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    Fashion House CAST - Doris

    Full detailed profile on Doris Played by Tippi Hedren on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tippi Hedren

    Actor: Tippi Hedren


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    Friday, October 27 2006: Gaggle at the Gallery

    Gloria and Alec visit with Doris in her hospital room. She tells them not to cry and not to worry about her…..because she is going to heaven. Doris asks for Gloria to call Father Maloney for her. Doris has a heart to heart with her daughter. She tells Gloria that she has to live a good life. She insists that bad deeds are only going to pollute her life…..and she doesn't want that. She tells her daughter that she wants to see her smile and that she wants her to forgive her enemies so that there is no room in her heart for hate. An emotional Gloria promises her mother that she will!

    Father Maloney prays over Doris as Gloria and Alec cry at her bedside. Gloria and Alec are devastated at losing her. Alec says that his nana is in heaven now. Gloria and Alec go home and Eddie arrives to console them. Gloria tells Eddie that she made some promises to her mother and that she has to live a good life. She informs him that she doesn't even know how she could ever have even thought about killing Michelle and tells him to call off the hit. Eddie looks at Gloria with a concerned face and informs her that it is too late. The hit man has already gone dark and no one can get in touch with him. Eddie tells her that he couldn't stop the hit…..even if he wanted to!

    Thursday, October 26 2006: Opportunity Knocks, Rings the Doorbell and Beats Down Your Door!

    Doris has severe pains in the hospital with Gloria by her side. Father Maloney comes to visit with Doris and Gloria tries to get him to convince her to do the therapy. Doris insists that he is busy and doesn't have to come see her. Father Maloney says that sometimes it is hardest to accept the things that we cannot control on this earth. He then informs Gloria that we are all her for a certain time and that we all have to use that time to do God's will just as Doris has done. He says that right now they just have to trust that things are in God's hands right now.

    Gloria begs Doris again to take the treatment. Doris says a prayer to forgive us sinners now and in the hour of our death. She tells Gloria that death isn't anything that you have to be afraid of. She informs Gloria that she is ready and that she does not want to be filled with tubes and drugs. The doctor stops in while Doris takes a nap. Gloria tells the doctor that they need to begin treatment, but she informs her that it will only delay the inevitable.

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