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    Wednesday, October 04 2006
    The wedding day is almost here, William and Maria have their rehearsal dinner and the Mystery Lady arrives in town!

    William and his Mystery Lady can

    William's morning push-ups are interrupted by a call from his Mystery Lady. She asks how her handsome groom is doing and he tells her that he is ready to get the show on the road. Maria is in very good spirits this morning. Her maid is shocked at her level of niceness. Maria can't believe she is getting married tomorrow. William and his Mystery Lady can't believe that it will all come to an end tomorrow. She tells him that she can't wait to see the look on Maria's face when she sees her sitting in the crowd.

    Lance and Gloria drop Alec off at school.

    Lance arrives at Gloria's place to tell her that he wants to meet her friend. Gloria is shocked that he is there at 7:30 in the morning. She informs him that she is not on his time anymore. He tells her that he will be waiting outside. Lance ends up driving Gloria and dropping Alec off at school. Lance asks her where Alec's father is and Gloria tells him that he's dead.

    Lexi is shocked to hear that Maria drove to work today. Lexi then has to break the news to Maria that there is a problem with the flowers but ensures her that she will fix it. William stops by and brings her some breakfast to settle her jitters. Lexi reports back that the flower issue has been corrected. Maria tells her that she doesn't know what she would do without her. She tells Lexi that she is glad that she is coming to the groom's dinner. Lexi suggests that it may be awkward since Luke will be there. Maria assures her not to worry. Maria then tells William that Luke will be taking her to the rehearsal and that will give them some time to talk.

    Nikki tries to talk some since into Michelle.

    Michelle rests on the sofa and remembers her argument with Luke. Nikki walks up and Michelle tells her that she has called in sick to work. Nikki tries to tell her that watching those romantic television series will only make her more depressed. She tells Nikki that she misses Luke. Nikki tries to defend him telling her that Luke is nothing like Lance. Nikki tells her that she is usually good about picking out the bad guys, and she doesn't think that Luke is one. Michelle doesn't want to hear it and insists that he is a walking, talking lie.

    Lance and Gloria show up to meet with Eddie. Eddie tells Lance that he comes highly recommended and that he is looking for a new accountant. He asks if Gloria has told her the nature of his business. Gloria tells him that she thought it would be best if he did that. Eddie tells Lance that he owns several gas stations and that his business may be a little different than what he is accustomed to. He informs Lance that he steals credit card numbers and launders large amounts of cash through his gas station. When Lance says that he is confused, Eddie simplifies things for him. He tells him that when people use their credit cards at his gas station, he takes the number and sells it to the highest bidder and that his business is through the roof lately. He needs an accountant that can find creative ways to launder his cash. Lance then starts to tell Eddie that he probably isn't the right guy and that he was under the impression that he had a legitimate business. Eddie informs him that he doesn't just divulge information about his business and as far as he is concerned, Lance accepted the position by walking through the door.

    Tania turns to her pills again.

    Nikki and Tania run into one another at Gianni. As usual, the two of them exchange some insulting words. Tania tells Nikki that it must be difficult for her seeing that she lost the shampoo campaign to her. It cuts Tania deep when she sees that Hans, Harold and Nikki are going to the groom's dinner. She tells them that her invitation must not have arrived yet. She insists that Nikki have fun stuffing her face and heads out to her car. When she gets in she immediately reaches in her purse and takes a pill….or two!

    Luke shows up to pick up his mother for the dinner. He tells her that if she is happy then he is happy for her. She insists that once he gets to know William he will like him. Maria notices that Luke is not his normal self. When he tells her that he wants Michelle back, Maria insists that he is better off without her and that he will get over it. He tells her that he is upset that Michelle thinks he is lying when he says that nothing happened with Lexi. Maria (having flashbacks of the night that she drugged Luke) tells him that he can't be with a woman that obviously doesn't trust men. She says that divorces sometimes leave women bitter. She then tells him that he has to be happy on her special day.

    Gloria insists to Eddie that of course Lance has a choice. Lance informs Eddie that he runs a legitimate business operation. Eddie tells him that it is supply and demand and would make for an interesting business partnership. Eddie turns around a case full of money and opens it so that Lance can see it….telling him that he is sure he can make an exception just this one time. Lance tells him that he has to speak with Rodney because they do everything as a team. Eddie says he will hear from him soon and tells him that he's sure that Lance can show himself out.

    Lexi leaves for a drink when Luke ignores her.

    Maria enters the rehearsal dinner to thunderous applause. Lexi asks Luke how he is doing, but Nikki summons him to join her across the room with Hans and Harold. Lexi is upset and steps out of the room. Jeffrey Spangler enters the room as a guest of Maria's. The two men are shocked to see each other when Maria introduces each of them to the other. They both play along as if they have just met. William shakes his hands and tells him that he has read about him in the papers recently….something about zoning bids on wetlands. Maria interrupts telling them that is enough about politics. She asks where his wife is and says that they must all get together for dinner one night….William insists that they really should! Congressman Spangler excuses himself.

    William's Mystery Lady leaves him a message letting him know that she has arrived in town….and that she misses him.

    Luke tells Nikki that he is really upset that Michelle won't even answer his calls. Hans and Harold tell him that she called into work sick today. Michael walks up and he and Nikki are glad to see each other.

    William strikes up a rather flirtatious conversation with an ex-Gianni model….Juliette. She is surprised to find out that Maria is marrying a younger man. Mr. Meyer (Maria's Lawyer) interrupts the conversation. He then tells William that most people wait until after the wedding to cheat on their wives. Clive then asks William what he is up to. He tells William it wasn't his smartest business decision forgiving her debt. William tells Clive that it must be love.

    The bride and groom are called front and center. The priest goes over the basic structure of the wedding tomorrow. Clive comes over to congratulate Maria and conveniently works Juliette into the conversation. William excuses himself to attend to the guests and Clive cautiously drinks his wine when Maria asks him, isn't William wonderful.

    Luke's present to William and Maria

    William and Maria extend their gratitude for sharing this time with them. Luke then presents them with a token of his well wishes….a painted portrait of the two of them together. Later that night William tells Luke that he loved the painting and that he is honored to be a part of it. He tells Luke that he hopes that they can get to know each other because he thinks that they have a lot in common. Michael comes over and invites Luke to go out with him, Nikki and the others. He then tells Luke that they should be buying William a drink for taking his mother off of his hands.

    The Mystery Lady has finally arrived!

    Lance sits in his office working on some figures. He concludes that he is in negative….about $25,000. Luke, Michael, Nikki, Hans and Harold are at a bar drinking, laughing and having a great time. Lexi sits alone at the bar sipping a glass of wine torturing herself by watching them have fun while she is miserable. William and Maria cuddle in bed and talk about their big day tomorrow. William's Mystery Lady arrives with her luggage. She stops for a moment and says out loud…."Maria Gianni…tomorrow is going to be the worst day of your life", and walks off….with only the sound of her heels hitting the floor.

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    Posted by gage32x at Thursday, October 05 2006 08:27 AM

    Can't wait until Morgan Fairchild arrives.

    Posted by BAJANZ at Thursday, October 05 2006 08:07 PM

    well girl she did arrive, and she did get the last laugh tonight.At Maria

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