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    Thursday, September 28 2006
    John and Michelle head to New York, Gloria comes clean with Lance and Maria sinks to a new low (even for her)!

    Lance goes upstairs and finds Gloria has locked him out of the bedroom. He calls her a lying bitch and heads downstairs to find something to break in. Gloria sneaks down and leaves before he can get to her with the knife that he pulled out of the kitchen drawer.

    Michelle finishes packing for her trip to New York. As Michelle is saying goodbye to Lance, John arrives to pick her up. Maria calls to confirm that everything is still on schedule and reminds him that he had better take care of this if he wants the Senior Designer position. Luke tells her that he is concerned with her spending 3 nights with John Cotter. Michelle assures him that he has no need to worry. John goes upstairs and picks up Michelle's bags. Luke gives Michelle a key to his place and tells her that she has to come back….he then tells her that he loves her. She hesitates and responds by telling him that she will miss him. Michelle leaves and Luke is upset with her response.

    Lance arrives at Gloria's apartment looking for her. As he bangs on the door, Alec answers. Lance looks at him and tells him that he must have the wrong door. Gloria then steps out and introduces Alec and Lance. Lance is shocked to find out that she has a son. Gloria brings Lance inside and he tells her that he knows that she lied to him. Gloria says that she had no choice because she was scared. She tells him that she is sorry and that she loves him. Lance gets furious but tells her that of course he is not going to touch her son. Doris interrupts to see if everything is ok. Lance wants to know why she didn't tell him where and who she lived with. Gloria breaks down and asks him how many people want to be with someone who lives with their sick mother and six year old son. She hands him the $500 back but he tells her to keep it and he leaves.

    John and Michelle arrive in New York City. John tries to talk Michelle into a night on the town but she turns his offer down. Later Michelle hears a knock at the door, and it is John delivering a dinner to her in her room. She muddles through the dinner but isn't happy with him treating this trip like a romantic getaway. John says that he is not trying to do that. Michelle then starts to second guess herself and apologizes. The two then decide to have a nice friendly dinner.

    Michael and Nikki talk at the studio. He tries to tell her that Tania was kissing him that night. Nikki tells him that he was just as involved. He then wants to know when she became so concerned with his love life. She tells him that she isn't and he gets it out of her that she is mad at him because Tania got the campaign….not her. Michael tries to tell her that he can't control who the client chooses. He tells her that he will help her when he can, but that he can't get her every job that he shoots. They make up and begin to make fun of Tania calling her used and abused. At that time, Tania walks up, hears their conversation and runs off. Michael catches up with her and tells her that he didn't mean what he said. An emotional Tania hugs him. Nikki turns the corner and sees them hugging. When Tania notices that Nikki is watching, she smiles at her and starts to rub Michael's back.

    Luke, Maria and William make dinner plans for tonight. Later at work, Maria tells Lexi that she is going to dinner tonight and picks out a rather revealing outfit for her to wear. Maria then tells Lexi that she is finished for the day and sends her off the spa. Lexi asks her what if Luke just isn't interested. Maria tells her that there is no way that he will not be interested after tonight.

    John and Michelle find fabrics that they like. Michelle later tells Nikki that maybe they were wrong about John. She then tells Nikki about the I Love You thing with Luke. Nikki tells her not to worry and that she can straighten it all out when she gets back. She asks Michelle what can really change in one night?

    Fashion House

    Michael and Luke work out together and discuss the I Love You situation between Luke and Michelle. Michael tells him that she will come around and that he probably just caught her off guard. He says that when she gets back from New York he is certain that she will tell him that she loves him.

    This time John arrives at Michelle's room with champagne. He tells her that this is to celebrate their first business trip together. She agrees to have just one glass. As they discuss friend ship, John goes to kiss her. She kicks him out of the room and tells him that he is exactly the man that she thought he was. Maria calls him and is disappointed to find out that Michelle is devoted to Luke. Maria tells him to get on a plan and head back to Los Angeles and that she will think of something herself.

    Lexi makes it to the spa. She gets her legs waxed, her nails done…the entire works!

    Michelle calls Luke but he doesn't answer. She leaves him a message telling him that she misses him and that she has something to tell him when she gets back. Luke is already at the restaurant when William and Maria arrive. Luke is totally surprised when Lexi walks in to join them. Lexi has shed the glasses and the business attire for a new sexy look. William and Luke step away from the table and Maria pours a drug into Luke's drink. Lexi is stunned and tells Maria that she can't believe that she is drugging her own son. She tells Lexi to hush and that she is only helping her out. When the gentlemen arrive back at the table, Maria makes a toast to family…..they all drink……including Luke!

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Thursday, September 28 2006 08:04 PM

    Luke's a nice guy but he needs to step up and be a man and actually kick is Mom's (Maria) butt for pulling what she pulled tonight. He also needs to tell Lexi he's not interested. But since I am not the writer of the show he will be a weak little person, given into Lexi, Lexi will tell Maria they had sex and Maria will enjoy her evil little self telling Michelle all about it. By the way what kind of mother would drug her own son like that?

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