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    Let It Ride

    Monday, September 18 2006
    Gloria names her victim, Lance gets out of control and Maria says yes!

    Lance kills the private investigator!

    Lance enters and finds Joe McManus (the PI). Lance demands to know how he knows Gloria Thompson. When he denies it, Lance throws the photos on his desk. Joe continues to deny knowing her and tells Lance that if he spent as much energy on his pretty wife as he did trying to figure out who caught him cheating on her, he probably wouldn't be in this mess in the first place! Lance turns around and punches Joe. The two engage in a bloody fight that ends when Lance throws him through the glass wall separating his office from the lobby. Lance goes over to him to attempt one more time to get the information he came after, but the PI is dead. Lance realizes what has happened and immediately starts to rid the scene of his fingerprints…..while still searching for the information he came after. He finds the file with some additional photos and a paid in full receipt made out to Gloria Thompson.

    Still in bed, Eddie thinks that Gloria is joking. He reminds her that she left him because she didn't want Alec around his lifestyle, and now she wants this. Gloria tells him that she wants Michelle Miller killed. She then tells Eddie who Michelle is (the soon to be ex-wife of her boss). Gloria then tells Eddie of how Michelle has gone crazy and drained his bank accounts, burned his clothes and even somehow thinks that Gloria may be the cause of their break up. Eddie asks if it's true, and Gloria assures him that she is not involved. Eddie tells her that it would not surprise him because Lance has a lot of money and is exactly her type. When he starts to criticize the idea of killing her, Gloria interrupts telling him that Michelle has been threatening her and even came to her house the other day. She plays on the fact that the two of them have a son together, and what if Michelle hurts him. With a fake tear she tells Eddie that Michelle has lost her mind. Eddie starts to believe her and promises to take care of this for her….he promises.

    Michelle shows up at Luke's art class. He gives the assignment and asks Michelle to take part and try. As she is having a relaxing time drawing her emotions, Lance is busy cleaning up the crime scene. He wraps the body of Joe and dumps it in an alley dumpster along with his shattered laptop. He then sets fire to the incriminating folder and drives off. Michelle tells Luke that the class has done her a world of good to help her get rid of her anger towards Lance. She suggests that the class would be good for Nikki after her date with Michael. The two of them decide to get Michael and Nikki together tomorrow to talk about things. A ragged Lance arrives home and immediately hits the liquor. He realizes that he has blood all over him and rushes upstairs to the bathroom. During his panic, he gets sick to his stomach.

    Clive shows up for a meeting with Maria. He hands Maria a contract from William that says that when she becomes legally his wife, he will forgive all of her debt. Nikki prepares a models rejuvenation detox breakfast. When she asks about her date with Luke, Michelle takes the opportunity to invite Nikki to come along tonight to see the paintings that Luke has drawn of her. A hung over Lance stays in bed and gets furious with the phone while Gloria is at the office continuously calling him. Gloria tells Rodney that she is worried about him. Rodney tells Gloria that she works for him too and that she'd better complete what he needs to be completed, or he can fire her just as easily as Lance can.

    William stands on his sunny balcony explaining to his mystery woman that Maria Gianni is a smart woman and that everything must be perfect. When she stresses that she is tired of waiting, William tells her to just be patient and that Maria will know the truth soon enough. Maria walks in from behind and asks "Really"? William quickly gets off the phone and says that it was his lawyer on the phone. When she starts to question what he was saying, he explains that eventually she will see he is being truthful with her and that he does not want Fashion House…the only thing he is interested in is her. He says that he understands her skepticism, but enjoys the challenge. He tells her that she is beautiful when she is angry and she tells him that he is infuriating when he's smug.

    At Gianni, John asks Michelle to model a shirt for him (so that he can catch a peak). Maria walks up and tells her she is quite the muse. She sends her to go and pick up some petty cash from Lexi to purchase samples of Melissa McKay's new designs so that she can compare them to Gianni. She tells Michelle not to forget her receipts either.

    Luke visits Michael at the studio and invites him to stop by and check out the paintings. Michael sees that Luke obviously wants something, so Luke tells him that he just wants Michael to really meet Michelle. Tania walks in and asks if she can come along…unless he doesn't want his ex-girlfriend hang around the flavor of the month. Tania tries to make conversation about his art show, but the two of them end up in an argument. When he leaves, she once again turns to her pill bottle for support.

    Gloria shows up at William Chandler's to deliver the documents from Lance and Rodney. Congressman Spangler stops in and William gives him some tickets for an exotic getaway…in which he says there are no strings attached. Gloria leaves and goes to check on Lance. She goes through the house calling his name, but can't find him. As she is looking around, Eddie calls and tells her to meet him at her office as soon as she can. Gloria rushes over and wants to know when it's gonna happen. He tells her that it is going to take some time because he has to hire a professional from Europe. He will fly him in unknown and electronically wire money to a foreign account. Gloria asks again when it's going to happen and Eddie tells her that it won't….he is not going to kill Michelle Miller for her. She gets upset and tells him that his hands are not clean and they both know it. He agrees, but tells her that hers are. He tells Gloria a story about how he learned what killing someone feels like, and that he does not want her to live with that. He tells her that one of them should stay clean for Alec. She still persists. He tells her that once he orders the hit, it cannot be taken back. She says that she is certain that it must be done and he says that he will make the arrangements.

    Luke and Michael are hanging out when Nikki and Michelle walk in. Nikki and Michael are shocked that they were set up. Nikki tells Michelle that she is really surprised that Michelle did this. Nikki starts to leave, but Michael asks her not to. Luke and Michelle step away and Michael tells them that they cannot keep doing this. He tells her that he cares for her and she should know that and to him it was not about one night. Nikki tells him that she has always felt that men are only after her for one thing and that he is no different because he saw an opportunity and he took it. She walks off leaving him crushed.

    Rodney calls Lance but he doesn't answer. Lance is out in the middle of nowhere…drinking….cleaning evidence from his car…..and burning his clothes from the night of the incident.

    Maria says yes!

    Maria arrives at home and finds a lighter on the coffee table with the contract from William. He walks over and tells her to go ahead and burn the contract and she will be dead to him …and they will be finished. He tells her that it is a symbol that the two of them will be equals when they are husband and wife. He tells her that he had to completely swallow his pride. He gets down on one knee and officially proposes. She thinks out loud that she can't believe that she is going to do this…and says yes!

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    Posted by Chrissi at Tuesday, September 19 2006 05:51 AM

    She said yes?!! EEEK!

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