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    Friday, September 08 2006
    Luke gets good news, Maria goes after Michelle, and William has a partner in crime.

    Michelle tells Lance that he can have everything back that he has ever given her and proceeds to take off her shirt and her shoes. She throws them at him in at the pre-divorce hearing and walks out. Lance follows Michelle to her car and begs her to talk. She pressures him to answer questions about his sexual relationship with Gloria. Michelle slaps him across the face and demands to know the details. Lance is surprised when Michelle informs him that she didn't have a private investigator following him and that the pictures were sent to her anonymously. Michelle tells him that it is too late and speeds off in her car.

    At Gianni, Maria lectures Lexi about the inadequate recording of her telephone messages. Michelle walks in and Maria turns her focus to her and the fact that she is late returning from lunch. Maria tells them both that she doesn't want anymore excuses from employees. To Maria's surprise, William interrupts them by saying hello from behind her. Maria has flashbacks of her recent rendezvous with him. He tries to tell Maria that she isn't too motivational to her employees. As William starts to caress her body and kiss her neck, he seduces him into telling him who Michelle is. He gathers from her reaction that it must have something to do with Luke. Maria insists that he would never fall for someone like her. Maria begs William to please give her more time to pay him off. He tells her that this is about them…not the money. He tells Maria to tell him what she wants from him. Lexi approaches the door as William is leaving. She tells him that she thought she heard something, and he replies telling her that he is sure that she did.

    Michael has a more than exciting time doing a photo shoot with two sexy models on a motorcycle. When Luke comes in, he tells him that tomorrow is an even bigger day because he gets to shoot none other than Nikki Clark (his dream girl). Luke asks Michael to find out some information about Michelle from Nikki since they are such close friends. Luke says that Tonya is driving him crazy….Michael tells him once again to dump her

    Lance arrives at the office and tells Gloria that she could at least pretend to work. Lance sits down and talks to Rodney about Michelle. His advice is for Lance to move on. Lance says that he can't do that and that he doesn't want to let her go. Luke later steps out and tells Gloria to come in his office…now. He tells her that he needs her to compile a list of all of the private investigators in the area. He tells her that he needs to find out who set him up and that when he does, he will not be responsible for what happens to them. Gloria tells him that she does not understand. Lance tells her about the pictures. Gloria insists that Michelle must have hired someone, but Lance believed her when she said that she didn't. Gloria tries to change his attitude by unbuttoning her blouse and coming onto him. Lance tells her that now is not the time and that he needs that list. Gloria leaves the room. Lance gets a phone call telling him that the Chandler Organization file needs to be complete by tomorrow. Rodney and Lance are surprised because he is earlier than what was expected.

    William visits an art dealer and specifically requests to see the work of Luke Gianni. When he is shown his latest piece, he is surprised to see it is dated last year. They agree that he is a good artist and likes to autograph his paintings LG to remain out of his mother's shadow. William purchases the piece at a hefty price but requires anonymity. Nigel calls Luke and tells him that his last painting has been sold. Luke is thrilled and informs Nigel that his newest collection is in the works.

    Luke arrives at Gianni to tell his mother that he wants to steal her away for a bit. He takes her to the Bistro and Maria rushes him to tell her what is going on. When Luke asks her if she remembers his painting Broken Promises, she says yes and that she was never fond of it. He then tells her that it has sold. She wants to know who bought it and how much he made. Luke insists that it is not important. She tells him that she is happy for him and that she guesses he will not be coming to work at Gianni next month. Maria and Luke arrive back at Gianni and they walk by Michelle and Hans. The ever so perceptive Hans points out to Michelle that Luke is totally checking her out. He encourages her to turn and act like she's stretching. Of course she listens, and she and Hans burst out laughing when the plan turns out to be extremely obvious. Hans tells her not to worry and that half the women in the office and some of the men (his hand raised of course) would love it if Luke would give them the time of day. Maria tells Luke that Michelle is not even close to being in her league and that she refuses to entertain the idea of a Gianni assistant as her daughter-in-law. Luke is shocked and says that no one is getting married. Meanwhile, Hans stresses to Michelle that he would "hit that" staring at Luke. Michelle then asks "would he hit this" referring to her. Hans then tells her that he knows "Luke would hit that…in Spanish and English".

    Harold and Hans are in the design room at Gianni when they realize that Michelle left her personal design book behind. They debate whether or not they should look at the contents. Hans says no and tells Harold to grow up. As soon as Harold opens the book, Hans is right there with him looking. While Harold insists that she is really good, Hans impatiently motions for him to keep turning the pages. They get to the second design, and a frazzled Hans says put it away before we get caught.

    Nikki has an interesting photo shoot.

    Nikki arrives at the photo shoot with Michael. Michael is extremely nervous around Nikki…but still manages to tell her how beautiful she is as she removes her glasses. As Nikki changes behind a shadow screen….it is almost too much for him to handle. She steps out in her dress and wants to know who the other model is. Tonya immediately walks over and informs her that it is her. Nikki is pissed that Tonya is wearing the dress that she was originally fitted for. As Michel tries to calm them down, Nikki grabs Tonya by the arms and demands that she get her skinny white ass out of the dress. Tonya threatens to sue her for assault and turns to walk away. A furious Nikki grabs the dress from behind and rips it. After the two meet up again later at the shoot, Tonya doesn't like that Nikki's dress is now sexier than hers. Nikki insists that it's the body, not the dress. Michael tries to control the situation and get them back on schedule. The shoot is interesting to say the least with them calling each other names and eventually wrestling it out. During the whole thing, Michael continues to snap shots saying that it is looking good. After the shoot is over, Michael and Nikki laugh about the day. Michael follows through with his promise to Luke and asks about Michelle. Nikki informs him that she is going through a divorce and is staying with her….starting her life over.

    Maria storms through the building and takes Lexi to her office. She tells Lexi that she wants all of the information that she can get on Michelle Miller….and she doesn't mean her resume. When Lexi hesitates because it is not in her job description, Maria quickly reminds her of how to move up in the company. Lexi agrees to find out everything from the day she was born until now….the good, the bad, the illegal and the embarrassing. She demands that no one know about this and informs Lexi that her future with the company depends on this. Maria goes to the design room and finds some of Michelle's sketches and makes copies of them. Hans drives up to the building and lets Harold out of the car to run back inside Gianni to get the keys to his house. Hans impatiently waits for him to return so he can get to his date. Harold walks in and notices Maria copying Michelle's sketches. He tries to leave but Maria will not allow it. Harold tries to make her understand that she can't make copies of those because they were drawn before she started working for Gianni. As Hans continues to rant and rave downstairs in the car, Maria reminds Harold of his shady actions in the past. She tells him that she owns everything in the building….including these sketches. Maria tells Harold that he is now in charge of copying all of the sketches and delivering them to her in the morning. She doesn't give him the option to decline. A stressed Hans still waits in the car.

    Luke arrives home and finds Tonya and a few of her model friends hanging out. He asks her why she moved his work stuff, and she informs him that they needed the space. Luke notices that she has opened a very expensive bottle of champagne and says that her friends should leave…..Now! He tells Tonya that they need to talk. Tonya is furious that he threw all of her friends out. Luke tells her that he needs his key back. Tonya tells him that they are so good together, but Luke stands his ground. Tonya freaks out and tells him that it is always about him and his stupid paintings. She starts to tear through his artwork and supplies. She takes a knife and slashes through his latest painting and tells him to draw that you son of a bitch! Luke holds his head in is hands as she storms out.

    William sits by the painting that he purchased and drinks a glass of wine when he receives a phone call from a new face. She wants to know how things are progressing. William smiles and informs her that things aren't going to be nearly as difficult as they had anticipated.

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    Posted by derricknc at Sunday, September 10 2006 12:35 PM

    This show is great, I got hooked on the first episode! This will be a fun one to watch, gives me something new and exciting to see at nite! I can't wait for Morgan Fairchild to make her appearance and make things more spicy!

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