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Joel Berti

Joel Berti

Today I have a very exciting interview scheduled with Joel Berti.the infamous William Chandler on Fashion House. Many thanks to his Agent Melissa for making this interview possible!

Shannon: Joel, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today. The fans are going to love hearing what you have to sayI have had several requests for this!

Joel: My pleasure.

Shannon: Well, first of all let me say that I am a huge fan of the show!

Joel: Are you really?

Shannon: Oh god yes.I watch it every night!

Joel: Excellent! I think it grows on you if you give it a chance and tune in more than once. Even the harshest of critics (if they hang in there) are likeyou can't help but to get into to these people!

Shannon: That's for surewith the wedding scene and everything else that has been going on latelyyou can't help but to really get into it.

Joel: laughter I know.

Shannon: Now, your characterWilliam Chandler.

Joel: Yes.

Shannon: When the show first started, I thought (and many others that I know) that he was a bad guy, but now he seems like he may be a good guy. How would you describe your character?

Joel: I'm hoping that he is like most of us.a little bit of both. Laughter He certainly is bad in a sense that he approaches a very painful situation by hurting someone else. Laughter..

Shannon: Laughter

Joel: That's not the healthiest way to go about thingsbut it is definitely more fun! On the good side, I think that his real intention is to meet his brother and find out who he really is and maybe hopefully become friends with him and connect with him.

Shannon: Yeah.that's what we are seeing right now. Are you watching Fashion House every night with the rest of America (and your friends and family)?

Joel: I have been, but I missed it this week.

Shannon: The entire week?

Joel: YeahI know. It is because I have been running around auditioning and such. I have had a blast watching it though!

Shannon: Well, you can always go to to read those recapsthey are there for ya.

Joel: Laughter Well, my mom is really into the thing and she's been putting her two cents in on the website.

Shannon: Ohshe's putting hers on there too?

Joel: Yeah, she's having a lot of fun with it.

Shannon: I'm gonna have to look around and see if I can spot her out there. Laughter.

Joel: Laughter..

Shannon: Well you know, Tony Tripoli, Robert Buckley and Erika Schaefer say that their parents linger around the site as well. I guess everybody's parents are going on there!

Joel: Yeah, it's a lot of fun.

Shannon: Have you heard how well the telenovela format is doing so far for the network?

Joel: They committed to making these and have already started filming the next 3 or 4. Whether they are having the success that they want..I don't know. I think that if they hang in there, more people will eventually say you know what, these guys have been hanging around, maybe we should tune into one of them. I believe that one of them will really pop off down the line.

I know that they have put Natalie into another show and that they put Robert Buckley into The Heiress.

Shannon: So Robert Buckley (Michael) will be in The Heiress and Natalie Martinez (Michelle) will be in which one?

Joel: I believe it is called Dangerous Love.

Shannon: Wow, that's great for them! When is Fashion House scheduled to end?

Joel: I don't know the exact date, but I think that we are about half way (or a little less than half way) through.

Shannon: I know that you can't tell us a lot, but when it gets to the finale of the show, should we expect big things?

Joel: Yeah, you should expect big things! Laughter. All of the different people colliding into one mess of drama and dysfunction!

Shannon: Now that is a good quote! Laughter.

Joel: Laughter

Shannon: That's kind of what we have been waiting on.we can see it coming!

Joel: That'll definitely happen and it will be fun.

Shannon: Well, when did you realize that you wanted to be an actor?

Joel: I started really young back east. I did Theatre by accident when everyone had to sing (I was in the chorus in third grade) and try out for this play, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. We didn't have a choice in the matter, and I can tell you that no one was thrilled about getting up and singing. Somehow I got the part of Charlie Brown and at that age I obviously didn't know what I was doing, but I enjoyed being up there and feeling the attention and the energy of the audience. I continued to do musicals growing up and throughout high school in different plays. As I got about 16 or 17 I became really fascinated with movies and films. I started reading a lot about different actors and different movies and both of my parents are big film watchers.and are very snobby (as far as what I could watch and what I couldn't watch) Laughter.and so, I basically left college after a year and went to Hollywood when I was 20 years old and started to pursue it.

Shannon: Wow, good for you!

Joel: Yeah well, when you're 20 and you don't know anything, it's easier to do when your that nave! Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter That's true.

Joel: Yeah, I went out there without a car! Laughter. No one told me that in L.A. you need a car, so I rollerbladed for a good year delivering health food to NBC and Warner Bros. and stuff like that.

Shannon: Well it paid off.right?

Joel: Sure. Oh yeah! Laughter

Shannon: All the blood, sweat and tears.

Joel: Laughter.

Shannon: If you weren't acting today, what do you think you would be doing for a living?

Joel: I love music! I would probably find some way to be involved with thateither producing it or maybe even being a DJ. I'm a big fan (I don't have any musical ability) but I listen to a ton of different music.and maybe photography as well (I'm a big fan of that too).

Shannon: What's your favorite kind of music?

Joel: OhI love all sorts. I usually tend to lean towards (I don't know how you would describe it) but like Radio HeadU2...I could go on and on.

Shannon: Back to Fashion House You had Morgan Fairchild as your mother and Bo Derek as your lover. You had a lot of scenes with them but William kinda mixes with all the characters. Who have you particularly enjoyed working with on the show?

Joel: Actually I got really lucky because this cast is a bunch of goof balls! Laughter..

Shannon: I will agree with that based on the one's that I have had the chance to speak with. Laughter

Joel: A bunch of good lookin' goof balls! Everyone was really such a blast to be around because no one took themselves too seriously and I had a lot of fun! I got very close to Natalie (Michelle) and Taylor (Luke). I adore them and we have become really good friends! I could really go on and on about each of them. Robert Buckley (Michael) is hilarious and brought tons of humor to the role that wasn't there in the script. I've gotten a huge kick out of watching Erika play LexiI think she is doing a great job!

Shannon: She really is!

Joel: Mini Anden really surprised everyone. You know she is this high fashion model who's gorgeous, and she's playing this cracked out super modeland she's just doing a fantastic job!

Shannon: YeahTania has slipped, but Mini is portraying it very, very well!

Joel: I was very fortunate to be able to be Nicole Pulliam's (Nikki) love interestthat was awesome! She was very easy and fun to work withI could go on and on!

Shannon: That was a shock for the fans too! That came out of nowhere.

Joel: Laughter yeah they didn't see that coming.

Shannon: So now you know the poll on the site is who do they want to be the father of the baby Michael or William.

Joel: Oh. I imagine I am losing on that one!

Shannon: No, I think you were winning the last time that I checked.

Joel: Really? Oh Wow!

Shannon: You know whatyour mom probably did it! Laughter.

Joel: Laughter.She might be doing thatI don't know.

Shannon: Who have you found to be the most unlike their character? Probably everyone I would guess.

Joel: Well, you would be surprised how close we are to these roles. Laughter..

Shannon: Laughter. That is very scary!

Joel: Laughter I guess I would have to say Donna Feldman (Gloria) is the least like her character. She really had to go places that she has never been. A sick mother, having a baby those are not things that she is experiencing in life! She's a beautiful model that has a great life in Los Angeles!

Shannon: Well, Gloria is pretty vicious too!

Joel: Laughter.. Yeah, she's trying to get people killed!

Shannon: Yeah, not just vicious..she is mean!

Joel: Yeahshe's just mean. You want to do something for me? Kill Michelle Miller!

Shannon: Laughter. I know. I was like where the hell did that come from?

Joel: Laughter. I would have to say that she is the most unlike her character.

Shannon: As if there wasn't enough going on, now she's got a hit out for somebody! Laughter.

You said that you've been busy auditioning and things like that. What projects do you see for you in the future?

Joel: I would love to get involved in some more low budget or independent featuresmeet some up and coming directors.that would be great. Part of the hussle is that you have to try and get on guest star stuff. I just went out for Cold Case.went back for 4 times on it (between me an another guy). I actually like these Novelas. I think that they are a great job for an actor. You know, you're doing between 40 to 60 episodes of television in 3 months and you're getting to play that role and it is a lot of fun actually.

Shannon: If you could do those every 3 months you could get a little time off too.

Joel: Yep. I think it's great. I'm not a huge long term commitment guy. I really like the idea of 3-4 months. I had a blast doing it and hope to do another one!

Shannon: What is the one thing that you could tell your fans about yourself that they would never guess?

Joel: Laughter. That I am a romantic, but I don't know if that comes across in William Chandler!

Shannon: Hmm. You're a romantic, but you're not a long term commitment kind of guy?

Joel: Laughter One does not have to go with the other! Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter. GotchaI will be sure and separate the both of those!

Joel: Please Do!

Shannon: Tomorrow is Halloween. Any big plans for that?

Joel: They are sending me to New York to do press for the show.

Shannon: What type of press are you going to be doing?

Joel: Radio stuff and maybe some personal appearances and a television spot or two. My family is in New York too, so I am excited.

Shannon: And Halloween in New York is never a bad thing right?

Joel: No, not at all! It should be fun! Where are you located?

Shannon: I am in South Carolina.

Joel: Oh wow, ok. I fell in love with golf there!

Shannon: Let me guessMyrtle Beach?

Joel: Yes! I had never played and I was walking behind a friends house and ended up on a golf course at like 6 o'clock at night and I saw a guy playing golf by himself. A deer ran across the greenand I thought.that's a good way to go. I could get old doing that! So, I'm playing golf now.

Shannon: Awesome!

Joel: You can tell people that I'm single too if you want!

Shannon: Laughter Okay! I will be sure and make that knownromantic and single!
Do you support any charitable causes that your fans could help you out with?

Joel: Yes. I donate and support charities that are devoted to improving our environment.

Shannon: Is there anything else that you would like to say to your fans and the fans of Fashion House out there?

Joel: I'm glad that the tide has turned and not everyone thinks that I am evil now! Laughter.

Shannon: It took a while. We thought that William was just doing things to be mean!

Joel: Yeah, but he definitely has his reasons. I really appreciate everyone that is tuning in and giving this new ideathis concept a chance because no one really knew what they were getting into when they watch these things. It was a brand new idea (the Americanized Novelas).

Shannon: It is great to have something like this to watch at night.

Joel: Yeah, and you don't have to wait!

Shannon: And you can even get a Saturday recap.

Joel: Exactly.and they definitely have enough flashbacks to show what's going on. Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter. The fans have talked quite a bit about the flashbacks, but overall it is excellent programming!

Joel: I'm glad that you think so.

Shannon: Can we get a quote from you regarding the Website?

Joel: is a wonderful place to find out what's going on in the crazy, dysfunctional world of the Novelas.

Shannon: Really quickly, I read that you appeared on Days of Our Lives at one time. Who did you play on there?

Joel: I played a rapist! Laughter. That's not gonna help my cause any huh? Laughter

Shannon: Laughter.

Joel: I appeared in 3 episodes about 5 or 6 years ago.

Shannon: Well maybe we will see you on daytime television again one day.

Joel: You never know. It is really good work for an actor!

Shannon: Joel, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today! Be sure and tell your mom to check out the interview.

Joel: Thank you, I will. Have a great day!

It was a great pleasure speaking with Joel and appreciates the opportunity. For more information on different environmental charities that you can take part in, please visit https:/ wishes Joel much happiness and continued success!