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    Fashion House CAST - William Chandler

    Full detailed profile on William Chandler Played by Joel Berti on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joel Berti
    William Chandler

    Actor: Joel Berti


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    Tuesday, December 05 2006: A New Foundation

    Tania tells William that everyone always leaves her. He tells her that he has no choice to leave. Tania tells him to that she loves him and wants to go with him. William tells her that she is right and that she shouldn't be left behind. He instructs her to wait for him to return from packing his things. Lexi gets a visit from Hans and Harold at Michelle Miller Designs. They tell her that they are in the market for a job and thought that she would like to hire them. Lexi tells them that she is looking for a more sophisticated look, but she will put them on the mailing list. Harold informs her that she is no Maria Gianni and she has no talent. Lexi tells them to leave before she has them thrown out.

    Luke and the detective tell Michelle that Eddie did not kill Maria. The detective informs them that the cops are pursuing the killer right now. The cops barge in the room and swarm Tania as she sorts her pill assortment that Sophia gave her. The DA calls William at his house and informs him that the arrest is being made. He reminds William that it is still not safe for him around here.

    William gets on his boat and calls his mother to inform her that Tania has been arrested. He assures her that Tania will not tell the police anything because she is actually in love with him. Tania tells the DA that she shot Maria Gianni because she deserved it. When asked if she had help, tells him that he must be stupid or something. Tania informs them that of course she had help but that a girl is allowed to have her secrets. They advise her that if she had help she needs to tell them who it is. Tania then laughs at them and takes credit for doing it all on her own. She poses like she is at a photo shoot as the police take her mug shots.

    Monday, December 04 2006: Falling Apart at the Seams

    William tells Sophia that she has to leave because he doesn't want to have to worry about her. He insists that she needs to go to the hotel and pack and he will be along shortly. As Sophia packs some things Tania walks in and wants to know when she will be returning. Sophia tells her that they have to go somewhere and that is just not possible for her to come along. Sophia gives her an entire box of pills and tells her that she is headed for great things. She tells Tania that she could spend all day just sorting those by color. Tania gives her a hug and thanks her for being so good to her.

    William interrupts Luke and Michael to say goodbye. Michael tells him that it is really convenient that he is leaving town right now. Michael leaves so that Luke and William can talk alone. William gives Luke a painting that their father did of Maria holding Luke when he was a baby. William tells him that maybe a few years from now he and Michelle will visit him for a holiday or something. He gives his brother his national phone number before leaving. Luke receives a call from Detective Hart and tells him that at the moment there are still no leads. Luke then receives a call from someone stating that he is a friend and that he saw who shot his mother. The caller informs him that he will tell him who did itů..for a price!

    William tells Sophia that he got a text from the DA's office and that she needs to leave now. She informs her son that she prefers that they stay together. He tells her that she needs to relax because they have done it and Maria is dead. She agrees to go, but reminds him that if anything happens to him she will be back her with guns blazing!

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