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    Fashion House CAST - Sophia Blakely - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sophia Blakely Played by Morgan Fairchild on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Morgan Fairchild

    Birthday: 1950/02/03
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    Marital Status: Divorced; Jack Calmes (1967-1973)
    Real Name: Morgan Fairchild
    Height: 5' 4"
    Web site:


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    A New Foundation

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    William gets on his boat and calls his mother to inform her that Tania has been arrested. He assures her that Tania will not tell the police anything because she is actually in love with him. Tania tells the DA that she shot Maria Gianni because she deserved it. When asked if she had help, tells him that he must be stupid or something. Tania informs them that of course she had help but that a girl is allowed to have her secrets. They advise her that if she had help she needs to tell them who it is. Tania then laughs at them and takes credit for doing it all on her own. She poses like she is at a photo shoot as the police take her mug shots.

    Maria sits poolside with a new identity and drinks a cocktail while reading the news article about Luke and Michelle moving off to New York. The waiter asks her if it is bad news and she insists that it is nothing that she can't handle. The waiter then walks around to the other end of the pool and takes a cocktail to his other patron….Sophia! When he asks her if she is doing okay, she informs him that for the first time ever she doesn't have a care in the world! Maria and Sophia have no idea that the they are at the same resort.

    Falling Apart at the Seams

    Monday, December 04 2006

    William tells Sophia that she has to leave because he doesn't want to have to worry about her. He insists that she needs to go to the hotel and pack and he will be along shortly. As Sophia packs some things Tania walks in and wants to know when she will be returning. Sophia tells her that they have to go somewhere and that is just not possible for her to come along. Sophia gives her an entire box of pills and tells her that she is headed for great things. She tells Tania that she could spend all day just sorting those by color. Tania gives her a hug and thanks her for being so good to her.

    William tells Sophia that he got a text from the DA's office and that she needs to leave now. She informs her son that she prefers that they stay together. He tells her that she needs to relax because they have done it and Maria is dead. She agrees to go, but reminds him that if anything happens to him she will be back her with guns blazing!

    In Loving Memory

    Friday, December 01 2006

    Sophia makes her grand entrance on William's arm and insists that she definitely has something to say. She steps up and says that it is time to put the FUN back in Funeral! She tells them that she thought of Maria like a little sister….the kind that sneaks into your closet, steals your clothes….and then trashes them! She gives Maria credit for being one thing though…..and that's a fighter! She insists that for that she must always be respected.

    Luke goes up front to say a few words. With his eyes filled with tears, he tells them that there is a lot that he doesn't know about his mother. He tells them that he does know that she loved him and would do whatever it took to protect him. He informs them that she was a flawed woman and that she had a habit of acting without thinking. He then tells them that as far as he is concerned her murderer could be in the room right now. He accuses William and Sophia (she destroyed their family), Lexi (she humiliated her and now Lexi has her own career), Tania (she ruined her career), John (we all know what you are capable of) and Nikki (she pushed her down a flight of stairs killing her baby). Michelle stands up to stop him, but Lance tells Michelle that it could even be her! She takes her seat and Luke tells them that he will honor his mother's name and find out who killed her!

    Too Little Too Late

    Thursday, November 30 2006

    Tania tries to call Dr. Woods and gets hysterical when she finds that his telephone number is not in service. She rushes to his office only to find that it is empty! Tania calls 411 and is informed that they have no records for a Dr. Woods. She drops her phone in disbelief that this is happening! Tania goes and tells Sophia about Dr. Woods. She informs her that people are going to think that she did it and that she can't go to jail. Sophia gives her some pills to calm her down and suggests that she get a grip on things.

    Maria's Final Bow

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    Sophia tells William that it would be a shame to allow the invitation to the fashion show to be wasted…..especially when there is havoc that they could cause. Sophia goes to her room and puts a gun in her purse. Maria promises Hans and Harold that tonight will be a night that no one will forget! Tania goes to see her old manager to try and get a modeling job. She drops the photos and loses her temper at the restaurant. He tells her that her modeling career is over and that she can thank Maria Gianni for that! Tania storms out of the restaurant and downs a few pills from her purse.

    Hans and Harold stress out behind the scenes as the guests arrive and take their seats. Michael and Michelle arrive, but don't see Nikki. William, Sophia, Eddie, Lance, Lexi and Tania have arrived as well. John visits Maria again backstage and begs to be on her team, but she tells him that it is over for him and has him escorted out by security. The music starts and the show begins. Luke interrupts his mother backstage and tells her that they need to talk right now. He demands to know if she pushed Nikki down the stairs. She avoids the question, but Luke keeps asking her to tell him if she did it. Michael spots Nikki across the room and points her out to Michelle.

    Down to the Wire Part Dos

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    Tania visits Dr. Woods and tells him that she is having a recurring nightmare. She is swimming in the ocean on a sunny day….and then all of a sudden the skies turn dark. She tells him that the water turns black and she struggles to swim. A boat comes along and Maria Gianni is onboard. Maria refuses to help and Tania goes under water for the last time…..and then she wakes up. Dr. Woods insists that it was the pressure from Maria that made her turn to drugs and alcohol. He tells her that if she wants to get better she has got to act on her anger and take back what is her. He insists that she needs to save herself from drowning. Sophia goes into Tania's room and switches out her pills once again.

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