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    Wednesday, September 20 2006
    Maria and Michelle finally have words, Gloria covers her bases and Lance threatens Luke.

    Lance accuses Gloria of lying to him about the pregnancy. When she denies it, he demands to know when she found out about the baby. She tells him that it was just before she hired the private investigator. She begs him to understand that she didn't want him to leave her. Gloria tells Lance that she hopes she hasn't ruined everything for their baby and that she doesn't want the baby to grow up without a father. Lance professes his undying love for Michelle and tells Gloria to leave.

    Tania stops by to see Luke and apologizes for her recent behavior. She tells Luke that she misses his friendship the most. Luke accepts her apology but tells her that he has work to do and she reluctantly leaves. Luke goes to the studio and informs Michael that his mother is getting married. Both of them are still in shock about the news. Luke expresses that he is upset that he was the last to know about the engagement and one of the last to meet William. Michael thinks that maybe this will keep Maria from interfering with Luke's love life.

    As Hans and John argue over fabrics for the wedding, Maria walks up and interrupts them with her news concerning the New Face of Gianni. Hans immediately thinks that she has decided to finally get a celebrity and it immediately sets his wheels into motion…..until Maria slams on the brakes. She tells them that she wants to do a charity fashion show. Hans is speechless to the thought of Maria ever being involved with a charity event. It all starts to make sense to him though when he realizes that this is a business move on her part to compete with her fashion enemy Alyssa McKay. Michelle suggests (since Maria has no idea) that Gianni do the show for a scholarship fund.

    Gloria sits at her desk and opens a pregnancy test. She alters the device so that it will have 2 lines which means that she is pregnant. She then puts the test kit back together so that it is not noticeable that anyone has tampered with it. When Lance shows up to the office, she goes up to him and says that she can prove that she is pregnant. She hands him the box and makes him open it before she goes into the bathroom. When she returns. Of Course the test is positive! Lance tells her that he doesn't doubt that she is pregnant and that it is just another dirty trick of hers to take him away from Michelle. He tells her to gather her things because she is fired.

    Michael stops by Gianni to congratulate Maria on her engagement and to find out about his new assignment. When Maria tells him about the fashion show, he automatically suggests Nikki Clark. Maria has her doubts saying that Nikki is too old. Michael defends her and says that she is much better than these new ones in the photos.

    Michelle takes advice from Nikki on how to deal with Maria.

    Nikki is upset when she gets a turn down call for a modeling job. She says they want edgier….she thinks that means younger. Michelle tries to cheer her up. They begin to talk about Luke and Maria. Michelle doesn't know if things are going to be able to work between the two of them if Maria has any say so in the matter. Nikki tells Michelle that Maria has never liked anyone that Luke has dated. She suggests that Michelle stand up to Maria.

    Luke calls Michelle at work and tells her to come outside. She agrees, and the two kiss and talk out in front of Gianni. He invites her to dinner tonight…with Maria and William (Luke's first official time meeting him). Michelle tells Luke that it probably isn't a good idea, but he talks her into it. Maria and Lexi walk out and see the two of them. Maria says that Michelle makes her skin crawl. Lexi suggests that she just fire her, but Maria says that she can't because she it too damn talented.

    Tania has a moment of happiness.

    Tania shows up for a fitting with John. She asks him questions about Michelle and why Maria keeps her around. He tells Tania that as long as she keeps drawing those great sketches, Maria will keep her around forever. After the fitting, Tania notices some sketches hanging on the wall. The snatches them off of the wall and heads out. When she reaches the parking lot of Gianni, she takes a lighter and sets fire to the sketches. Tania finally has a smile on her face.

    William and Maria wait for Luke to arrive at dinner.

    Luke shows up to pick up Michelle for dinner. When they leave for dinner, Lance follows behind them. At the restaurant, William and Maria await Luke's arrival. Maria tells him that she has always wanted the best for Luke and that she hopes that he will love William as much as she does. Luke finally shows up, and Maria is less than thrilled to see that Michelle is with him and even more upset when he introduces Michelle to William as his girlfriend. During the course of dinner Michelle takes Nikki's advice and disagrees with Maria on several fashion topics. Michelle later excuses herself to go to the restroom. When she does, Maria says that she will join her. In the restroom, Maria and Michelle finally have words. Maria tells Michelle that she is a gold digger and is only looking for a meal ticket. Michelle tells her that if she feels that way then why doesn't she just fire her. Maria says that she's not stupid. Maria says that she gives Michelle 2 months…tops with Luke before he sees what she really is. Maria tells her that when her wings are clipped, she will be there to watch her fall. At the table, William tells Luke why he and Maria are good for each other…because they are more like equals. When the dinner is over, the four of them stand up and say their goodbyes (with lance looking in the background). Maria tells Michelle to take really good care of Luke for her. Michelle responds by saying don't worry…I will. The two of them leave and Maria tells William that Michelle is such a bitch! Maria gets even more upset when William defends Michelle.

    Michael shows up knocking on Nikki's door. She answers and Michael tells her about Maria's upcoming fashion show. He also tells her that he recommended her for it. Nikki is happy with the news, but tells him that he could have simply called. Michael tells her that seeing the smile on her face was worth the trip over. Michael leaves and Nikki seems to be happy with the news….and the fact that he stopped in.

    Luke and Michelle sit in the car and talk for a bit before going inside. Michelle tells him that it is not going well with his mother……at all. She insists that work is already difficult enough and now this. Luke tells her that everything is going to be fine and that Maria will come around. When they start to walk to the house, Lance walks up calling Michelle. A drunken Lance goes to grab Michelle, and Luke throws him to the ground. He comes back for more and Luke punches him in the face….once again, sending him to the ground. Lance gets up the second time and pulls his gun and points it at Luke. He tells him that he is a dead man!

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    Posted by afuaa at Thursday, September 21 2006 08:11 AM

    i just will like to see more off Luke

    Posted by Chrissi at Thursday, September 21 2006 04:05 PM

    I like your pictures!!!

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