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    Polite Dinner Conversation

    Friday, September 29 2006
    William, Maria, Luke and Lexi have a rather intersting dinner. At the end of dinner, Maria gets hung up on.

    William, Maria, Lexi and Luke continue their dinner. They embark on the subject of what William does for a living. They admit to Luke that Maria did come to him for help (with the business). William has flashbacks about the original deal between him and Maria (financial troubles and she was stealing from her sons trust fund). Luke asks why he feels that there is more to the story than that.

    Maria anxiously waits for the drug to work on Luke.

    Maria assures Luke that it would bore him to death. She then has flashbacks of her confessions to Dr. Woods regarding the whole situation. Her motivation is the possibility of losing everything she has worked so hard for. She then starts to remember the steamy night that she and William had at the spa. Luke sits up straight in his chair and asks him directly what he wants with his mother!

    William then starts to remember his dealings with Maria's psychiatrist. Dr. Woods gives William recordings of her therapy sessions. This is a part of his master plan….to get her to fall in love with him. Maria tells Luke that his behavior is uncalled for. Lexi tries to change the subject to William's schooling. Luke then demands to know how William got so loaded. Maria is shocked that he is asking these questions. William has flashbacks of his dealings with Congressman Spangler and his mystery lady. William tells Luke that sometimes in business he does have to stretch the truth. Luke then asks him if that is what he was doing with his interest in his art work. He wants to know if William was just doing that to score points with his mother. Lexi and Maria are obviously uncomfortable with the direction this conversation is taking.

    Lexi and Maria are a little concerned about the dinner topics.

    Maria tells Luke to change the subject right now. Luke ignores the suggestion and continues to inquire about his curiosity with his work. William then thinks back to his dealings with Nigel at the art gallery, when he bought Luke's paintings. William tries to re-assure him that when it comes to his work, he really does love what he does. Luke apologizes to William and tells him that he is just protective of his mother. Lexi expresses her fondness of Luke and Maria's close mother/son relationship. William then turns the subject of conversation to Michelle. He asks if Luke is still dating her and he insists that they are still together. Maria then tells them that Michelle is in New York City on business. When William asks her why Michelle had to go there, Maria starts to remember the reason she sent Michelle there (with John Cotter). William suggests that while the cats away…..and Luke informs him that it is not like that at all. Lexi and Maria communicate with facial expressions.

    William continues to inquire about Michelle. Luke tells them that the only problem he and Michelle have is her ex-husband. Luke thinks back to the night that Lance approached them after their date and pulled a gun. Maria then becomes concerned when she gets the details of that night and that Lance and the gun are the reason for the bump that was on his head. Luke then remembers when he visited Lance at work and told him to stay away from Michelle. When William tells him that he did the right thing, Maria interrupts and tells him not to encourage Luke's behavior. William is shocked when he hears Michelle's ex-husbands name and realizes that Lance is his accountant.

    Maria answers William's phone.

    Maria asks Lexi if she knew that Michelle's ex-husband was William's accountant. She assures her that she didn't know. William wants to know how Lexi would possibly know that, and Maria informs him that she did her research on him…just like he did on her. They then tell Luke and Lexi about the night they became engaged. They then joke about Maria saying no at first, but she defends herself saying that she just needed time to think. Maria then remembers the day that she told William that talk is cheap and that she wants it all in writing (that she will be absolved of all debt that she owes him). The dinner ends and the four of them stand up. Luke stands up and loses his balance. Maria is happy to see that the drug is working. While William is holding up Luke, his cell phone rings. Maria answers the phone and the caller asks who this is. Maria tells the caller her name and the caller hangs up the phone. It is William's mystery lady.

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    Posted by jodic at Friday, September 29 2006 06:32 PM

    Just want to say, this show is great for drama, leaves u wanting to keep watching.. however.. i think that all the flashback that are shown are boring for those that have been following along since the beginning. for those that r just tuning into the show, yes it gives them a better idea of whats going on, but heck, if they havent been watching from the beginning.. who cares about them lol..... just joking.. great show!!!

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