will all be there.

    Maria puts her jewelry up for sale!

    Maria is disappointed to find out that the jewelry dealer is not willing to pay anywhere near the amount that was originally paid for the jewelry pieces she is trying to sell. They go back and forth….he ends up buying the entire batch of jewelry for $150,000. He promises her that it will be confidential and hands her a check.

    Lance and Rodney plan to attend the Fashion Show!

    Rodney shows Lance the paper with the details of William and Maria. Lance then informs Rodney that Maria happens to be Michelle's boss. They read further and find out about the charity event….auctioning super models off….and decide that they deserve a boys night out!

    Lexi gets surprising news from Michelle!

    Michelle rushes around Gianni trying to finalize the details of the show. Lexi informs her that Maria will meet them later. She asks Michelle if she has told Luke what happened, and Michelle told her that he doesn't believe them. Lexi is shocked….but yet concerned with the possibility that Luke may go to the show and talk to Maria.

    William thinks of a way to get Maria to go to therapy!

    Maria stops to see Luke on her way to the show, but receives a call from Dr. Woods as soon as she enters his loft. She tells Dr. Woods that she has been meaning to call him….but hangs up on him when Luke sees her. Luke tells her that he needs to talk to her about something. Dr. Woods tells William that he thinks Maria is running on pure adrenalin and doesn't have the time for a session. William then tells Dr. Woods that maybe he needs to add more to her plate so that she will cave in….and need to call her therapist!

    Spangler gives William what he wants!

    William goes to Suku to meet with Congressman Spangler. Spangler tells him that he doesn't want to meet at William's home any longer and that he really doesn't like it when he is threatened. He gives William the transcripts from the meeting the night before and tells William that he has gotten his wish. Spangler then tells William that he made a mistake taking favors from him and that he doesn't make the same mistake twice. He insists that their dealings are over and says goodbye.

    Maria shows her emotional side to Luke!

    Maria tells Luke that she needs to make it quick, but that she has found it hard to live with herself the last couple of days. She admits that she finally realizes that William did nothing to hurt Luke. Maria gets emotional and tells Luke that she needs him and that he is all that she has. She tells him that she is so sorry. Luke tells her that what he had to ask her can wait until later….and that he will be at the show to support her.

    Sophia has an interesting conversation with Michelle!

    Behind the scenes at the fashion show, Tania marches over to John (interrupting his champagne toast with Michelle) wanting to know why Nikki is wearing the finale dress. John says that he doesn't know and agrees that maybe Tania should wear it. Michelle informs them that she specifically made that dress for Nikki. Michael interrupts the heated argument and suggests that Tania try the dress on and they will compare it to a picture of Nikki wearing it…..then they can decide. As they head off to take care of that, Michelle hears a voice behind her. She turns around and it is Sophia Blakely. She informs Michelle that she has been waiting a long time to meet her!

    Michael and Nikki make nice with each other!

    Michael talks to Nikki and tries to settle her down. He reminds her that there is really not enough time to get an alteration and that is why he suggested what he did. She then asks him if he told Tania about the mud mask. He tells her that he avoided the topic even though Tania accused her of it ….several times! She admits that she is a bit insecure….he tells her that she is gorgeous…and the two laugh and hug.

    Sophia formally introduces herself to Michelle and tells her that she is a huge fan of her work. She notices John still standing there and asks him to leave for a bit. Sophia reminds Michelle that she saw the dress that she did for a previous Gianni show (stolen by Maria). She then tells her that she thought that she saw Michelle's hand in Maria's wedding dress. Michelle informs her that Maria designed that one. Sophia sarcastically says “my mistake”. She then asks Michelle why she didn't take the job that Alyssa McKay offered her. Michelle wonders how she knew about that, and Sophia tells her that William is the one that recommended her for that job. Sophia insists to Michelle that it is a little odd that they would have just changed their minds…after all the time and effort they put into recruiting her. She tells Michelle that it just makes you kind of wonder! Harold grabs Michelle away for a behind the scenes fashion emergency.

    Tania is not happy with Michelle's decision!

    Michelle arrives and sees that the dress doesn't fit her right. She then tells them that she hired them both because she knew that they could wear very different garments. Michelle informs Tania that if she has any questions as to why she hired them then she can just leave….because she doesn't need her! Sophia calls William from behind the scenes. She gloats that she has found another weapon to add to their arsenal. They hang up, and Sophia goes to Michelle and tells her that she admires the way that she has put all of this together. She then tells her that when she takes over the company, she is going to make sure that Michelle gets all of the credit she deserves. Sophia turns around and sees Maria listening. She tells her that she was wondering when she was going to show up to take all of the credit for this!

    Lance continues his work for Eddie!

    Lance show up to go over some things with Eddie. Lance suggests to Eddie that he slow down a little bit because he has a lot of cash. Eddie starts to get upset but Lance insists that he is going to need a lot more businesses….or one large one! He tells Lance to figure out what to do with the money because he has a business to run. Gloria tells Lance that he looks tense and that it is not good to be wound up all of the time. She reminds him that she was always good at making him relax.

    Maria and Sophia exchange words!

    Maria pulls Sophia away and tells her that she has no right to be here. Sophia says that she does have the right because six days can go by so fast and this could be her company. Maria tells her not to count her out so soon….it's a big mistake. She asks Maria how she is managing to get the money and she informs her that it's by selling a trinket here and there. She tells Sophia that if she would like to see her ex-husband's wedding ring, it is at a pawn shop in Beverley Hills! Sophia assures Maria that this event will be the end of her run at Gianni and that her services will no longer be needed.

    Maria informs Michelle that she is failing!

    Maria goes up to Michelle and asks her what she thinks she is doing. Maria tells her that she is failing at making this show a success. Michelle goes over to the bar with Nikki for a pep talk. Michelle decides to focus and just make it through the night.

    Gloria tells Eddie kill Michelle Miller!

    Gloria continues to flirt with Lance but he shuts her down. He tells her that nothing has changed and that he will always love Michelle. Lance leaves and Eddie notices that Gloria is upset. He asks her what Lance did….and all she has to do is give him the word and he will hurt Lance for her. She grabs Eddie's hand and tells him that if he really wants to hurt Lance….then he needs to kill Michelle Miller!

    Michelle and Maria agree on one thing atleast!

    Tania goes over to Maria and John and thanks Maria for taking charge. She then tells her that Michelle putting Nikki in the finale dress was wrong…and that even John thought she looked better in it than Nikki did. She hands Maria a picture and tells her how amazing it looks. Maria agrees….saying only if she didn't look like she had not slept in a week! She tells Tania that Nikki is wearing the finale dress and that she needs to get some sleep….she could go shopping with those bags under her eyes! Tania storms off! John reminds Maria that she owes him the money and she tells him to back off….that it is coming. She walks over to the models and tells them all that she demands perfection tomorrow and that anything less will be unacceptable!

    William gives Luke more bad news about his mother!

    Luke hears a knock on the door and is surprised when he sees that it is William….holding an envelope. Luke tries to shut the door without talking to him, but William tells him to look at what is in the envelope and he will leave. He tells Luke that this hasn't just been all about their father. He informs Luke that theses are copies of his bank records….specifically the ones connected to his trust fund. Luke asks William where all his money is, and William informs him that for the past couple of years Maria has been stealing from his trust fund!

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    Posted by laralara0218 at Thursday, October 12 2006 07:48 PM

    I really hope Maria doesn't use the money from the charity event to payoff her debt to William Chandler.

    Posted by antoinettem05 at Thursday, October 12 2006 10:56 PM

    I really hope Luke is okay. I mean finding out something like that has to hurt. I can't wait till he finds out everything that she has done. I hope he and Michelle get back together. Gloria needs to give it up. She needs to face the fact that Lance don't want her. She needs a reality check.

    Posted by antoinettem05 at Thursday, October 12 2006 10:57 PM


    Posted by anick17 at Friday, October 13 2006 08:38 AM

    I hope she doesn't use the money from the charity even to payoff her debt either, but she's such a monster I wouldn't be surprised. Luke is going to hit the roof when William tells him where his money is going. Maybe he will believe that his mother drugged him then. Gloria is just plain psycho and needs to get a life. She was just a booty call and a gold digger and she needs to get over it. Lance keeps screwing up doesn't he? This show is so off the hook! I LOVE IT!

    Posted by MESHIA at Friday, October 13 2006 11:30 AM

    OH..MY GOD...I really hope she doesn't come up with the money. I am so glad that Lexi finally told Michelle what happened even though Luke doent believe her. And I hope Gloria doesn't really want Eddie to do anything to hurt Michelle. I Love William and Sophia and can't wait until they take over GIANNI ( I HOPE) I just want Tanya off the show or at least off for a few days. Her and Maria both really make me sick. I dont see how Michelle stands it to still work there.

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