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    Fashion House CAST - Dr. Russell Woods

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Russell Woods Played by Mark Totty on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mark Totty
    Dr. Russell Woods

    Actor: Mark Totty


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    Tuesday, November 28 2006: Down to the Wire Part Dos

    Tania visits Dr. Woods and tells him that she is having a recurring nightmare. She is swimming in the ocean on a sunny day….and then all of a sudden the skies turn dark. She tells him that the water turns black and she struggles to swim. A boat comes along and Maria Gianni is onboard. Maria refuses to help and Tania goes under water for the last time…..and then she wakes up. Dr. Woods insists that it was the pressure from Maria that made her turn to drugs and alcohol. He tells her that if she wants to get better she has got to act on her anger and take back what is her. He insists that she needs to save herself from drowning. Sophia goes into Tania's room and switches out her pills once again.

    Friday, November 24 2006: Breaking Point

    Tania goes to see Dr. Woods and tells him that she really doesn't blame Maria. Tania acknowledges that she used to feel like she was on top of the world, but now she feels worthless. Dr. Woods asks her to make a list of the people that she believes are responsible for that. She mentions Maria, and Dr. Woods tells her that it is not healthy to keep your emotions inside. He tells her that it is time for action instead of talking.

    Hans and Harold are stunned at the coldness that Maria is showing over what happened to Nikki. Maria tells them that it is okay to put her name on the card that they send. When they inform her that the designs are running behind, she reminds them that they know how nasty she can be if she doesn't get what she wants. Tania shows up and totally bashes the Gianni photo shoot set. She throws everything on the floor and paints the word “Pig” on the wall! Sophia and Dr. Woods are happy to hear that Tania has used
    Her anger in a positive way (and got away with it)! Sophia insists that if he keeps this up there will be many more payments made to him for his work!

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