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Donna Feldman

Donna Feldman

Today is a big day! I have an interview scheduled with the bad girl (well, ex- bad girl) of Fashion House Donna Feldman (Gloria). There have been many requests for this interview and I would like to personally thank Donna for taking the time out of her busy schedule to speak with me. Thank you Donna!!

Shannon: So, Donna, you said that you were up in the hills?

Donna: Yes, I was in the Hollywood Hills today doing a photo shoot.

Shannon: You've been busy doing the photo shoots lately.

Donna: Yeah, the whole modeling thing is going very well.

Shannon: Well, good for you! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this today. I am sure that the fans are going to love this!

So, what was it like playing Gloria?

Donna: Oh gosh. Gloria is the complete opposite of me, so it was very fun! It is much more fun to play the bad girl. You know, everyone has secret little fantasies that with acting you get to fulfill. These really ridiculous things. It is just so much fun! I am very shy, and I just get to be a really different person. Playing Gloria was a lot of fun ... and a lot of work!

Shannon: It looked like it was a lot of fun.

Donna: Yeah. This was the first pilot that I ever tried out for. I was never even really pursuing acting and Gloria was only supposed to be in 4 episodes, but FOX and MyNetwork TV liked her so much that she became a series regular. She was originally a little side story in the Telenovelas...(you know, a home wrecker in a few episodes), but they developed a whole storyline around her and they are glad that they did..and I am too!

Shannon: That's great! You got to carry her all the way through plus, I would say that she is the only character that is really going through life changing experiences and seems to be doing for the better.

Donna: Definitely. Gloria has done a complete turn around and really learned a lot from promising her mom that she would live a better life.

Shannon: She is trying. We have to give her credit. Right?

Donna: Yes, she is trying! Aren't you glad that Michelle is okay?

Shannon: You know, we didn't believe that it was going to happen, but we weren't sure of what the twist was going to be and then we finally found out that Alec would be hit.

Since you have been playing Gloria, have you had any fans approach you and speak to you like you were really her and want to know why you are doing things?

Donna: Yes. I recently went on a press tour to New York, (I know Joel did the interview, and he was saying) and it was amazing the experience there! People love the show over there and would come up to me and say Gloria! I hate you! But I love you at the same time! Laughter...

Shannon: Laughter.

Donna: So yeah, I have been getting a lot of responses like that. I have also gotten a lot of reaction from the gay community. Some of the men love Gloria They want to be Gloria! They want to dress up in Michelle's lingerie and get into that catfight! Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter. I was about to say, when you think about Gloria and all of the lines that you have had, I think it all goes back to that moment you're standing in her jewelry, her lingerie.

Donna: I'm sorry! I wasn't dressed for company! Laughter.

Shannon: I know. And, you're starting to sound like your husband now! Those are classic lines! Laughter. No matter how much work you do, I don't know if you could top those lines! You will always remember those.

Donna: Laughter. Oh my god, that was very funny!

Shannon: Are your friends and family members getting excited about the big finale like the rest of us?

Donna: Yes. Definitely! It is in about 3 weeks. The thing about these shows is that they don't carry on for 2-3 or 15 years where it's like. Oh, what's gonna happen now? Who's gonna sleep with who? It comes to an end and gives you closure. It is like reading your favorite novel and that is fun because then a whole new story starts with all new characters. I think it is a very, very cool idea!

Shannon: Well, I am expecting BIG things from the finale and I know that you can't tell us much (and I don't even want to know a lot), but can you tell me... Are we going to love it?

Donna: Laughter. Of course!

Shannon: I may have to throw a little Fashion House party that night!

Which one of your co-stars did you particularly enjoy working with the most ?

Donna: Tippi Hedren. You know, I don't have that many scenes with her, but just to work with a legend like that is an amazing learning experience and we actually have a lot in common. You know, when she started her career, Alfred Hitchcock saw her in a commercial (she never really intended to be an actress, she was a high fashion model) and it just happened all of a sudden...and started a whole career for her. We talked a lot about that.

As far as a male that I worked with.Jordi (Eddie) by far! He really connects with you and I feel that the performances are much stronger with him and he is such a sweet guy! I mean, he won an Emmy!

Shannon: That's right! He won that when he played Tony Santos Guiding Light."

Donna: Yeah. He is very sensitive, and he is really good at listening. Some actors don't really listen and are always thinking about what their next line is. It is really nice to work with someone who is really there and supportive.

Shannon: Plus, he makes Gloria look like an angel doesn't he? Laughter.

Donna: Laughter. He is in love with Gloria. He always will be!

Shannon: At least Gloria did not put a plastic bag over someone's head and kill them! Laughter.

Donna: Laughter... Yeah, that's right!

Shannon: Who was the practical jokester on the set?

Donna: David Hogan (director) was kind of a jokester. The really hilarious one from the show was Robert Buckley (Michael). He needs to be the next Ryan Seacrest. He needs to host his own show. He is such a funny and talented guy! Michael was not written that way, to be so funny. That is just Rob throwing in his charm. Like when he walks into Tania's apartment and says 'This looks like a Fionna Apple video!' Laughter. He just comes out with these one liner's that are hilarious!

Shannon: I knew you were gonna say that about Robert. He seems like the practical jokester. Of course Tony Tripoli seems like he could play a few jokes too.

Donna: Oh Gosh! Don't even get me started. I love those guy. Hans and Harold.

Shannon: Have you been watching Fashion House with the rest of us?

Donna: Of course.

Shannon: Did you see it the other night when the 2 of them were trying to fight of Tania with their rolls of fabric? Laughter...

Donna: YES! Laughter.

Shannon: That was the funniest thing! They were grabbing anything that they could to protect themselves.

Donna: They should have their own shows too! They are so funny!

Shannon: Now, you said that you coming across acting was kind of an accident?

Donna: Well, I have a degree in Fashion Marketing and Business Management. I was modeling part time and went to school for fashion. Since I know so much about the industry, my agent asked how I would feel about the television and film department. I was like okay. Right away I landed Deal or no Deal and a couple nights after that it was pilot season. They told me that there was a show called Fashion House and it is all about the cut throat world of the fashion industry and I thought, Wow that's perfect! I originally went out for the role of Nikki, but they were looking for an African-American actress for that role. They came to me and told me that they have just the role for me. That's when they told me about Gloria.

So many girls tried out for Gloria. You know, so many typical blonde play mate types. They told me that they were looking for something a little bit different, and it was so exciting to get the part! People in Los Angeles are pretty bitter when you tell them that you just did a pilot and it got picked up. They're like don't get too excited. You never know what's going to happen! There's a lot of people that have been trying for years and years to get in the industry and to hear that someone first starting out lands a pilot. It is difficult for them to hear that. It is exciting though! You know, I worked with a lot of newcomers too, so we were all learning and growing together.

Shannon: It seems like there was a good mixture on there.

Donna: Morgan Fairchild. I really love her! We didn't have a lot of scenes together, but it was a lot of time on the set and I was able to spend some time with her. She is a very, very smart woman!

Shannon: You have done modeling, game shows and acting. Which one is your favorite so far?

Donna: I have always thought of modeling as acting too, because depending on the clothing, the makeup and the scenario, sometimes you are putting yourself in another role you are becoming that other person. I definitely love acting, and I want to pursue it more. Eventually I would like to go out for features and...I just love it!

Shannon: Didn't I read somewhere that you want to be the next Wonder Woman?

Donna: Wonder Woman. That role belongs to me, but that damn Katie Holmes I think is going to get it! Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter. We can always hope!

Donna: You know, we will just wait until the next Bond movie comes out.

Shannon: There you always have to have a plan B!

How long were you a model on Deal or no Deal?

Donna: The whole first season. I had to stop because the taping began for Fashion House.

Shannon: What was the most amount of money that you gave away on there in your briefcase?

Donna: I had the $1 million briefcase.

Shannon: Really? Did someone win it?

Donna: They didn't win it that time, but it was in my case.

Shannon: Have you thought about doing more television shows, maybe another Telenovela?

Donna: Absolutely. You never know what will come up with MyNetwork TV and they are related to FOX. There are so many great shows, you just never know! I went to the mall yesterday and people came up to me were saying how much they love the show so they are getting some great responses to it.

Shannon: Are there any charitable causes or work for the greater good that the fans can help you support?

Donna: Yes. I actively support Breast Cancer Awareness and Muscular Sclerosis Awareness.

Shannon: And of course the fans can visit your website to find out all of the latest info on you.

Donna: Yes, and just know that I am nothing like Gloria! It is a fun character, but I am so different from her. It's funny, I would come home, sit with my parents and just laugh about my lines and some of the ridiculous things that I had to say. Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter. What do you parents think about the show?

Donna: They are so supportive and so happy. They are always bragging about me. It is really funny. I get really shy! Laughter.. We will go into a store and my mom is like. You know, my daughter was is an actress! I'm like oh my gosh, it is so embarrassing! Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter. Have you told your parents a little about what is happening or did you let it all be a surprise?

Donna: I let it be a surprise to everyone, but I did warn them about some of the scenes with Lance!

Shannon: There are 2 scenes where I would have loved to have seen their faces. The first one being the catfight scene with Michelle and the second one being when you were lying in bed with Eddie and you so calmly told him that if he really loves you then he will kill Michelle Miller! That just came out of nowhere! Laughter.

Donna: Laughter. And Gloria really believes her own lies! She really looks him straight in the eyes and tells him that Michelle threatened her and Alec. Another one is when she knocks over the picture frame and is like...oops.

Shannon: What is one thing that the fans would be surprised to know about you?

Donna: Really, that I am the complete opposite of Gloria! They probably think I am this horrible person but I'm not! Laughter.

Shannon: Well I am glad that we are doing this interview today so that they will see that you are not! Even Joel Berti said the other week that you are probably the most unlike your character. You have had to go places that personally you have never been.

Donna: Yeah. I remember sitting in rehearsals and the producers were telling me that I have a kid. I was like a kid? I'm 24 years old and have a 7 year old son?! Gloria has been through a lot! Then, my mom is like older than my grandma. Laughter. Then to go through all of these emotions the shooting and her mom dying. It was a lot.

I like to have fun and go riding electric scooters and ATV'ing. I like to travel and like world music. I love good food and am very family oriented. Nothing like Gloria! Laughter.

Shannon: If you were not acting today, would you still be focused on your Fashion Business career?

Donna: Absolutely. I also went to school for professional makeup, so I would definitely be a makeup artist. I do still plan on eventually launching my own line of cosmetics in a few years.

Shannon: That will be exciting!

Donna: Yeah. I love the cosmetic industry and my passion is making people feel better about themselves. I want to be a part of that!

Shannon: A lot of big things coming up for you then. What kind of photo shoots can we expect to see in the near future from you?

Donna: I am in Calabasas Magazine right now. I have a 6-8 page Stuff Magazine Issue (comes out in January). I've been shooting some high fashion editorial things. There's all kinds of different stuff coming out. All the latest news can be found on my website.

Shannon: Is there anything else that you would like to say to your fans out there?

Donna: I would just like to thank everyone that has supported the show and hopefully they will keep up with MyNetwork TV. I hope that it continues to grow and grow. You know, we were like the guinea pigs. I love hearing from the fans and going on to read the message boards to see what they have to say.

Shannon: Ah. So you are on there reading too! I bet it was a little tough to read about Gloria for awhile huh?

Donna: Yeah. Some of the stuff online can be mean. It is really sad that a lot of women can be really bitter towards other women. I can always tell when a woman is writing something. Not necessarily on your site, but on other sites. A guy will be like 'Oh my god, Gloria is ridiculously hot!' and the gi'rls like 'You know, couldn't they just pick someone better? I'm like, why are you so bitter? Or, Mini Anden (Tania) is playing a supermodel? She's ugly and she has thin hair! Duh, she is a supermodel! What are you talking about? It is just funny how everyone has their opinions and it is fun to read!

Shannon: Well, people really get into these shows. I am seeing that already. Like the daytime fans, they are pretty hardcore!

Donna: Oh, I have a guy that writes to me. Everyday! He gives me updates on his opinion of Gloria and he does these numerology charts for me verses Gloria. I get a lot of fan mail and it is very flattering, but it is hilarious to read some of it. I get poems from one guy that even sent my mom a mother's day card thanking her for having me! Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter... That is so funny! You know that you are going to get more and more of those as your career progresses, but hopefully they will all be in good fun.

Donna: Yeah, and I won't get insulted by the girls that don't like me and think that I am like Gloria!

Shannon: Thank you so much for speaking with me today Donna. It has been a real pleasure!

Donna: Thank you so much!

If you would like more information on how you can help with the fight against breast cancer, please visit Komen

For information on how to help fight Muscular Sclerosis, please visit National MS Society