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    Fashion House ACTOR - Mark Totty

    Full detailed profile on Mark Totty playing Dr. Russell Woods on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mark Totty
    Mark Totty

    Currently playing: Dr. Russell Woods


    Mark Totty portrays Dr. Russell Woods on Fashion House. He is the psychiatrist that hears the deep, dark secrets of Maria Gianni (Bo Derek). HGTV fans will recognize Totty as the host of the popular show Landscapers' Challenge, while other viewers may recognize him as Detective Carlisle on the CBS drama Joan of Arcadia.

    He has numerous additional television credits on shows such as, Without a Trace, Bones, Monk and She Spies.


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    Fashion House - Dr. Russell Woods (2006)
    Criminal Minds - Special Agent Raymond McCarthy (2006)
    Landscapers' Challenge - Series Host (2005-present)
    Bones - Leo Sanders (2005)
    Joan of Arcadia - Detective Carlisle (2005)
    Without a Trace - Brian Nevins (2004)
    She Spies - Chet (2004)
    Monk - Malcolm Cowley (2004)

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