Fashion House: A New Primetime Drama image

Fashion House Premiers Septemeber 5th!

Primetime drama takes on a new format Tuesday, September 5th, when My Network TV launches two new primetime dramas….One of them being the highly anticipated Fashion House, starring Morgan Fairchild (Sophia Blakely) and Bo Derek (Maria Gianni). The show will be in a different format than American viewers are used to seeing. The Fashion House concept is modeled after the Telenovela format which is extremely popular worldwide. The show consists of 65 episodes, which will be broadcasts 5 nights a week (weekday evenings at 9pm Est/Pac) for 13 weeks.

Fashion House is all about the glamorous, cut throat world of the fashion industry. The show is filled with lust, greed, revenge, manipulation and vindictiveness (all things that Soap fans love to watch)! Additional cast members include Nicole Pulliam, Tony Tripoli, Natalie Martinez and film legend Tippi Hedren. Viewers in other countries that are used to this television format warn that these shows can be extremely addictive! advises all viewers to proceed with caution!