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    Tuesday, October 03 2006
    Eddie shows a different side, Gloria tries to help Lance and Maria finally gets her dress.

    William and Luke meet with the Taylor to get fitted for the wedding. William offers Luke a drink and tells him that he was a little worried about him the other night after dinner. He tells Luke that it is no big deal what happened between him and Lexi. William says that he didn't take Luke as a lightweight and was surprised that he was that messed up after just 3 drinks. Luke says it is because he drank on an empty stomach.

    Luke shows up at Nikki's to talk to her about what happened. Nikki tells him that he screwed up and that he should give her some space. Nikki says that she can tell that he really likes her and that he had better figure out a way to fix this, and it's gotta be something better than a picture and a rose.

    Eddie is not happy when one of his workers (Manny) enters his office and informs him that he has not found "him" yet. Eddie tells Manny he is sick of hearing excuses and that this guy must be found. He then tells him he needs to be quick about this. Gloria walks in as Manny is leaving. Eddie asks her how she and her mother are doing. He then gives her some work to do.

    Lexi and Harold see Maria on the edge.

    Maria panics because her wedding dress is not finished yet and her wedding is in 2 days. She orders Lexi to find Harold and bring him to her office immediately. A frazzled Harold shows up and tells Maria that it has been hard because Michelle is always around and that she can't see him working on a design that she stole from her. Maria tells him that she needs her fitting today. Harold promises that he will have it finished soon. Maria says she is going to see her therapist at noon and that it had better be finished when she gets back.

    Tania had another late night.

    Tania wakes up on a sofa to the sound of her phone. The obviously hung over Tania tells Michael that she had a late night. He tells her that she may not get another chance. Tania tells him that she will get there and hangs up.

    Hans doesn't understand Harold's behavior...yet.

    Harold returns to Hans and Michelle and makes up a story to cover the reason he was in Maria's office. He takes Maria's advice and makes up several errands for Michelle to run so that he can finish the dress. Hans is having a hard time understanding all of Harold's demands. Michelle leaves and Hans demands to know why he obviously wanted Michelle gone so badly. Harold pulls out the dress and Hans is startled that this is the project he has been secretly working on. He still doesn't tell Hans why Michelle can't see the dress.

    Maria catches Dr. Woods up on everything.

    Maria shows up for her appointment with Dr. Woods. Maria tells him that she is so overwhelmed and that it is too much pressure. She also says that William is wonderful and that she can't wait to be his wife. He assures her that her wedding day will be perfect. When he asks about Luke, she gloats that she was successful in breaking him and Michelle up. Dr. Woods asks her how she managed to do that, and she tells him that she did it the old fashioned way……she drugged him. Dr. Woods is shocked to hear that piece of news. She tells him that she did it for the greater good. Maria tells the good Doctor that she refuses to feel guilty about this and that Luke will never find out the truth about that night. He suggests that one day Maria should try talking with her son. She quickly informs him that a mother knows what it best for her children.

    Tania finally shows for the photo shoot and Michael is less than thrilled with the way she is looking. Michael wonders if they can even cover it up with make up. He tells her that it is now a big deal because all of these late nights are starting to affect her work.

    Maria finally gets to try on her wedding dress.

    Hans and Harold finally have the dress ready for Maria to try on. When they say that they are going to have to let it out a bit in the back, the designing duo struggle to muster up the words to tell her that she is not a size 2… this particular dress. She tells them that their measurements are all wrong because she knows what size she is. Behind her back Hans says she is a size 6 and Harold says she is a size 4…..all this with hand gestures of course! The two then step away and are overcome with emotions at the way she looks in the dress. She then asks Harold and Hans to be with her when she gets ready for the wedding.

    Michelle returns from her busy work.

    Michelle returns with all of her items that she was sent out to get. Maria calls Harold and asks Michelle to come to her office. Michelle tells Lexi that she is there to see Maria and Lexi once again tries to talk to Michelle but she stops her again. Lexi sends Michelle in to see Maria. Maria tells Michelle that she is very impressed with her work in New York and that John had only great things to say about her. Michelle is obviously surprised that John would say that. Maria tells Michelle that men are difficult and they only have on thing on their mind. Maria then starts to tell Michelle that she was only trying to protect her by trying to keep her from dating Luke….because he is so young and doesn't know what he wants. Maria also tells her that she didn't want that to interfere with her designing talent.

    Gloria has plans for Eddie's problem.

    Gloria continues to work at her desk. Eddie tells Gloria that it used to be so easy to funnel in cash with gasoline orders, but with the price hovering at $3.50 a gallon….it's hard to pad that. He tells her that the easiest way to hide money is through an accountant, and he had to get rid of his last one. Gloria tells him that she has someone that he should meet.

    Michael goes to visit Maria in her office and tells her that Nikki would have been better than Tonya at the photo shoot. Maria tells him that Nikki has a good shot at the face of Gianni campaign….but he can't say anything. She tells him that she and William will take some time off after the campaign (since it is so close after the wedding, and he knows how much it means to her). Maria asks Michael to shoot her wedding. He says that he would be honored. She invites him to the grooms dinner tomorrow night at her house. Maria is shocked when Michael tells her that Luke is still depressed over Michelle and their break-up. She tells Michael to tell Luke to get over it, because she can't have him moping around on the happiest day of her life.

    Gloria offers help Lance and Rodney.

    Rodney tells Lance that the company is in a bad position right now and that they can't even afford to pay the rent. When they wonder out loud what are they going to do, Gloria enters the room and tells them that she may be able to help. Lance tells Gloria that she shouldn't be there, but Rodney tells him to listen to her. Gloria tells them that she knows a rich guy who needs an accountant. When Lance finds out that he owns a few gas stations, he tells her that it would not help them out. She then tells him that there is more and that he transfers a lot of cash. She gives them Eddie's name and tells them that this is her way of making up for what she put him through. She then tells them that she has to get back to the office because she is Eddie's assistant know. She insists that they think about it because this could be a good thing.

    Luke is waiting outside of Michelle's door, in the dark when she gets home. She storms by him and tells him that no, they can't talk and no, he can't come in. He enters the house and she tells him to leave. He tells her that he must have gotten drunk and that one thing led to another. She tells him that they both know what happened and that she should have listened when everyone told her that he was a player….even his own mother. He tells her that he has always been honest with her, but she demands that he leave. He insists that he does truly love her on his way out.

    Lance and Rodney don't have any other choices.

    Lance and Rodney have dinner and discuss whether or not to trust Eddie. They know that it is a huge risk, and the fact that it is a referral from Gloria doesn't help. Rodney tells Lance that they should not do it, but Lance says that they should. He asks Rodney how scared can he be of a little gas station owner.

    Eddie doesn't react well to someone stealing from him.

    At his station, Eddie stands over one of his employees, bloody and laying on the floor. Eddie demands that he tell him what he told him when he started working for him. The man hesitates, and Eddie kicks him. The man then says that Eddie told him that if he stole from him then he would be a dead man. Eddie says that we are all clear then and walks off leaving his 2 loyal members behind. Gunshots fire inside of the gas station.

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    Posted by Chrissi at Wednesday, October 04 2006 01:41 PM

    The show was good last night!!! Woohoo!

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