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    Maternal Instincts

    Tuesday, September 26 2006
    Maria tells Dr. Woods about her plan, William moves forward with an "Incentive" for Congressman Spangler and Lance gets angry with Gloria.

    Spangler tells William that threatening a US Congressman serious and that if anything happens to him, his zoning permit will surely not go through. William tells him that he is not the only Congressman for hire. Williams phone rings and Spangler storms out.

    Harold and Hans fear the worst for Michelle.

    At Gianni, Hans and Harold give Michelle negative feedback on her latest design. Lexi comes up and tells Michelle that Maria wants to see her in her office. When Michelle says that she can't see her right now, Harold and Hans lean in and apply the pressure for Michelle to "spill" what's going on. Michelle then tells them that Maria kind of caught her in bed with Luke. The two are shocked and amused. They tell her that they want to hear all of the details, but first she has to go so Maria. When Michelle leaves to go and see her, the designing duo make cackling remarks to each other predicting that Maria is going to kill her!

    William steps outside and has one of his men start the process of setting up Spangler to be photographed with a "working girl". His Mystery lady calls and informs him that she finds herself missing him. He tells her that they are almost ready and that her ticket has been bought. When she asks what color she should wear to the event, he tells her to wear black.

    In her office, John gives Maria a list of things he will need (1st class tickets, suits, night life allowance) for the trip to New York. Maria reads the list and thinks that it is a bit much. She tells him to keep the tags on the suits…and that he can keep them if he succeeds in his mission. Michelle enters just as John is leaving. Michelle tells Maria that she doesn't know what to say, but Maria shrugs it off and tells her that Luke is a big boy and can sleep with whomever he chooses. Maria then tells Michelle that she wants to talk to her about another opportunity. She informs her that the charity auction will be the chance to showcase 7 new dresses (of Michelle's). She tells Michelle that she will run the show and the collections. Michelle is concerned about Hans and Harold, but Maria insists that she wants the freshest looks and concepts and that means her. Michelle is then shocked that she only has 3 weeks and will have to take some of the work with her to New York. Michelle says that she wouldn't want to disappoint her and Maria tells her that she is her biggest fan.

    Eddie is glad to see Gloria at work. Gloria tells him that her mother is okay, and thanks him for the advance. Eddie tells Gloria that the offer still stands that he wants to be a family with her and Alec. He then tells her that a part of him wishes that they would have gotten pregnant again when they slept together the other day. Eddie doesn't like the look on her face and storms off.

    Hans and Harold anxiously wait for Michelle to return to the design room. When she finally does, they immediately assume the worst and even check her for scratches. Michelle says that she can't believe it, and they assume that she was fired. She tells them the good news and Harold is excited while Hans is worried about having to iron.

    Doris is concerned with Gloria's behavior.

    Gloria comes home and changes into a much sexier work outfit. Her mother sees it and demands to know what's going on….even calling her by her full name Gloria Elizabeth Thompson. Gloria tells her that she has to get pregnant. Doris tells her that she is out of her mind and that there has got be another way. Gloria tells her that she will not let her mother make her feel guilty.

    Rodney tries unsuccessfully to get in touch with Lance. Gloria arrives back at work in her sexier clothes. She turns on the charm with Eddie and tries to talk him into playing hooky. He tells her that he doesn't understand her because she is blowing from hot to cold. Gloria gets upset and asks him if he wants to sleep with her or not. He tells her that he wants to be with her….not just sleep with her. He says that he loves her enough to know that there is something wrong her. He then tells her to get back to work.

    William and Maria discuss the wedding.

    William and Maria visit the proposed wedding location. They discuss how big the wedding is going to be (requiring 200 cases of champagne). She tells him that the press is going to be there in droves. William tells her that is going to definitely be a day that she will never forget. When she asks William what she ever did to deserve him, he told her that he is sure she did something.

    Lance sits at home drinking again. Rodney walks in to inform him that they have lost another client….a big one. He tells Lance that if they lose another client they will have to fold the business. He tries to make Lance understand that the drinking has got to stop. Lance tells him that he will pull it together and that he can handle it himself. He promises Rodney.

    Luke and Michelle talk in bed about the responsibilities that Maria has given to her. He tells Michelle that she should believe in herself. She tells him that she is not sure that his mother will ever accept their relationship. Luke thinks that she will come around in time. He says that she is just being protective because he is an only child. Michelle hopes that William will make Maria so happy that she might forget about focusing so much on their relationship.

    Gloria calls a drunk Lance and tells him that she needs help…a doctor's appointment. He tells her to come over tomorrow and that he will leave an envelope under the mat.

    Maria tells Dr. Woods that for once she is not worried at all, except a little with Luke. She says that she doesn't think that Luke believed that she would ever get married. When the doctor asks if Luke will be bringing his girlfriend to the wedding, Maria quickly snaps at him and insists that Luke has no real feeling for her. Maria then tells him that she will not have to worry about her much longer because she thinks that her plan is going to work. Then she begins to tell the Dr. Woods about her plan. Maria says that the irony of it all is that she actually needs Michelle. The doctor says that sometimes the key to being a good parent is just letting your children be who they want to be. Maria insists that Michelle is not good enough for him.

    An angry Lance runs upstairs after Gloria.

    Lance forgot to put the money under the mat, but lets Gloria come inside. He gives her $500 and says that he wishes it was more, but there are financial troubles right now. When Gloria starts to come on to him, he tells her not now. Gloria tells him that she left some of her things in the bedroom and asks if she can go get them. As she walks up the stairs, Lance looks down and sees that her birth control pills fell out of her purse onto the counter. He has flashbacks of all she has said about the baby. He puts the pills back in her purse and shouts at her calling her a bitch and he runs upstairs after her.

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Tuesday, September 26 2006 09:44 PM

    Maybe I missed the episode where we found out why William is doing what he is doing to Maria. I for one would really like to know why he doesn't like her and what does Morgan Fairchild have to do with it as she is the mystery woman. What did Maria do? Is William going to dump Maria on their wedding day in from of all the guests?

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