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    Do You Take This Woman

    Thursday, October 05 2006
    Tania and Michelle face off, Lexi tries to explain to Luke and the wedding finally begins!

    William and his mystery lady talk on the phone while Maria sleeps. She tells him that today is the culmination of all these years of work. He tells her that it was almost too easy and Maria wakes up. She jokes around about wedding cake and William ensures that she has the traditional items (old, borrowed, new…). William then gives her an old ring handed down from his family over several generations. She wishes that he had some family attending the wedding, but he insists that they will be there in spirit. He tells her that he is the luckiest guy in the world.

    Michael and Luke get ready for the ceremony. Luke stresses over Maria assigning him the tasks of finding the blue, new and borrowed items. He then tells Michael that she suggested that he coordinate with Lexi. Michael tells him that he is going to have to talk to her at some point. Luke isn't quite sure what to say to her and knows that he can't just say "hey Lexi, do you have any idea how we ended up naked in bed together"? Michael then jokes and tells him just to buy her a drink… seemed to work last time.

    Nikki tries to talk Michelle into going to the wedding with her. Michelle says that it is best that she not go since Luke and Lexi will both be there. The door bell rings and it is package being delivered for Michelle. She opens it up and finds that Lance has signed the papers requesting a divorce. Nikki tells her that it's great that she will be divorced in six months. When Michelle wonders if the divorce is what she really wants, Nikki quickly assures her that it is. She then tells her to take advantage of the weekend because this is one of the very few times that Maria Gianni will let everyone off.

    Lance tells Rodney about Eddie's extremely shady business practices. Rodney is stunned to hear Lance say that it is worse than William Chandler's tactics. They agree that they really don't have a choice and decide to take him on as a client.

    Michelle runs into Tania at the spa.

    Nikki talks Michelle into going to the spa with her. Nikki goes to enjoy her session as Michelle signs in. Tania walks over and starts gloating about Michelle's break-up with Luke. The two stand at registration desk and throw snide remarks back and forth between each other. Tania tells Michelle that she is happy that Luke broke her heart and that no one deserves it more! When Tania steps away to answer her phone, Michelle leaves the spa. Tania makes a remark to Nikki as she stops back by the front desk. Nikki is surprised when the attendant informs her that Michelle decided to leave. She notices that Tania's treatment file is on the counter and sees that she has is to have no Niacin Treatments (due to an allergy).

    William meets with his mystery lady in person. She absolutely loves the necklace that he bought for her. He tells her that she looks beautiful and that he is heading over to the blessed event shortly. They laugh as she tells him that the anticipation is killing her!

    Lexi assures an anxious Maria that she has it all under control. Maria says that she had better be thrilled. She then asks Lexi if she has called Luke, and Lexi informs her that she hasn't and that she feels uncomfortable around him. Lexi tells Maria that she feels really bad about what happened. Maria tells her that she completed her tasks and there is nothing wrong with it. Maria insists that Lexi is like her and you have to do whatever it takes to get the things that you want. Maria gives Lexi another tasks. She is to help Luke find any of the trinkets that she needs. She then informs Lexi that she is not allowed to leave until the entire thing is over. She sends Lexi to find something to do with the rag that she is wearing to make it appropriate for the ceremony.

    Harold and Hans save Lexi by bringing her a dress to wear and promise to take care of Maria while she changes. Luke and Michael arrive ready to go in their tuxedos. William tells Luke that he isn't nervous at all and that he feels like he has pictured this moment his entire life. He then tells Luke that meeting him was one of the best parts about this whole affair with his mother. Michael interrupts for a photo opportunity of the two of them. The mystery lady dresses in red for the ceremony and finally has a face. It is indeed Sophia Blakely.

    Nikki personally mixes Tania's mud mask!

    Nikki sneaks and adds a dab of Niacin to the pear mud mask that is going to be applied to Tania. After it is stirred in really well, she casually walks away without anyone noticing a thing. She gets dressed and pays her bill. When she hears a loud scream, she smiles and tells the clerk to keep the change.

    William and Sophia can't believe this day is finally here!

    Luke goes to see his mother before the ceremony. Hans and Harold finally deliver the dress to her and she is extremely pleased with it. William goes to see Sophia one last time before the ceremony. He tells her that he has a limo lined up for her. She tells him that she has waited so long for this day and now that it is finally here, it feels surreal. William tells her that Maria will pay for what she did to her. She agrees and says the same for him. She then insists that this will not change anything and that it will not bring "him" back. He agrees but says that it might bring them some closure. They both say I love you to each other and plan to see each other again….at the wedding.

    John swings by early to see if his services are needed. Hans insists that they don't, but thanks him anyway. John tells Luke that he is sorry to hear about him and Michelle. Luke then asks everyone to leave so he and his mother can have a moment. He tells him mother that he is so happy for her and that it makes him feel good. He gives her a gift (a pair of blue earrings) and the two embrace in a hug. Michael captures the moment in a photo.

    Tania blames Michelle for Nikki's work.

    Michelle is at home and suddenly hears a knock at the door. Before she can even get the door opened all of the way, Tania comes barging in calling her a little witch. She tells Michelle to look at what she has done to her! Michelle tries to ask what happened to her face and Tania tells her not to play innocent. Tania tells Michelle that she is lying. She picks up a vase and throws it across the room and tells Michelle that she is going to kill her! Michelle tells Tania that she would never stoop that low, but Tania reminds her that she stole her boyfriend. Tania tells her that she is jealous of her and that while she has men that would die for her, Michelle only has men that want to leave her. Michelle reaches her breaking point and starts to throw things at Tania…and chases her out the door. Nikki is on her way in and asks Tania what happened to her face. Tania tells them that she hates them both and slams the door. Nikki holds Michelle back from running after her. Michelle tells Nikki what the fight was about. She then tells her that the next time she messes with Tania's facial products to be sure and let her in on it!

    Lexi tries to talk to Luke.

    Lexi and Luke finally run into each other. She tells him that she is sorry about what happened and that there are some things that they should talk about. He tells her that until he figures this out, he thinks that it is best that they not speak to each other. Lexi says that she understands as they hear Maria scream. They rush in and find Hans and Harold trying to make the dress fit Maria. Luke sends Hans and Harold into overdrive and figure out what to do to fix the dress. Maria tells them that it has to work and that the guests are arriving as they speak.

    Luke prepares to give his mother away.

    The guests arrive and take their seats as Michael takes pictures of it all. Nikki enters. Tania manages to cover up most of her allergic reaction and arrives with John. William heads over and lets a lady in a red dress and red hat straighten his color and tie. Luke and Lexi go to check on Maria and are pleased to find that they have been able to fix the dress. Lexi's ribbon from her hair serves as the borrowed piece (and also holds the dress together). Maria stands alone with Luke and tells him that he will always be the love her life. He extends his arm and they head out for the wedding.

    Sophia Blakely laughs out loud at the humiliation of Maria!

    Hans and Harold take walk down the aisle to take their seats (talking about everyone and everything along the way). Lexi takes her seat next to Hans. Maria enters on her son's arm and the wedding procession begins. As they get closer and closer William stares and remembers how he has made Maria fall in love with him. Luke and William shake hands and Luke takes his seat. The priest begins the ceremony as Maria and William stare at one another and then at the crowd. Maria says "I Do" when the priest asks if she takes William to be her lawfully wedded husband. He then turns to William and asks if he takes Maria to be his lawfully wedded wife. William hesitates and then replies "No! I do not"! The crowd gasps at his answer. William continues and says "I wouldn't marry this heartless bitch if she was the last woman on earth"! The guests all are in shock and disbelief. Hans and Harold are about to fall out of their seats. One of the guests (the one in the red dress and the red hat) sits at her seat and begins to laugh out loud as Maria stands humiliated in front of god and everyone!

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