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    Wednesday, September 13 2006
    William continues with his plan, Michelle and Luke have a date while Nikki and Michael have sex.

    Lexi tells Maria exactly what she wants to hear.

    Lexi delivers the file on Michelle to Maria. Maria lures Lexi into having a glass of wine with her. Lexi reluctantly agrees….and ends up intoxicated and talking with Maria about her type of man. Maria coaxes it out of Lexi that she is attracted to her son Luke. Even though Lexi insists that nothing will ever come of it….Maria tells her not to say that because "You never know".

    Maria visits Dr. Woods and tells him that she did wake up thinking about William and how much it bothered her that he wasn't there beside her. Maria says that she likes her live, she's never been lonely and she thrives on independence. When her Doctor asks her if she trusts William, she pauses and thinks. She responds by saying that she is cautious because she doesn't know if she is thinking with her head or her heart.

    Michelle saves Hans and Harold again.

    Hans and Harold stress out over having a design ready for Maria when she arrives. Michelle approaches the frazzled designing duo and inquires as to what is going on. She notices that the dress looks similar to another design of hers. While Hans and Harold struggle to keep the truth inside, Michelle suggests changes to make the design work. Hans and Harold are both thrilled with her vision. Luke walks up and steals Michelle away to talk (against John's better judgment). He invites Michelle out later and she accepts. Luke then goes to see Maria and stops to see Lexi. He offers to lend an ear if she ever needs help dealing with his mother.

    At the salon Maria runs into Alyssa. Maria calls her outfit offensive and says that she looks like she is about to lay an egg. Maria keeps on with the comments but Alyssa manages to keep her cool and not let it get to her. Maria then tells her that the prozac must be working and hits her coffee making it spill on her outfit. Alyssa goes to slap Maria, but Maria stops the hit and makes her final emotional punches at her competitor designer and then walks out of the salon.

    William meets Congressman Spangler for lunch to discuss the price of getting what he wants. Spangler tells him that it is just as he thought; it is not going to be cheap. Spangler hands him a hand written figure of $500,000. William pushes Spangler and says that this figure is about greed. Spangler tells him that there may be additional costs to overcome more hurdles. William writes a new figure of $750,000 and insists that amount should be enough to ensure that there will be no additional hurdles. The two then order their lunch.

    Nigel stops by to inform Luke that he has a patron committed to purchase his next three paintings…unseen. Luke inquires about the patron, but Nigel keeps the promise of anonymity he made to William.

    As Gloria tries to get Lance to pay her some attention at the office, William walks in. Gloria steps out so that the two of them can conduct business. William tells Lance that he needs access to $650,000 right now. Lance says that's not gonna happen because it can't go unnoticed. William says "no paper trail, no excuses…just get the money", and leaves. Lance and Rodney discuss William Chandler. When Lance tells him what William wants, they agree that they don't like to take that big a risk, but that they don't believe there is another choice at this point.

    Nigel calls Maria and informs her of the success that Luke is having with his paintings. Maria sarcastically agrees with him that this is great news. Nikki arrives at the design room and teases Michelle about her date with Luke in front of Harold and Hans. The three of them then assist Michelle with deciding what to wear. William shows up at Maria's office and turns on his usual charm. They agree to have dinner tonight. John then enters Maria office and complains about the other team members not working because they are too focused on Michelle's date with Luke. William runs into Nikki in the office. She tells him to be careful with Maria because she will steal the shirt off your back….especially if it's Italian. William stares lustfully at her as she walks back to her usual crowd.

    William meets with Spangler again and gives him the money. Spangler gives William assurance that there will be no other interference and that he can begin his project. The two men shake on the deal and William tells him to….watch his back.

    At home, Nikki does Michelle's make-up and updates her on the new dating scene and how much it has changed since she has been on it. The two head out to club Gate to meet Michael and Luke. Michelle and Luke immediately hit the dance floor while Nikki and Michael down several shots. Nikki starts talking about love and how it is a waste of time. Michael defends love and references his parents. Nikki says that "respect and good sex is all we need". As they take it to the dance floor, Maria and William walk in and take a seat at the bar. Maria notices the foursome having a good time from across the room. Luke and Michelle leave Michael and Nikki kissing at the bar. When Maria sees them all leave as separate couples, she suggests that she and William get drunk. First though, she offers William a check as a payment. When he refuses, she tells him that it is all he has wanted and that she is not an idiot. He then informs her that what he wants is her…all of her.

    Luke and Michelle end up at a smaller, more intimate bar where she opens up about her marriage with Lance. Luke figures out that he cheated on her and wants to know if she is still in love with him. Michelle insists that she hasn't felt that way for him in a long time. Luke tells her that he wants to see her again, but Michelle says that she doesn't want to lead him on. They agree to take it slow. Nikki and Michael arrive back at her place and start shedding clothes when they enter the door. For a moment Michael suggests that maybe they shouldn't do this. Nikki does not agree with his suggestion and they keep going. When Luke drops Michelle off, they wonder where Nikki and Michael ended up.

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    Posted by derricknc at Thursday, September 14 2006 07:50 PM

    I hope Nikkie and Michael end up together. . .he likes her so much, it's sweet how he thinks about her all the time! I can't wait to see what happens!!

    Posted by luvinmichael at Thursday, November 30 2006 02:17 PM

    go mike

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