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    Fashion House CAST - Rodney

    Full detailed profile on Rodney Played by James Black on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Black

    Actor: James Black


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    Tuesday, November 28 2006: Down to the Wire Part Dos

    Michelle tells Luke that Lexi and Maria have bought her out of her own company. Luke takes her and kisses her beneath the palm trees as Maria watches from the fountain. Manny and his crew watch in disbelief as Maria exits the water to put on her shoes. Lance and Rodney meet at a secluded area. Rodney informs him that he told Eddie that Maria was behind the wire. Lance insists that he is going to go and get the money before Eddie gets to her. Lance tells Rodney that he had better warn Michelle because she may be next.

    Monday, November 27 2006: The Betrayal

    Rodney begs Eddie not to kill him. He insists to him that he is telling him the truth. He tells Eddie that he has parted ways with Lance and that he is not in contact with him. Rodney informs Eddie that Maria Gianni is the one that made Lance wear the wire…..and that maybe she got him protection. They throw Rodney to the ground and speed off. Eddie tells Manny that Maria and Lance ruined his world and he wants to see them one last time. He orders that they be brought to him so that he can see them suffer….and then die!

    A construction crew comes in for their morning shift and finds Rodney on the ground. Rodney comes to and struggles to his feet….lucky to be alive. Rodney makes it back to the office and finds the police waiting on him. He insists to the detective that he has not had a run in with Eddie. Rodney tells her that he doesn't know where Lance hid the evidence. She reminds him that none of Lance's family and friends will be safe until they have it.

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