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    Fashion House CAST - Nikki Clark

    Full detailed profile on Nikki Clark Played by Nicole Pulliam on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicole Pulliam
    Nikki Clark

    Actor: Nicole Pulliam


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    Tuesday, December 05 2006: A New Foundation

    Michelle tells Eddie that she has nothing to do with Lance any longer. He tells her that he needs the papers that Lance had and tells her that his death was an accident. Eddie promises her that she will be okay if she gives him the evidence. Nikki is manages to survive with minor injuries, but Michael is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Nikki goes to the hospital with him and leaves Luke behind at the apartment. The Detective warns Luke to stay out of the investigation because Eddie is a dangerous man. Luke remembers Michelle telling him that the papers are at her old house and sneaks out the door while the cops finish gathering evidence.

    At the hospital Dr. Evans informs Nikki that Michael is going to be okay. Gloria walks up and Nikki recognizes her from somewhere. The two of them start to talk and Gloria is shocked to hear that Lance is dead. Nikki then tells Gloria what happened at her apartment. When Gloria asks Nikki who did all of this, Nikki informs her that all she knows is that his name is Eddie. Eddie holds a gun to Michelle in the living room and tells her that she has no choice but to tell him where to find the evidence in the house. Michelle tells him that she would be a fool to do that because he will kill her for sure. Luke sneaks in and spies on them just as Eddie tells her that her time is up. Manny sneaks up behind Luke and hits him over the head. When he drags Luke in front of Michelle, she tells them that the safe is in the bedroom.

    Gloria tells Nikki that she has a past with Eddie and that he is a crook. Nikki is horrified to hear that Lance was laundering all of this money and that Michelle has been brought into the mix. As Eddie orders Michelle to open the safe Gloria interrupts him with a phone call and tells him that she needs to see him immediately. Eddie tells her not to call back and hangs up on her. Gloria hears Michelle scream before he hangs up and informs Nikki that they are at Lance's house. Michelle opens the safe and grabs the papers….and a gun. When Eddie takes the evidence, she points the gun at him and tells him to drop his gun….now!

    Michelle and Luke arrive at the hospital and Gloria is happy to see that they are okay. Michelle and Gloria hug for a moment and the she tells Gloria that Eddie is going to be put away for a long time. Luke thanks Gloria for telling the police where they were at and goes in to see Michael. Luke tells him that Michelle ended up shooting one of the men. Michael tells his best friend that she is definitely a keeper! Michelle breaks down in the waiting room and tells Nikki that everybody has their lives but her and that she can't force Luke into taking her to New York with him. Nikki drags Luke over to see her and tells them that she is tired of them not being able to work things out. Michelle tells him that she is tired of it too and that she is ending it for good. Michelle storms out of the waiting room and Luke chases after her. When he catches up to her she tells him that she doesn't want him to go to New York without her. He then tells her that he agrees. For the first time they say “I love you” to each other and kiss.

    Luke, Michelle, Nikki and Michael stand in Maria's vacant office and Clive tells Luke to please consider not selling the company. Luke tells him that he doesn't want to be a part of something that killed his mother. Everyone leaves Luke alone inside to have a moment by himself. Luke takes the chance to say a final good-bye to his mother. Luke walks out of the office and suddenly we are taken back 4 weeks prior to when Maria found out that Dr. Woods was leaking information.

    Monday, December 04 2006: Falling Apart at the Seams

    Hans and Harold take some of the dresses to Nikki's and tell her to pick out whatever she wants. Before they leave they tell her that she should consider becoming a modeling agent. Nikki tells Michelle that she should invite herself to New York if Luke didn't invite her. Michelle insists that he needs to figure his life out there and she will figure hers out in Los Angeles. They head outside and burn some of the dresses on the grill. Michael arrives and tells them that they are cut off from drinking! He tells Nikki that he agrees that her becoming an agent is the perfect idea! The three of them head back inside as Eddie and his men watch from the SUV. Eddie insists that if they can't get Michelle alone, they will just get them all! Back inside Michelle gets a call from the police station telling her that they need her to come down and identify a body that they believe to be Lance. Eddie and his crew approach the front door of Nikki's apartment as she finishes her call with the police.

    Luke goes to GATE and meets with the caller…..John Cotter. John tells him that all he has to do is sign over the entire company of Gianni to him and he will give him the information. Luke tells him that he is lying but John insists that he is not and gives him ten seconds to come to his senses. Luke punches John and the police rush over. They inform him that he is under arrest for extortion and withholding evidence. John is shocked to find out that Luke is wearing a wire. As John is rushed off to jail Luke and the Detective agree that they can't believe the name of the killer that John had written down. Michelle calls Luke and tells him that it had to be Eddie that killed Maria. As Luke tells her that he knows who the killer is, there is a knock at the door. Nikki goes to answer it right before the door is kicked in. The door hits Nikki and knocks her to the ground. Michelle screams as Michael is shot twice by Eddie's men. Michelle drops her phone and is dragged away as Nikki and Michael lay unconscious on the floor. Luke tells the detective what is going on and they rush out of the bar.

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