A New Foundation

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Eddie and Tania go to jail, Luke and Michelle move to New York and the truth about Maria's death is explained!

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Eddie demands to know where the evidence is!

Michelle tells Eddie that she has nothing to do with Lance any longer. He tells her that he needs the papers that Lance had and tells her that his death was an accident. Eddie promises her that she will be okay if she gives him the evidence. Nikki is manages to survive with minor injuries, but Michael is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Nikki goes to the hospital with him and leaves Luke behind at the apartment. The Detective warns Luke to stay out of the investigation because Eddie is a dangerous man. Luke remembers Michelle telling him that the papers are at her old house and sneaks out the door while the cops finish gathering evidence.


Luke gets caught by Manny!

At the hospital Dr. Evans informs Nikki that Michael is going to be okay. Gloria walks up and Nikki recognizes her from somewhere. The two of them start to talk and Gloria is shocked to hear that Lance is dead. Nikki then tells Gloria what happened at her apartment. When Gloria asks Nikki who did all of this, Nikki informs her that all she knows is that his name is Eddie. Eddie holds a gun to Michelle in the living room and tells her that she has no choice but to tell him where to find the evidence in the house. Michelle tells him that she would be a fool to do that because he will kill her for sure. Luke sneaks in and spies on them just as Eddie tells her that her time is up. Manny sneaks up behind Luke and hits him over the head. When he drags Luke in front of Michelle, she tells them that the safe is in the bedroom.


Tania tells William that she really loves him!

Gloria tells Nikki that she has a past with Eddie and that he is a crook. Nikki is horrified to hear that Lance was laundering all of this money and that Michelle has been brought into the mix. As Eddie orders Michelle to open the safe Gloria interrupts him with a phone call and tells him that she needs to see him immediately. Eddie tells her not to call back and hangs up on her. Gloria hears Michelle scream before he hangs up and informs Nikki that they are at Lance's house. Michelle opens the safe and grabs the papers.and a gun. When Eddie takes the evidence, she points the gun at him and tells him to drop his gun.now!


Tania gets arrested for killing Maria!

Eddie tells Michelle that there is no need to get hysterical. Michelle shoots one of Eddie's men and rushes into the bathroom as they fight it out. While Luke and Eddie exchange punches, Michelle runs into the bathroom. Manny starts to shoot the door down as Michelle searches for anything to use to defend herself. When he finally gets the door open, she throws a cup full of peroxide in his face. As he screams in pain she runs past Luke and Eddie to the stairs. Manny tackles her onto the sofa and she smashes a liquor bottle upside his head. Luke punches Eddie and he plunges down the stairs. As Luke and Michelle hug, the cops walk in and find Eddie and his crew knocked to the floor.

Tania tells William that everyone always leaves her. He tells her that he has no choice to leave. Tania tells him to that she loves him and wants to go with him. William tells her that she is right and that she shouldn't be left behind. He instructs her to wait for him to return from packing his things. Lexi gets a visit from Hans and Harold at Michelle Miller Designs. They tell her that they are in the market for a job and thought that she would like to hire them. Lexi tells them that she is looking for a more sophisticated look, but she will put them on the mailing list. Harold informs her that she is no Maria Gianni and she has no talent. Lexi tells them to leave before she has them thrown out.


Luke and Michelle reunite!

Luke and the detective tell Michelle that Eddie did not kill Maria. The detective informs them that the cops are pursuing the killer right now. The cops barge in the room and swarm Tania as she sorts her pill assortment that Sophia gave her. The DA calls William at his house and informs him that the arrest is being made. He reminds William that it is still not safe for him around here.


Tania strikes a pose at the police station!

William gets on his boat and calls his mother to inform her that Tania has been arrested. He assures her that Tania will not tell the police anything because she is actually in love with him. Tania tells the DA that she shot Maria Gianni because she deserved it. When asked if she had help, tells him that he must be stupid or something. Tania informs them that of course she had help but that a girl is allowed to have her secrets. They advise her that if she had help she needs to tell them who it is. Tania then laughs at them and takes credit for doing it all on her own. She poses like she is at a photo shoot as the police take her mug shots.


The world is smaller than Sophia thinks!

Michelle and Luke arrive at the hospital and Gloria is happy to see that they are okay. Michelle and Gloria hug for a moment and the she tells Gloria that Eddie is going to be put away for a long time. Luke thanks Gloria for telling the police where they were at and goes in to see Michael. Luke tells him that Michelle ended up shooting one of the men. Michael tells his best friend that she is definitely a keeper! Michelle breaks down in the waiting room and tells Nikki that everybody has their lives but her and that she can't force Luke into taking her to New York with him. Nikki drags Luke over to see her and tells them that she is tired of them not being able to work things out. Michelle tells him that she is tired of it too and that she is ending it for good. Michelle storms out of the waiting room and Luke chases after her. When he catches up to her she tells him that she doesn't want him to go to New York without her. He then tells her that he agrees. For the first time they say I love you to each other and kiss.


A final goodbye to Gianni Fashion House.

Luke, Michelle, Nikki and Michael stand in Maria's vacant office and Clive tells Luke to please consider not selling the company. Luke tells him that he doesn't want to be a part of something that killed his mother. Everyone leaves Luke alone inside to have a moment by himself. Luke takes the chance to say a final good-bye to his mother. Luke walks out of the office and suddenly we are taken back 4 weeks prior to when Maria found out that Dr. Woods was leaking information.


Maria is always one step ahead!

Maria had a meeting with Clive and Carlos telling them that she needs their help to beat them (Tania, Sophia, William and Dr. Woods). Carlos broke into Dr. Woods' office and stole the recordings from Tania's sessions. When Maria heard that Tania was going to kill her she told Clive that she needed to make that wire transfer.now! The night of the fashion show Maria put on a bullet proof vest before going on stage. The paramedics loaded up Maria's body after the shooting and met up with Clive when it was safely out of sight. As the paramedics exited the back of the ambulance, he handed each of them an envelope with money for their help. Clive escorted Maria out of the ambulance and into his car.


Maria is alive and well!

Maria sits poolside with a new identity and drinks a cocktail while reading the news article about Luke and Michelle moving off to New York. The waiter asks her if it is bad news and she insists that it is nothing that she can't handle. The waiter then walks around to the other end of the pool and takes a cocktail to his other patron.Sophia! When he asks her if she is doing okay, she informs him that for the first time ever she doesn't have a care in the world! Maria and Sophia have no idea that the they are at the same resort.

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