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    A Private Affair

    Friday, September 15 2006
    Lance finds a clue, Maria thinks Mother knows best and Gloria asks a favor.

    Maria tells William that she doesn't know what to say because his proposal is so unexpected. He insists that he loves her and wants to wake up next to her every morning. He flatters her by telling her she's beautiful, powerful, intelligent and talented. Maria responds by telling him that she is difficult and she is impossible to please. He agrees and says that they are both the same and nothing will change…Maria says, except his last name. William tells her that what's his would become hers. He tells her that she can have all the time to think about this that she wants, but he is not going to take no for answer.

    Nikki is up watching TV when Michelle comes home from her date with Luke. Michelle giggles like a school girl when she tells Nikki that they kissed. Sudden banging on the door interrupts their girl talk. Lance starts calling Michelle's name and telling her to open the door. Nikki tells Michelle that if he isn't gone in 2 minutes that she is going to call the police. Outside an obviously drunk Lance tells Michelle that he loves her and wants her to just listen to him. He says that she has wrecked him by leaving him and there is no one else for him but her. When he asks her why she doesn't believe him, she once again reminds him of his cheating and lying. She tells him that she will never be the same and goes back inside. Lance screams, "do you think I'm gonna just let you walk away from me"?

    Gloria arrives at a garage shop. She and Eddie briefly catch up on things and he reminds her that she told him that she never wanted to see him again. She says that she didn't know who else to call. He tells her that he will do anything for her….anything. When she asked what he gets in return, he tells her that his feelings for her have not changed.

    The next day Maria visits Dr. Woods and tells her about the proposal. She tells him that she was totally taken by surprise by it all, but that it felt good. He insists that he has never seen her happier. She says that William took a chance on her when he proposed…so who knows.

    Nikki goes to the studio to pick up her prints and runs into Michael. She tells him that she is not ready to talk about this. She takes the prints and leaves.

    Lance arrives at work….a mess. Rodney informs him that Gloria has called in and by the looks of him he should have done the same thing. When Rodney pressures Lance to understand, he tells Rodney to back off! Rodney then realizes that Lance is messing up the numbers at work today. He tells him just to go home. Lance continues to go through files and a private investigators card falls out onto the desk. He has flashbacks of Michelle telling him that she didn't hire one and then he remembers his conversation with Gloria about the divorce.

    Luke runs into Maria at Gianni with flowers in his hand. Maria automatically assumes that they are for her, but Luke quickly corrects her. Hans, Harold and Michelle work to meet a deadline and don't appreciate John's lack of help. Luke arrives as they are leaving for the meeting to give her the flowers. She thanks him and runs, but the meeting has started without her. Maria informs her that nobody interrupts her meetings….no matter how good their designs are. She then tells Michelle to leave. Hans and Harold simultaneously try to pick out the next designs to show from the book. After the meeting, Maria calls Luke and orders him to stop seeing Michelle and that she is not good enough for him. When he tells her to respect him, she tells him that he is to respect her place of business. She is shocked when he hangs up on her. John goes to Maria and tells her that he wants his own assistant. When Maria reminds him that Michelle is the assistant, he says that he may have to go to HR because she is always talking with Luke instead of working. Maria says she will ensure that Michelle will not get distracted again. Lexi interrupts informing Maria that William is on the phone. He orders her to come downstairs again. When she makes it down, he gives her a single rose and asks if she has thought about his proposal. She tells him that she needs more time. When he asks her if there is anything that he can do to persuade her, she tells him that she wants it in writing; A signed contract stating that she would be absolved of all debt to him. He reminds her that he gave her his word, but she says talk is cheap and she wants it in writing. William doesn't look pleased with her response as she leans over and kisses him.

    Lexi....the next one to run Gianni?

    Maria makes it back upstairs and calls Lexi to her office. Maria tells her that she knows what people think about her, but that she is a mother first and foremost. She says that the one thing mothers want is for their children to be happy. Maria bashes Michelle and says that she doesn't want to see Luke get hurt. She says that she be damned if she let Luke get suckered by just any woman. Maria compliments Michelle and tells her that she is exactly the kind of woman that she would want for Luke. When Lexi tells Ms. Gianni that she is flattered, Maria tells her to call her Maria….and they are almost practically family.

    Lance gets out of his car at the private investigators office, with a bottle of liquor and the envelope in his hand.

    Luke takes his anger out on his punching bag as Michael stops by to chat. The two of them discuss Nikki and Michelle. Michael thinks that Nikki sees disgust when she looks at him now. He later tries to call Nikki again, but she again doesn't answer when she sees that it is him.

    Gloria and Eddie go out to dinner and start with a toast "to us". He tells her that he has missed her and that he wants her back. They head out and end up having sex. Afterwards, Eddie tells Gloria that if she needs anything…clothes, money, jewelry…all she has to do is ask him. She tells him that she doesn't want his money, and that she wants something else. He says anything. Gloria has flashbacks of all of her encounters with Lance and Michelle. She then tells Eddie that she wants him to kill someone for her.

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    Posted by derricknc at Friday, September 15 2006 07:30 PM

    Wow, this show is getting crazy in it's plot!! Is Gloria crazy or what?? I can't believe she asked Eddie to kill someone for her. . .is it Lance or Michelle??? Lance could be for revenge, or Michelle could be to get her out of the picture. She seems a little off to me, but I feel kinda bad for her at the same time! Guess we'll have to wait till next week! Oh, and I hope Maria doesn't hook Lexi up with Luke. . .I want to see him with Michelle!

    Posted by Javes at Friday, September 15 2006 09:37 PM

    I am hoping Lexi and Luke get hooked up, only because I want to see Lexi with more screen-time and I know this would be a way to get that to happen. Plus I'd rather see Lexi's character unravel as to seeing michelle ( boring ) expand her character.

    Posted by afua at Monday, September 18 2006 07:07 AM

    i am loving the show so much and, i will like to see more of Luke and Michelle(more of Luke)

    Posted by thikchic428 at Monday, September 18 2006 07:15 AM

    I love this show!!...its os to me the michelle and lance thing relfects to me cause that happened to me..i wasn't married but you get me...and i hope luke gets with michelle he's gorgeous...and he look like he treats her gooed...and as for Maria G. i would slap her if she was my boss and she told me to run away...

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