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    Fashion House - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!


    Wednesday, October 11 2006
    Time is running out for Maria, John gets a promotion and Michelle learns the truth!

    Maria denies stealing Michelle's design!

    Maria demands to know how long Michelle has been standing at the door. Michelle tells her that she never thought that she would stoop to this level. Maria plays dumb and tells Michelle that she is mistaken. Maria then made up an elaborate story (telling her that she designed the wedding dress years ago) and that all of this is just a coincident. Maria then tells Michelle that she can't wait to see her designs for the face of Gianni contest….tomorrow! Michelle is shocked that she wants to see her work that soon. Michelle apologizes to Maria and gets back to work. Maria yells for Lexi to bring her a padded envelope…..and if anyone asks, she hasn't opened her mail yet!

    John is anxious to speak with Maria!

    Clive (Maria's lawyer) tells her that it may be time for her to sale some of her larger assets….such as her house. She tells him that he needs to find a solution besides her selling stuff. She refuses to humiliate herself like William and Sophia are hoping that she will do! John interrupts asking Maria if she would like to speak with him about something. She asks him what about, and John says “anything really”…as he notices the envelope on the table…unopened. She tells him that she is busy at the moment, and John leaves. Clive tells her that she is an extremely manipulative woman and could have a career in law if she ever leaves the fashion industry. Maria insists that she has bigger problems to worry about right now instead of John Cotter!

    It is almost time for Maria to look at the designs!

    Michelle stresses out over the fashion line, and Hans and Harold do their best to help her out. Hans says that he will keep John away from the dresses all afternoon so she can finish the detailing. Michelle calls Michael and he confirms that all of the models are set and ready to go. Michael and Luke sit and discuss the whole situation between him and Michelle. Clive suggests that he and Maria sleep on the issue tonight and see what ideas they have in the morning. Maria begins to tell him something…but hesitates and doesn't follow through.

    Maria gets the cold shoulder from her son!

    The next morning Maria stops by to check on Luke. She lets herself in and he tells her that he wants that key back. He tells her that there is nothing else to discuss. She tells him that she made a terrible mistake by lying to him this entire time. She pleads to him that she can't lose him on top of everything else and wants him to forgive her. He tells her that honesty would have been the better choice for his life and that he needs time alone. Before she goes to kiss him on the cheek and he pulls away.

    The walk off begins!

    Michelle and Michael inform the models at the walk off. Tania takes offense to being grouped with the other models and being required to practice. Michael calms her down and tells her that she looks great and that her skin is perfect again. Nikki walks up just in time to hear the compliments. Michael and Nikki watch the walk off and of Tania and Nikki have a minor collision on the runway. John enters Maria's office and sits on the sofa. He asks her if she has had the chance to……and Maria quickly cuts him off by saying, “Read my mail”?....and throws the recorder at him. The recorder hits the wall and shatters but he insists that she not worry because he made another copy. He tells her that he is a player…just like her. She tells him that he isn't even in the game, but he begs to differ. He informs her that Luke would be “pissed as hell” to find out that she is the one that set this all up. He tells her that he did this because he knows how she fails to keep promises. She tells him that he failed at his task and that it is not wise to play this game with her. He tells her that in order for him to keep this a secret, the first thing she has to do is give him $50,000 cash.

    Nikki is furious with Tania!

    Michael and Michelle are pleased with walk off. He tells Michelle to call Lexi and tell her, but she informs him that she dreads to talk to her. Michael informs Michelle that Lexi may have something legitimate to say. She insists that she knows what she saw, but Michael suggests that she may be able to say something that will give her some closure and allow her to move on. Tania walks up to Nikki outside and accuses her of tampering with her mud mask. Nikki tells her that she must be on crack and Tania jerks the magazine out of her hand informing Nikki that everyone knows that it was her…..everyone including Michael! Tania tells Nikki that she is going to win the face of Gianni and she is going to do it without pulling any crap like she did. She reminds Nikki that she is younger, hotter and a hell of a lot more fierce than she will ever be! Tania goes back inside and hears Michael and Michelle talking with Lexi on the speakerphone. They agree that Nikki is in but question whether or not they should use Tania…mainly because of her attitude. Michael suggest that they use her, but Lexi informs him that if she were Maria….she would not use her again!

    Hans and Harold didn't expect this!

    Hans and Harold are upstairs continuing to work on the outfits. John enters the room and informs them that his days of manual labor are over. They ask him who he thinks he is…and he informs them that he is now their boss because Maria just made him Senior Designer of Gianni!

    Tania and Lexi exchange words at her desk!

    A furious Tania goes upstairs and pays Lexi a visit. Tania and Lexi get into a screaming match at her desk and Tania ends up slapping Lexi. Hans and Harold officially hear the news about John's promotion from Maria. They get frustrated with her and tell her that they are going to lunch. Michael goes to see Luke and tells him that things are getting worse between Michelle and Tania as well as Nikki and Tania. Luke tells him that his work isn't the same without Michelle. Michael suggests that he paint about how much he misses her. Maria reviews the proofs of the walk off and tells Michelle that she loves them! Maria tells her that she went earlier to look at the dresses when she was telling Hans and Harold about the John Cotter promotion. She says that they are fine and that Michelle can leave now. Lexi enters the office to give Maria her messages. Lexi tells Maria that Tania slapped her and that someone has to do something about it. Maria informs Lexi that this is her problem. When it comes to fighting she just folds up….and Maria insists that it is rather sickening. Lexi reminds Maria of how good of an assistant she has been to her, but all Maria can say is that Lexi is picking at her last nerve and needs to just get back to work. A crying Lexi leaves Maria's office.

    Hans and Harold give Lexi some advice!

    Lexi storms past Harold and he wants to know what is wrong. He can tell that it has to do with Maria and gives her a hug telling her that it will all be ok. Maria makes an appointment for someone to come and view some of her jewelry that she has decided to sale. William enters her office and sarcastically insists that he gave her that watch as a symbol of his love and affection….and that he is hurt. Maria screams for Lexi to call security, but William gloats the Lexi isn't there and that he passed her leaving in tears. He informs Maria that she has just left herself alone in this world! Hans tells Lexi that Tania has always had too much attitude for her high heels…but this it too much. Harold tells Lexi that this has nothing to do with her and everything to do with Maria. Hans informs Lexi that Maria has never promoted an assistant….and this plays heavily on her mind. They tell her that she should soak up all of the knowledge that she can and move on with it later. Michelle walks up and wants to know what is going on. Lexi tells her that she needs to tell her what really happened that night. As Michelle informs her that she doesn't want to hear it, Lexi promises her that it will be worth it! Maria asks William how he could humiliate her so publicly. He says that it is the least he could do after what she did to his father. He reaches in his pocket and gives her back his toothbrush. He tells her that she will pay him back his money in eight days or The House of Gianni will have a new family in it!

    Lexi tells Michelle the Hans and Harold listen in!

    Lexi begins to Michelle about how Maria made her help with breaking her and Luke up (as Hans and Harold listen in while “working”). Lexi tells Michelle that Maria sent her to New York so that Lexi could give Luke the bait. Michelle starts to get upset and then Lexi informs her that Luke was drugged at dinner that night. She immediately thinks that Lexi did it to get a promotion, but is corrected when Lexi insists that it wasn't her that did it!

    Luke doesn't believe Michelle!

    Luke is at home painting when Michelle knocks on his door (much to his surprise). She rushes in and hugs him…telling him that she is so sorry. A confused Luke asks her what for and she informs him that it was not his fault, and that his mother drugged him. Luke then has flashbacks of the night and begins to piece the puzzle together….but shakes his head no. Michelle tells him the entire story but Luke says that Maria may do a lot of things, but that she didn't do this. He tells Michelle to leave and that he can't see her or his mom right now! Clive arrives at Maria's office to see if she has come up with a solution. He tells her that there is always tomorrow, but she reminds him that she now only has seven tomorrow's left. He asks her who is counting and brings out the liquor. Maria then begins to question Clive….what if this is it. He reminds her that she will survive….and that she always has!

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    Posted by derricknc at Wednesday, October 11 2006 07:03 PM

    I am traveling for work and the city I am in does not have MyNetwork TV so I cannot watch FH tonite!!! I'm glad you are writing the recap as the show airs so I can at least feel like I am watching it live. . .I'm just picturing all this happening in my head. It's kind of fun seeing Maria get what she deserves!! Thanks!!

    Posted by anick17 at Thursday, October 12 2006 08:14 AM

    I absolutely love these daily updates because I can't always watch the show on a daily basis. I only got to see half of it last night because my hubby threw a fit. I love how this show continues to draw you in. I'm anxious to see how or if Maria comes up with the money. When will Luke find out about his trust fund?! This is so exciting!

    Posted by devon at Thursday, October 12 2006 08:46 AM

    Okay, so enough with the flashbacks.. that what the Saturday show is suppose to be for.. And All those trips threw the city.. The show is getting to be more flashbacks and trips... than anything new.. I am getting tired of even tuning in.. Can just just catch up once a week. It would be much better to just move on with it.

    Posted by bambilea827 at Thursday, October 12 2006 09:31 AM

    Flashbacks seem to do nothing but elongate a very short episode. I need to see more show and not more commercials or flashbacks. This is the best show for me, in eons!!! I can barely wait for tonight's episode to air, and it is wonderfully cool that I am able to read this site during my impatience!!! I want Maria to triumph over her setback, even though she has done some people wrong, especially her son Luke. Maria is my favorite character. I also like several others such as Gloria. Both Maria and Gloria do bad stuff but they also have good somewhere within their hearts.I want to see Lance and Gloria back together. Also, Rodney is attractive and I hope there is more to him than just being Lance's business partner.

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