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    Friends With Benefits

    Thursday, September 14 2006
    Nikki awakes to a big surprise, Luke and Michelle grow closer and William really turns on the charm with Maria.

    Michael happily wakes up with Nikki by his side. He heads downstairs and prepares her breakfast in bed for when she awakens. He goes back upstairs and wakes her gently with a kiss….Nikki is totally shocked to realize what has happened. She begins to go hysterical and accuses him of taking advantage of her and violating her while she was drunk. When he tries to tell her that she was coming onto him, she storms off telling him to take a good look because this is the last time he will ever get the chance.

    Thanks to Michelle, Luke has a whole new reason to paint.

    Luke continues to work on some new sketches as Maria pays him a visit. Maria tells Luke that she is very proud of him. She then sees the sketch of Michelle and insists that he shouldn't plan on putting that in the show and wonders why he keeps falling for "the help". Luke defends Michelle and Maria warns him to be careful.

    Hans and Harold get one glimpse of the red, slinky, sexy dress that Michelle has just designed and automatically assume that she got "lucky" last night with Luke. As they tease her about her date….Lance walks up in the middle of the conversation. Lance demands to know who they were talking about. He tells Michelle that he is not going to let her leave him and that until he signs the papers, she still belongs to him. She screams for him to get out…and he reluctantly leaves.

    Lexi sucks up to Maria, boasting her relationship with William and how he obviously loves her. Lexi goes on and on about the reasons he should love her, and Maria interrupts her. Maria tells Lexi that if she is going to kiss her ass, she should wear a decent color. Lexi leaves to continue her work.

    William calls his mystery lady. She is extremely happy to hear that he believes that Maria will accept his proposal. William then gets a visit from the jeweler and buys an expensive black pearl necklace. He informs the jeweler that this necklace is going to a different address than his previous order.

    Michael sits alone in the studio until Luke enters and wants to know about his date with Nikki. Michael tells him not to ask. Luke says that she just needs a little time and she will be ok. He suggests that Michael call her. When he takes the advice and makes the call, Nikki sees his number, ignores the call, and throws her cell phone on the bed.

    Nikki and Michelle go out for lunch. Michelle drags information out of Nikki about her night with Michael and that they slept together. Nikki says that he should have known better, but Michelle insists that she was all over him. When Michelle ask Nikki how the sex was, Nikki tells her that is wasn't bad at all….that's the problem.

    Hans and Harold are summoned to see Maria in private. When she asks how much they love their jobs, they both are enthusiastic about working at Gianni and with Maria. She quickly interrupts their answers by asking them if they have using clothes from the sample closet. The two nervously have flashbacks of helping Michelle pick out an outfit for her date with Luke. Maria informs them that it is illegal to steal those clothes. She warns them that the next time she will not be so nice. She tells them that if she ever finds out that they are helping Michelle get ready for a date with her son…they will both be finished. She then sends them away.

    Luke arrives at Gianni and Lexi immediately takes him up on his previous offer to talk about Maria. She takes him to lunch and tells him that she doesn't know how much more she can take. He gives her some tips on her body language and what it usually means when she does certain things. Lexi changes the subject to his artwork and suggest that he invite her over sometime to take a look. When Nikki and Michelle go to leave the restaurant, Michelle is disturbed to see Lexi and Luke there together.

    At the photo shoot, Nikki enters and passes by Michael without saying a word. Maria shows up and reminds Michael how important this shoot is for the both of them. Maria makes some harsh remarks to several models claiming that it is obvious that they have been eating, and that some of them will be place in chairs for the shoot. Nikki and Tania gripe at each other at the clothes rack. The shoot begins with Tania, but Michael is struggling to get the results that he wants. He tells Tania to think of something that angers her. She starts to vision Luke, and all of a sudden the shoot is going great!

    Gloria calls her son to see if he is feeling better. Lance walks in and interrupts her; scolding her for socializing on the phone at work. She hangs up and Lance gives her some additional tasks to do. As he leaves, Gloria gives him the evil eye.

    Michelle sits at work and remembers the first encounters she had with Luke. Maria flops down at the desk and tells her that she isn't paying her to daydream. She looks at Michelle's recent designs and is only impressed with one. She asks Michelle how the research is going on the Dynasty project. When Michelle informs her that it is a lot of work, Maria tells her that maybe she should stop making a fool of herself with her son and do the job she was hired for.

    William calls his mystery lady to see if she likes the pearls. She loves them but wants to know what occasion she is supposed to wear them to. As she winds the necklace through her fingers, he assures her that she will be radiant…..and that the bride will pale in comparison!

    Maria is impressed by the photos from the shoot. She genuinely thanks Michael. At home Nikki continues to talk to Michelle about Michael when Luke calls and interrupts. He asks Michelle out for dinner and of course she happily accepts the offer. Michelle then tells Nikki that she would be happier if Lance would sign the divorce papers. Michelle suddenly has an idea and tells Nikki to come with her to see Lance. When they arrive at the house, they find Lance sitting alone watching the wedding video of Him and Michelle. Michelle asks him to please sign the divorce papers as Lance begs her to come back to him. She tells him that she won't do that because he has broken her heart. She asks him to please let her go, but he says that he can't. She responds by saying, "so be it", and leaves. Michael sits at home and looks at pictures of Nikki. He remembers their good times together and their not so good morning together.

    Lance continues to watch his wedding video and have a few drinks. Gloria enters the backdoor to see him. Lance tells her that it is over between them and that he does not want her anymore. Gloria is crushed to find out that she was just a hot body to him and that she meant nothing. She begs him not to do this and walks out the door crying when he orders her out of the house and tells her that he never wants to see her again. She makes it to the car and makes a phone call to Eddie; barely able to speak over the tears.

    Michelle and Luke spend the evening together getting to know each other at his place while sipping some wine. Michelle inquires about his mother and why he didn't go into fashion. She then asks him if he and Lexi are dating since she saw them having lunch together. He tells her no as Michelle notices his paintings. He tells her that she has inspired him since he first met her and the two engage in a kiss. Michelle pulls away and tells him that she doesn't want to rush things. She thanks him for the lovely night and leaves.

    William later arrives at Gianni in his limo. He calls Maria to tell her that she works too much and he is waiting for her outside. When she enters the limo, William gives her some champagne and takes her away on a weekend trip. As they sit alone by a cozy fire (in plush robes and drinking champagne), Willaim lays the charm on thick with Maria. He goes into great detail about the first time that they met and how he just knew he was going to be able to tear her personal wall down. He then tells her that in the process he has fallen in love with her. He pushes her over the emotional edge by saying that she is the first person he has ever said that to and hopefully she will be the last. He tells Maria that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and places a sparkling diamond ring on the table and says, "Maria, let's get married"!

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    Posted by retsgt at Friday, September 15 2006 03:44 AM

    Please ! Please ! Don't let ALEXIS die..I want Sam ans Jason together and Carley and Sonny are the perfect match!! I just love Carley's spunk..Keep up the good work and Eliz. baby has to be Lucky's or She has to lose it..Not Jason !!

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