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    Fashion House CAST - John Cotter

    Full detailed profile on John Cotter Played by Ethan Erickson on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ethan Erickson
    John Cotter

    Actor: Ethan Erickson


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    Monday, December 04 2006: Falling Apart at the Seams

    Luke goes to GATE and meets with the caller…..John Cotter. John tells him that all he has to do is sign over the entire company of Gianni to him and he will give him the information. Luke tells him that he is lying but John insists that he is not and gives him ten seconds to come to his senses. Luke punches John and the police rush over. They inform him that he is under arrest for extortion and withholding evidence. John is shocked to find out that Luke is wearing a wire. As John is rushed off to jail Luke and the Detective agree that they can't believe the name of the killer that John had written down. Michelle calls Luke and tells him that it had to be Eddie that killed Maria. As Luke tells her that he knows who the killer is, there is a knock at the door. Nikki goes to answer it right before the door is kicked in. The door hits Nikki and knocks her to the ground. Michelle screams as Michael is shot twice by Eddie's men. Michelle drops her phone and is dragged away as Nikki and Michael lay unconscious on the floor. Luke tells the detective what is going on and they rush out of the bar.

    Friday, December 01 2006: In Loving Memory

    Maria's house keeper steps up and the priest lowers the podium so that she can see the people. She compares Maria to the Virgin Mary….only not a Virgin. Tania interrupts the silence in the audience when John Cotter tries to get by her to the aisle, by screaming for him to get off of her! Everyone turns around to see what is going on. John steps up and tells everyone that he and Maria always had a special love of one another. He says that she assured him that he would always have a family and a home at Gianni. He looks at her picture and tells her that she will be deeply loved and missed. John acts as to wipe a tear away as he heads back to his seat. Hans and Harold step up and take credit for being two of the few that have known Maria the longest. They credit her with being strong willed and protective….over them and her family. They tell the crowd that they have decided to express their feelings in song rather than words. The designing duo pays tribute to her by singing Ava Maria.

    Luke goes up front to say a few words. With his eyes filled with tears, he tells them that there is a lot that he doesn't know about his mother. He tells them that he does know that she loved him and would do whatever it took to protect him. He informs them that she was a flawed woman and that she had a habit of acting without thinking. He then tells them that as far as he is concerned her murderer could be in the room right now. He accuses William and Sophia (she destroyed their family), Lexi (she humiliated her and now Lexi has her own career), Tania (she ruined her career), John (we all know what you are capable of) and Nikki (she pushed her down a flight of stairs killing her baby). Michelle stands up to stop him, but Lance tells Michelle that it could even be her! She takes her seat and Luke tells them that he will honor his mother's name and find out who killed her!

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