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    Under Pressure. - Dirty Soap Daily Updates -

    Under Pressure.

    Sunday, November 13 2011
    Farah pressures JP, Fary pressures Nadia and Kelly thinks beyond "General Hospital."

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    Posted by soaps09 at Saturday, November 26 2011 03:12 PM

    Nadia needs to tell her mother to you know what OFF! ban her from her property, take out an avo and invest in some greyhounds with sharp teeth!

    Posted by Lacels at Friday, December 02 2011 06:53 AM

    Love this show! Especially with the soaps being so disappointing lately. I know so many people seem to love Kelly on the show, and don't get me wrong, I do like her, but honestly, enough already with the ex-boyfriend! 1 - 2 episodes maybe, but's old already. Also I didn't realize what a little B**** Farrah is in real life. Also, so bored with Galen and Jenna. Love the show, interesting seeing life behind the soaps!

    Posted by blondeshavemorefun at Sunday, December 18 2011 10:22 AM

    Yes it was selfish of Kelly to leave her friend but people deal with things in different ways` honestly it might sound vain or something but I dont think I could of stayed. I would of wanted someone with her but Being sick is hard. but cancer I would of prob. ran away, I would of realized it was a mistake and would come back. Nadia isnt` shallow but if She is about makeup and looks` thats` ok because She has the sweetest personality! Nadia isnt` jealous of Kelly monaco! Kelly Is pretty 2 though! Sam and the actress Is Really pretty! Theres` alot of Chole haters and Sam Haters` but honestly theres` only a few out of soap stars I hate ! I mean there characters` dont get the 2 mixed up, some people do. Like Liz I love her than I hate her lol but I mostly love her! I only didnt ` like Liz in 2007 for being mean to Sam! Farah and Jp are cute! Every girl wants` a fairytale wedding!

    Posted by blondeshavemorefun at Sunday, December 18 2011 10:25 AM

    Kirsten storms Is my fave! I think Farah overeacted but I do like her 2.

    Posted by ukamerica8 at Wednesday, January 25 2012 02:21 PM

    Please bring back this show, oh my goodness this show is awesome, i watch Days of our lives so watching Rafe and (Chloe)- who use to be on there was fabulous, i could'nt wait to watch the next episode

    Posted by bostonfan at Saturday, February 11 2012 07:32 PM

    I was sorry to here this show wasnt renewed. I liked the actors I think Farrah should talk to JP more and stop talking advice from gay friends who dont seem tom like JP.
    I think Fary is awful trying to pimp out daughter because
    she doesnt like Brandon who said says he show her no respect
    after all the BS shes pulled she also said he has no class
    but she wearing a white see-thru shirt in a fancy restuarant.ID also like to find out what happened to Kirten
    who still hasnt been back on GH.

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