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    A Rose By Any Other Name

    Tuesday, September 12 2006
    Michelle stands strong against Lance, Tania hits bottom and Maria takes too much credit.

    Dr. Woods warns William that he shouldn't be stopping in like that, and that if Maria sees him….then it is over. As he hands William the tape, Maria realizes that she forgot her cell phone. Dr. Woods tells William that he is working quite a number on Maria and that she may actually be falling in love with him. When Dr. Woods ask William why he hates her so much, his phone rings and he heads out the other door to take the call. Maria then enters the main door and catches Dr. Woods totally by surprise. She looks at him and asks if he is ok. As soon as Maria exits, William enters again and informs Dr. Woods that his body guards are in the building…..and that he has everything under control.

    Maria has a nightmare right before the alarm sounds, in which William is a masked villain. Maria gets to work and Lexi gives her a quick morning touch base while several others work on her hair and makeup. She approves Michael to shoot a new lingerie line. William calls and Maria sends everyone out. She thanks William for last night, and he wishes her good luck this morning…even though he insists that she won't need it.

    At the press conference, Maria speaks to the audience and tells them that she is a woman that strives for perfection and expects nothing less from her design family. Her team (Michelle, Hans, Harold and Nikki) all are on stage with her. When a member of the press inquires about the new dress (Michelle's design), Maria says that is 100% Gianni. Stunned is the only word to describe the look on Michelle and Nikki's face. As Maria continues to gloat, Michelle exits the stage as Hans and Harold run after her. Outside, Lance is spying from behind the bushes as the designing duo tells Michelle that "she is Maria Gianni and she rarely tells the truth". They tell her that getting taken advantage of is unfortunately part of the drill. She says that her marriage should have prepared her for this as she sees Lance leave. Hans and Harold tell her that they need to get back upstairs.

    Maria makes it back to her office and Lexi again updates her on what she's missed. She is intrigued by the fact that Luke called just to say hi. Lexi tells her that the Michelle Miller project is going ok. A frustrated Maria gives her a password to a search engine that will speed her up.

    Lance makes it back to the office. Gloria is offended when he asks her to get his dry cleaning from downstairs. Rodney enters and Lance asks him about his marriage. His advice for Lance is that women do not forgive infidelity. He asks him to help him out. Rodney tells him to swallow his pride and do something nice…and if that doesn't work, then move on

    William fumes on the phone with someone in regards to a delay in his big plans due to environmentalists issues. He realizes that he knows someone on the committee and says that he will handle it. William has a meeting with Congressman Spangler. Spangler says that there is little that he can do to help. He says that if he gets help here from his colleagues, then he has to help them out somewhere down the line. He says that there is always payback, and that sometimes the price is not worth it at the end of the day. William tells him to let him worry about the price.

    At home, Nikki teases Michelle about her and Luke. Nikki is going out and Michelle is going to pick up dinner for her and Luke. Michelle picks up the phone when it rings and answers it because it is a private call. She is surprised that it is Lance. He tells her that she should come by tomorrow to pick up some things he has found (ie, letters her mother wrote before she died). Gloria picks up the phone in the reception area and listens in. Michelle agrees to stop by only long enough to get her stuff.

    Michelle arrives at Luke's and begins to be his muse for painting. She wants to know when she can see his work. He tells her that there is a severe penalty for trying to sneak around and look at the work. They wrestle a bit before he hands her a drawn flower…stating that now it's a real date. Tania walks in and says how romantic. Michelle excuses herself and leaves. Tania apologizes to Luke. She says that she is there to get her things. He has already packed the box for her and hands it over to her. As she leaves, she tells him that she hopes Michelle is worth it.

    The next morning, Michelle and Nikki have girl talk over breakfast. Nikki warns that she just left a loser, and she shouldn't rush into love. She informs Nikki that she has to pick up some stuff at her house today or she might not see it again. Michelle arrives at the house and Lance comes down fresh out of the shower wrapped in a towel. He tells her that he misses her and starts to remind her of some of the happy times that they had. She tells him that it's his fault for cheating on her and then closing her bank accounts. She grabs her stuff and leaves.

    Michael tries to make the shoot work with Tania.

    Before entering for the lingerie shoot, Tania takes some pills outside. Michael informs her that she looks like hell when she takes glasses off. They agree to make it work so they don't have to answer to "Hurricane Maria". Michael has a difficult time getting quality photos of Tania because of the mood she is in. He keeps pushing, but it doesn't work. Maria and the clan from Gianni (Lexi, Hans and Harold) walk into the shoot. Maria demands to know what is wrong with Tania's face. Tania tries to speak, but Maria insists that she is talking about her…not too her. Michael tries to calm Maria down and Tania storms off. Lexi informs Maria that Luke and Tania have broken up. Maria demands that she have the file of Michelle Miller by 7 pm tonight because she has some reading to do.

    Gloria gets a shock from Lance.

    Lance enters the house to find Gloria there cooking him a home cooked meal. She tells Lance that he should slow down. He opens his mail and finds the signed divorce papers and is extremely surprised and upset. Lance tells Gloria that she doesn't know him. The two of them start getting "hot and heavy", until Lance starts having flashbacks of Michelle. He grabs Gloria by the arm and pulls her. When she asks what he's doing, he says something he should have done a long time ago. He drags her to the back door and throws her out.

    Michelle arrives at Luke's for her second sitting, but Luke suggests they take the night off and grab a drink or something.

    William calls his mysterious partner in crime.

    Maria informs Dr. Edwards that the dream she had really frightened her. She feared about everything….her life...where she is today….Luke…..her business. She wonders if her dream is trying to tell her that she has lost her ability and talent since she hasn't sketched in over 10 years. She tells him that she smiles when she sees William's number on her cell phone, and that she gets butterflies in her stomach when she sees him….but, she is still afraid. Later Maria and William end their lunch meeting. He volunteers to walk her back to her office. While on the elevator, William pulls the emergency stop button, and the two have passionate make out session on the elevator. When they finally make it to her floor, Lexi catches a glimpse of them tidying up before Maria exits the elevator. As soon as the door closes, (leaving William alone in the elevator) he makes a call to the mysterious woman. She answers "William My Love"? He tells her that it's going as planned and that he will buy the ring tonight. She replies "Excellent"! William has a jeweler bring over a box of rings to the house for him to view. He finds the perfect one and says that he is sure that she will love that one!

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    Posted by juliejulie at Tuesday, September 12 2006 09:05 PM

    William is soooooo sneaky on this show. you never know what he is gonna do next!

    Posted by clukster at Wednesday, September 13 2006 11:48 AM

    I am not really feeling this show, and that fact that Morgan Fairchild has not been on the screen, isn't helping. She better show up and get lots of screen time, she is supposed to be a star of the show. Or i'll just have to go to other channels premiere week is coming on the other networks. They have something good here, they just have to show me more than those beautiful lips and nails.

    Posted by Mommyn02 at Wednesday, September 13 2006 12:11 PM

    I think this show is great. I enjoy this show better then Desire.

    Posted by Shannon at Wednesday, September 13 2006 08:24 PM

    Don't worry clukster....Morgan is worth waiting for. I think the way they are doing it is excellent. I am sure that she will come on fully in a big way!

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