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    Fashion House CAST - Maria Gianni

    Full detailed profile on Maria Gianni Played by Bo Derek on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bo Derek
    Maria Gianni

    Actor: Bo Derek


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    Tuesday, December 05 2006: A New Foundation

    Maria had a meeting with Clive and Carlos telling them that she needs their help to beat them (Tania, Sophia, William and Dr. Woods). Carlos broke into Dr. Woods' office and stole the recordings from Tania's sessions. When Maria heard that Tania was going to kill her she told Clive that she needed to make that wire transfer….now! The night of the fashion show Maria put on a bullet proof vest before going on stage. The paramedics loaded up Maria's body after the shooting and met up with Clive when it was safely out of sight. As the paramedics exited the back of the ambulance, he handed each of them an envelope with money for their help. Clive escorted Maria out of the ambulance and into his car.

    Maria sits poolside with a new identity and drinks a cocktail while reading the news article about Luke and Michelle moving off to New York. The waiter asks her if it is bad news and she insists that it is nothing that she can't handle. The waiter then walks around to the other end of the pool and takes a cocktail to his other patron….Sophia! When he asks her if she is doing okay, she informs him that for the first time ever she doesn't have a care in the world! Maria and Sophia have no idea that the they are at the same resort.

    Wednesday, November 29 2006: Maria's Final Bow

    Sophia tells William that it would be a shame to allow the invitation to the fashion show to be wasted…..especially when there is havoc that they could cause. Sophia goes to her room and puts a gun in her purse. Maria promises Hans and Harold that tonight will be a night that no one will forget! Tania goes to see her old manager to try and get a modeling job. She drops the photos and loses her temper at the restaurant. He tells her that her modeling career is over and that she can thank Maria Gianni for that! Tania storms out of the restaurant and downs a few pills from her purse.

    Hans and Harold stress out behind the scenes as the guests arrive and take their seats. Michael and Michelle arrive, but don't see Nikki. William, Sophia, Eddie, Lance, Lexi and Tania have arrived as well. John visits Maria again backstage and begs to be on her team, but she tells him that it is over for him and has him escorted out by security. The music starts and the show begins. Luke interrupts his mother backstage and tells her that they need to talk right now. He demands to know if she pushed Nikki down the stairs. She avoids the question, but Luke keeps asking her to tell him if she did it. Michael spots Nikki across the room and points her out to Michelle.

    Maria tells Luke that she didn't do it, but he tells his mother that he does not believe her. He then tells her that she is sick because she actually enjoys all of the trouble that she has caused Michelle. Maria informs him that she is not good enough for him. Luke informs her that she must be after Michelle because she is younger and a better designer. She tells him that this conversation is over and he reminds her that it is not! She tells him that she has to go to the stage. Luke informs her that she has pushed away the woman that he loves. She says that she is sorry and heads to face the crowd. Maria stands on stage as the crowd applauds. Eddie, Tania, Lance and Nikki are all seen mouthing the word “Witch” as she takes her bow. Maria see's her son in the audience and mouths the words “I'm Sorry” to him.

    Gun fire shoots from the crowd and Maria falls to the ground. Luke rushes to her side, and as she falls to the ground she tells him not to forget that she loves him. Tania tries to leave, but is told by security that she must stay in the room. The paramedics arrive and load her onto the stretcher. Eddie spots Lance and tries to get to him, but he is stopped by security too. John takes off his jacket and suspiciously wraps up something in it.

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