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    (There's got to be) A Morning After

    Monday, October 02 2006
    Maria's plan works, William fires Lance and Michelle gets a surprise.

    William, Maria, Luke and Lexi leave the restaurant. Maria insists to William that Lexi is going to drive home an obviously drunk Luke. William and Maria speed of in the Limo and the other two head to Luke's loft. They finally arrive and Luke is out of his mind drunk. He struggles to undress for bed and Lexi ends up helping him. With Luke all settled, Lexi takes her earrings off and realizes that he has passed out. Meanwhile, William and Maria lay in the bed talking after their intimate evening. William then begins to ask questions about Luke (how drunk he was and why she insisted that he go home with Lexi). He asks her if she is trying to set the two of them up and Maria asks why she would ever set her son up with her assistant. Against Maria's wishes, William gets dressed and heads home to finish up his work for a meeting tomorrow.

    Michelle walks in on Luke and Lexi.

    John and Michelle arrive back in Los Angeles. Michelle tells him that it is wrong for him to be coming onto a co-worker. She insists that she would rather take a cab than to ride in the car with him….so that's exactly what she does. When she arrives at Luke's loft, she uses her to let herself in. Michelle smiles and walks around to the bed, only to find Lance and Lexi under the covers asleep. Lexi wakes up and is startled to see Michelle standing there. Michelle demands to know what is going on. Lance wakes up and asks what is going on. He is still wasted and is shocked to see that Lexi is in his bed and that Michelle is back from New York. Michelle tells him that she came there to tell him that she loves him but now she can see that he is like every other man and makes her sick.

    Hans insists to Michelle that all men are pigs!

    The next morning, Luke is still in bed physically unable to get up and face the day. At Gianni, Maria calls John to her office. She asks him how things went in New York. He tells her that Michelle did a great job. She says that she must have over estimated his appeal (since he couldn't do what his one mission was) and that he wants that senior design position, he is going to have to improve his people skills. Everyone begins their work day at Gianni. Lexi is at her post while Hans and Harold are in the designing room when Michelle shows up. The two see that Michelle isn't too happy, and immediately think that John had his hands all over her and that she had slept with him. When she tells them what is really going on (Luke and Lexi), they can barely control themselves. They tell her that she is way too special to be taken for granted. Michelle remembers how bad things got with Lance at the end. They inform her that men are pigs…even them. They offer her the option to take the day off, but she says she needs to work.

    Michael is shocked to hear that Luke thinks that he may have slept with Lexi. He tells Michael that he was really drunk and can't remember a whole lot. Michael tries to make some jokes to lighten his mood, but it doesn't work. Luke says that he has been trying to call Michelle all day but she is not answering.

    Maria is pleased to hear that her plan worked.

    Maria and Lexi go to lunch together. Maria wants to know the details of what happened, and Lexi tells her that she drove him home and ended up taking his clothes off…..and Maria interrupts, informing her that she is his mother. Maria tells her to skip to when Michelle came in. She asks Lexi what Michelle's expression was. Lexi tells an obviously entertained Maria that she was upset when she walked in, turned on the light and saw them in bed together. Lexi tells her all of the words that were said and how Michelle stormed out. Maria relaxes and says that it worked…..brilliant! Lexi tells Maria that she didn't realize that she was going to drug her own son with a date rape drug. Lexi is offended that Maria didn't think that she could handle the job on her own. Maria says that isn't the problem. The problem is his feelings for Michelle. Lexi then informs Maria that Luke would not be pleased if he ever found out about this. Maria insists that he never will find out about it. Maria then changes the subject to finalizing her wedding plans.

    William sits with Rodney and waits on Lance to arrive at the office. William tells him that he's been delayed a lot lately and that he usually smells of whiskey. Lance comes in and sends Rodney out of the room, saying that he can handle the situation. He hands William a form to sign, but William isn't happy with the forms because they are all wrong. When Lance tells him that he can get an extension and have it all settled within six weeks. William stands up and raises his voice with Lance informing him that he has no time for incompetence. He tells Lance and Rodney that he will send someone over to get his records from their office and that he is no longer their client. Rodney and Lance then begin scream at each other over all of the business that they are losing. Lance then begins to tell Rodney about Gloria and what she has done to him (lying about being pregnant) and costing him his marriage. He then tells her about when he went to her house the other day and was actually going to kill her. He then tells Rodney that she needed help with her life…her son….and her sick mother. Lance tells Rodney that his life is ruined and he has no one else to blame but himself.

    William arrives at his limo and asks his driver when Congressman Spangler is supposed to have his meeting with "Candy". He tells William that she is up for the tasks and that everything is in order. The two of them are scheduled to meet later tonight.

    Spangler arrives at the bar and orders his drink. A young blonde walks over to the bar claiming to have been stood up. He tells her everything that a lady would like to here in that situation and lures her into allowing him to buy her a drink. A few drinks later, the two of them are in a room going at it. She stops and tells him that she is married and can't do this. He says that he doesn't care, takes off both of their wedding rings and throws them on the table. As they pick up where they left off, a camera is shown watching them in bed. The next morning, Jake delivers the video to William as promised. He tells William that the picture quality is excellent and there will be no problem.

    At Gianni, Maria arrives and shifts all of her concentration to planning her wedding. Later that night, Luke leaves a not on Michelle's door asking her to please call, and Harold works late sewing a wedding dress. The next day Maria and Lexi go over the final details (champagne, caterers, guests list etc.). The only thing they are waiting on is the dress. Lexi informs Maria that the site has requested the remainder of the deposit. Maria tells her to write a check or take it from her saving. Lexi then has to tell Maria that there are no funds in either of those accounts. Maria tells Lexi that she needs a minute alone. Lexi steps out and Maria picks up the phone and calls her accountant. She tells him that she needs him to transfer $50,000 from Luke's account into hers.

    Michelle loses control and throws random things at Lexi.

    Lexi wanders downstairs and runs into Michelle sewing. Michelle says that they should stick to the plan of staying away from each other. Lexi tells Michelle that she is sorry, and Michelle wants to know who would steal a boyfriend of someone that she works with. Michelle then tells Lexi that she actually used to feel sorry for her having to work with Maria all of the time, but that now she can see that some of it has rubbed off on her. Lexi tries to tell her to calm down and Michelle starts throwing things at Lexi as she runs out the door.

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    Posted by megs501 at Thursday, October 05 2006 08:34 AM

    What mother does that to her own son? Maria deserves all bad that comes to her.

    Posted by BAJANZ at Thursday, October 05 2006 08:06 PM

    You are so correct, LOOK all bad things is coming to her. When you do evil, it does follow you.

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