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    Fashion House ACTOR - Mike Begovich

    Full detailed profile on Mike Begovich playing Lance Miller on Fashion House Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mike Begovich
    Mike Begovich

    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Currently playing: Lance Miller


    Mike Begovich portrays Lance Miller, a man with a big ego and an even bigger sexual appetite on Fashion House. He is credited in the drama Hard Pill in addition to numerous commercials and music videos. In 2006 he served as location manager for Flourish. He spent the better part of several years getting experience on the stage in Northern California, appearing in numerous theatrical performances. This after earning his degrees in Dramatic Arts and Psychology from Syracuse and the University of California. His first big screen role was as a contract killer in the film 40 Year Scotch.


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    Fashion House - Lance Miller (2006)
    Hard Pill - Don (2005)
    40 Year Scotch - The Man (2004)

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