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    Fashion House - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!

    Maria and Sophia come face to face

    Monday, October 09 2006
    William tells Luke the so called truth. Sophia and Maria face off and the past comes to light!

    Sophia tells Maria why she hates her!

    Sofia goes to see Maria, much to Maria's annoyance. Sofia tells her she's there to give her blessings to the blushing bride, and goes on to share that she didn't use William and that he thought this up on his own! She tells Maria that she is good at stealing things, and when Maria goes to slap her, she grabs at her hand. Sofia gives Maria a gift, which she throws across the room, and then yells for her to get out of her house, or she'll throw her out. Sofia ignores her and asks her to sit down and have a good chat with her! "This will be one hell of a good time!", she tells Maria. Sofia calls Maria's wedding a sham and tells her she is too used to twisting events. She was Charles Blakely's wife and Maria destroyed her life. This isn't the way that Maria sees things, but Sofia asks if this is how she rationalizes murdering him!

    William has some news for Luke!

    Luke pounds on the door of William's house and once let in, he punches William in the head! William holds him off telling him it's time he heard his side of the story. Luke explains what Maria told him, but William smirks and asks him to sit and discuss it. He's concerned he will be hit again! William warns Luke that hearing this story will make him think differently about his mother. William tells a curious Luke that he is the son of Charles and Sophia Blakely. He goes on to tell Luke that Charles Blakely is also his father…not Antonio Gianni. He tells Luke the story about how Maria left his father Charles….and that later caused him to commit suicide. When Luke accuses William of lying to him, William tells him to get a DNA test to prove the truth.

    Rodney gets a call from Lance, telling him he thinks they should work with this guy. Later, Eddie meets with Lance before Rodney shows up, and is happy that he can make his accounts look legal! Lance starts to tell Eddie that placing these amounts of money around is going to throw up some red flags. Eddie holds grabs Lance by the head and slams it down on the desk. He tells him that he is a smart man and will make this work! As he holds a knife in his hand, he informs Lance that his neck is literally on the line! Eddie goes to leave and Rodney walks in. Rodney is not happy that Lance has gotten them tangled up in this mess.

    Nikki takes Michelle away from Lexi.

    At Michelle's place, she and Nikki are discussing how awful it's going to be for her when she has to run into Lexi every time she leaves the house. It's bad enough that she has to deal with Lance but now Luke is cheating on her and Maria steals her designs. she's growing weary of crying all the time. Nikki tells her to put on some makeup and get outside! She gives her some bronzer and asks that Michelle come out to dinner and dancing with her tonight. She agrees to dinner, but no men and the two get ready. At the bar, Lexi bumps into Michael asking her to join him for a drink. They talk business, and Maria. Lexi wonders if she'd be treated any different by Maria if she was a designer. She comes clean, telling him that she and Luke didn't sleep together, when they're interrupted by Michelle and Nikki. Michael puts his foot in his mouth, saying he hasn't seen the girls look this good since their double date! Lexi finally gets her chance to talk to Michelle. She tells Michelle that nothing happened between her and Luke, but Michelle is skeptical to say the least. Just as Lexi tries to tell her what happened, Michelle informs her that she never wants to speak to her again! Nikki comes and takes Michelle away while Michael stays behind with Lexi.

    Sophia and Maria don

    Sophia screams at Maria, telling her that she has stabbed everyone in the back that has ever cared for her. She then tackles Maria and the two of them fly over the sofa and land on the floor. When they make it to their feet, Sophia informs Maria of how William fits into the equation. Maria is shocked to find out that he is Sophia and Charles' son! Maria denies to Sophia that she had anything to do with Charles' death. Sophia then tells Maria that sleeping with her ex-husband's son is trashy….even for her! When Sophia tells Maria that William (Sophia's son) own half of Gianni, she looks confused. Sophia quickly informs the jilted bride that she couldn't have possibly thought that William really burned the contract for the debt that Maria owes him. Maria tells her that when she took Charles away from her, it left her penniless…..and she can't wait to see it happen to her! After hearing that, Maria slams Sophia's face into the wedding cake that William had delivered. Luke walks in and breaks things up sending Sophia out of there. He then asks his mother for the truth. Maria skates all around the subject and Luke gets frustrated. Maria can't believe that he went to see William, but none the less. Luke wants her to tell him the truth! Luke tells his mother as he leaves, that he is going to get a DNA test to find out who his father really is!

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    Posted by 2canplay at Monday, October 09 2006 07:30 PM


    Posted by antoinettem05 at Monday, October 09 2006 08:36 PM

    KARMA!!! Maria had it coming. I hope that Luke finds out

    Posted by antoinettem05 at Monday, October 09 2006 08:38 PM

    KARMA!!! Maria had it coming. I hope that Luke finds out what his mother has done. I hope that he and michelle end up together. I can't wiat for the next show!!!!

    Posted by BrianBoyle at Monday, October 09 2006 11:33 PM

    HELP! I have been watching Fashion House for weeks waiting for Morgan's debut and my DVR failed to tape Monday's two episodes. Is there anyone out there who can make a copy for me on VHS or DVD? Willing to pay for the trouble. Many Thanks for any help, sbrianboyle@aol

    Posted by gage32x at Tuesday, October 10 2006 06:38 AM

    It's about time. Good ol' catfights. Takes me back to the days of Alexis and Krystal.

    Posted by megs501 at Tuesday, October 10 2006 10:39 AM

    I wonder if Lexi will finally tell Luke or Michelle that his mother drugged him that night. Hope so.

    Posted by J--Z at Tuesday, October 10 2006 01:55 PM

    Were two shows broadcast Monday night? My DVR only recorded the episode titled 'Maria and Sophia Come Face to Face'. If there were two show, what was the title of the second episode?

    Posted by stushy at Tuesday, October 10 2006 01:57 PM

    i was wondering the sameting lastnite but as you can see michelle is still piss and lexi dont want to lose her job, so i dont think she is going to say anytingn to her, but as you can see luke and william are brothers

    Posted by iluvsoaps at Tuesday, October 10 2006 02:03 PM

    OMG can you believe luke and william being brothers maybe now luke can have that crazy x-husband (Lance) taken care of.

    Posted by nissanbaby at Tuesday, October 10 2006 02:05 PM

    i live in hawaii and monday night no episode of FH aired there was a volleyball game does anyone know why?

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