Falling Apart at the Seams

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Lance tries to run one last time, John knows who killed Maria and Michael is shot!

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Lance is killed when he runs out into the highway!

Eddie aims the gun at Lance and tells him that it is time to die. Lance punches Eddie and manages to grab the gun from him. They chase Lance to the freeway where he is hit by an on-coming car and thrown to the ground. The driver gets out of the car to check on him and discovers that he is dead!


Michelle tries to comfort Luke.

Michelle tells Luke that he has no reason to feel guilty because he could not have stopped the gunmen. Luke says that it isn't about that, it is about the fact that he doesn't really feel anything right now. He tells her that he did have a lot of good times with his mother, but right now he can only think about the lies and the hurt. Michelle gives him a hug to try and comfort him.


Hans is furious to hear that Maria blackmailed Harold!

Hans and Harold hang around Gianni and work on taking the inventory. They are saddened that after the inventory their time there will be done. When Hans runs across Michelle's first dress, Harold tells him about how Maria blackmailed him to steal Michelle's designs. Hans tells Harold that he can't believe that Maria would treat them like that after all of the good years that they gave her. He takes a handful of dresses and says that he is starting them a new retirement plan.

Luke tells Michelle that he is still planning on moving to New York for awhile. She tells him that he made quite a speech at the funeral. Michelle agrees with him that a lot of people at the funeral had motive to kill Maria, but that he was totally wrong to accuse Michael and Nikki. She asks him what he is going if they never find the killer. Luke looks at her and tells her that he doesn't know what he will do. Michelle tells Luke that she after everything calms down, the death of his mother is going to hit him. She reminds him that no matter what, she is always going to be there for him. Michelle hugs him once again before leaving. Michael stops by to check on him and tells him that he an Nikki are moving in together. Michael tells Luke that maybe he and Michelle should make the big move to New York together.


Sophia informs Tania that she and William are leaving!

William tells Sophia that she has to leave because he doesn't want to have to worry about her. He insists that she needs to go to the hotel and pack and he will be along shortly. As Sophia packs some things Tania walks in and wants to know when she will be returning. Sophia tells her that they have to go somewhere and that is just not possible for her to come along. Sophia gives her an entire box of pills and tells her that she is headed for great things. She tells Tania that she could spend all day just sorting those by color. Tania gives her a hug and thanks her for being so good to her.


Lexi acts just like Maria used to!

Lexi gets the proposals for her new company logo design and treats her assistant very similar to how Maria treated her. Manny and his men walk in looking for Michelle and Lexi informs them that Michelle no longer works for her company. Lexi writes down Michelle's contact information and gives it to them. Manny takes a second look at Lexi's sexy appearance before rushing off to find Michelle. Her assistant tells her that it wasn't wise to give out Michelle's information to those guys, but Lexi quickly reminds him that Michelle can take care of herself, and that she is not paying him to think!

William interrupts Luke and Michael to say goodbye. Michael tells him that it is really convenient that he is leaving town right now. Michael leaves so that Luke and William can talk alone. William gives Luke a painting that their father did of Maria holding Luke when he was a baby. William tells him that maybe a few years from now he and Michelle will visit him for a holiday or something. He gives his brother his national phone number before leaving. Luke receives a call from Detective Hart and tells him that at the moment there are still no leads. Luke then receives a call from someone stating that he is a friend and that he saw who shot his mother. The caller informs him that he will tell him who did it..for a price!


Hans and Harold take Gianni dresses to Nikki!

Hans and Harold take some of the dresses to Nikki's and tell her to pick out whatever she wants. Before they leave they tell her that she should consider becoming a modeling agent. Nikki tells Michelle that she should invite herself to New York if Luke didn't invite her. Michelle insists that he needs to figure his life out there and she will figure hers out in Los Angeles. They head outside and burn some of the dresses on the grill. Michael arrives and tells them that they are cut off from drinking! He tells Nikki that he agrees that her becoming an agent is the perfect idea! The three of them head back inside as Eddie and his men watch from the SUV. Eddie insists that if they can't get Michelle alone, they will just get them all! Back inside Michelle gets a call from the police station telling her that they need her to come down and identify a body that they believe to be Lance. Eddie and his crew approach the front door of Nikki's apartment as she finishes her call with the police.


Michelle tries to see if Nikki is okay!

William tells Sophia that he got a text from the DA's office and that she needs to leave now. She informs her son that she prefers that they stay together. He tells her that she needs to relax because they have done it and Maria is dead. She agrees to go, but reminds him that if anything happens to him she will be back her with guns blazing!


Michael is shot twice by Eddie's men!

Luke goes to GATE and meets with the caller..John Cotter. John tells him that all he has to do is sign over the entire company of Gianni to him and he will give him the information. Luke tells him that he is lying but John insists that he is not and gives him ten seconds to come to his senses. Luke punches John and the police rush over. They inform him that he is under arrest for extortion and withholding evidence. John is shocked to find out that Luke is wearing a wire. As John is rushed off to jail Luke and the Detective agree that they can't believe the name of the killer that John had written down. Michelle calls Luke and tells him that it had to be Eddie that killed Maria. As Luke tells her that he knows who the killer is, there is a knock at the door. Nikki goes to answer it right before the door is kicked in. The door hits Nikki and knocks her to the ground. Michelle screams as Michael is shot twice by Eddie's men. Michelle drops her phone and is dragged away as Nikki and Michael lay unconscious on the floor. Luke tells the detective what is going on and they rush out of the bar.

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