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    Fashion House CAST - Harold

    Full detailed profile on Harold Played by Garrett Swann on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Garrett Swann

    Actor: Garrett Swann


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    Tuesday, December 05 2006: A New Foundation

    Tania tells William that everyone always leaves her. He tells her that he has no choice to leave. Tania tells him to that she loves him and wants to go with him. William tells her that she is right and that she shouldn't be left behind. He instructs her to wait for him to return from packing his things. Lexi gets a visit from Hans and Harold at Michelle Miller Designs. They tell her that they are in the market for a job and thought that she would like to hire them. Lexi tells them that she is looking for a more sophisticated look, but she will put them on the mailing list. Harold informs her that she is no Maria Gianni and she has no talent. Lexi tells them to leave before she has them thrown out.

    Monday, December 04 2006: Falling Apart at the Seams

    Hans and Harold hang around Gianni and work on taking the inventory. They are saddened that after the inventory their time there will be done. When Hans runs across Michelle's first dress, Harold tells him about how Maria blackmailed him to steal Michelle's designs. Hans tells Harold that he can't believe that Maria would treat them like that after all of the good years that they gave her. He takes a handful of dresses and says that he is starting them a new retirement plan.

    Hans and Harold take some of the dresses to Nikki's and tell her to pick out whatever she wants. Before they leave they tell her that she should consider becoming a modeling agent. Nikki tells Michelle that she should invite herself to New York if Luke didn't invite her. Michelle insists that he needs to figure his life out there and she will figure hers out in Los Angeles. They head outside and burn some of the dresses on the grill. Michael arrives and tells them that they are cut off from drinking! He tells Nikki that he agrees that her becoming an agent is the perfect idea! The three of them head back inside as Eddie and his men watch from the SUV. Eddie insists that if they can't get Michelle alone, they will just get them all! Back inside Michelle gets a call from the police station telling her that they need her to come down and identify a body that they believe to be Lance. Eddie and his crew approach the front door of Nikki's apartment as she finishes her call with the police.

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