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    Under Pressure. - Dirty Soap Daily Updates -

    Under Pressure.

    Sunday, November 13 2011
    Farah pressures JP, Fary pressures Nadia and Kelly thinks beyond "General Hospital."

    Farah and JP take a walk on the beach. She asks if he is scared to leave his life in New York. JP admits he is leaving a lot of happiness to be with her. She promises she will give him a good life there and jokes about how he should propose to her.

    The soap gang gets together for dinner, including Galen and Jenna, who remind us they are on the show. Farah notices Galen isn't wearing a wedding ring. JP boasts he'll never wear one, either, and his fighting with Farah makes everyone uncomfortable. Brandon jokes that he wears a ring just for practice. Brandon then suggests that they all take a camping trip together. JP is concerned about it turning into a Blair Witch experience. A life with Farah could be scarier.

    Farah, JP, Danny and Nathaniel go shopping for camping supplies. Danny hopes the trip will be like the movie "Brokeback Mountain." They place bets on who will walk away first, but Farah thinks it will be a blast. They pack up their van and drive to meet everyone at the campsite. Farah continues to blab about how excited she is, because if she says it enough, it will really be true.

    As everyone arrives at the campsite, Danny is immediately turned off by the bugs. Danny and Nadia chat while the tents are being set up. He wonders if she would be weirded out if Brandon popped the question. She admits her mom's disapproval plays a part in her marriage fears. Danny thinks it sucks that she is enabling her mom. Nadia is either moved by the deep advice, or drunk. Kelly arrives and thanks Galen and Jenna for inviting her. She makes her presence known with a tequila shot. Kelly impresses everyone with her hot body and teeny bikini. Jenna and Farah chat about kids. Farah thinks she would be a good mom, but doesn't feel called to be a mom. Kelly pops into the conversation and definitely wants to be a mom. Farah claims she doesn't necessarily care about marriage, but wants to know if JP would go through with it or not.

    The gang sits by a campfire. Kelly admits that she is terrified about "General Hospital" cancellation rumors. Farah asks how Kirsten's replacement is doing, and they all hope she gets better soon. Galen makes a toast to everyone. Danny asks JP when he is going to buy Farah a ring. Galen steps in and asks why he's ambushing JP. Jenna also thinks pressuring JP isn't good. Danny then tells Farah and her favorite Molly Ringwald "Pretty in Pink" hat that he is breaking up with JP. An intoxicated and vulnerable Farah suddenly wants to marry JP, but doesn't think he wants to marry her. She cries how good she is to him and deserves an answer. Danny calls JP over and asks if he wants to marry Farah. JP answers that he wants to spend his life with her, but she cries that it isn't fair to not give her a straight answer. She orders him to give her an answer. He can't, and she says she is breaking up with him. She cries that she is done with him and mumbles and stumbles away, which reminds JP why he is anti-marriage.

    Kelly meets with Nick, a branding expert, to generate some business ideas in case her run on "General Hospital" should end. He suggests a clothing line. She is excited to get her life in order and goes to Vegas to scout out prospects.

    Nadia meets Fary for lunch, who brings her friend, Fernando. Nadia realizes that Fary is trying to set her up. She texts Brandon to come rescue her. Fernando steps away, and Fary thinks he is a gentleman. Nadia wants Fary to meet a man of her own, which Fary nixes, because deep down she knows no man would ever tolerate her. Fernando returns and Fary tries to encourage the two to hook up. Brandon arrives and Fary points out he wasn't invited. Brandon asserts Nadia invited him, and Fary says she wanted Nadia to meet a real gentleman. As Fary and Fernando leave, she cries that she can't stand to be in the same room as Brandon. Fernando thinks that he could show Nadia what a real man is and teach Brandon some manners. Back inside, Nadia admits Fary is being manipulative. A dejected Brandon believes she knows no boundaries and doesn't think he'll ever win. When they return home, she promises to try and not let her mom have such a stronghold on their relationship.

    Back at home, Farah and JP discuss their breakup. She rolls her eyes one last time for the cameras. She brings up marriage again and he finally tells her that someday they will get married.

    Ally's Thoughts:

    It wasn't exactly the finale I had hoped for, as a lot was left open-ended. Of course, perhaps that will lead to a second season for my new favorite guilty pleasure.

    I just don't understand Farah. One moment, she tries to play it cool and claims she doesn't care about marriage or kids. The next moment, she is throwing around ultimatums to JP. Maybe there is a lot we don't see off camera, but I think all of her constant complaining and bossy demeanor would get to me. On a side note, as picky as Danny is about fashion, why hasn't he told Farah to ditch that tacky hat we've seen all season?

    Nadia should just cut Fary out of her life for awhile. If Fary can't accept Brandon, maybe some tough love will get her to accept she can't call the shots in Nadia's life. I also think Fary was attracted to Fernando and secretly wanted him for herself.

    As irrelevant as Galen and Jenna have been all season, I did enjoy seeing them put Danny in his place and suggest that he let JP decide if and when to propose, not because Danny thinks something should happen.

    All season long, Kelly has been my favorite. She seems like a really down-to-earth gal. I just wish we could have seen Kirsten before the season wrapped. I was happy that they mentioned her in the finale, and here's to hoping that she is doing better and that we'll see her in a new season of "Dirty Soap!"

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    Posted by mamajj at Monday, November 14 2011 01:11 PM

    So sad it's over. Please E bring it back next season.

    OK So I called it. Farah lasted all of a NY minute not pressuring JP on marriage. Last episode she said she would stop. Yeah right. What is her big hang up on marriage? I just don't get it. if she loves him so much then just be with him. I think if she didn't put so much pressure on him that one day it would just happen naturally. And JP should just tell Danny to STFU already. It's is really none of his business. For the first time all season Galen & Jenna had my attention. The way they stood up for JP was awesome. Galen getting out of his chair & say "why are you ambushing JP" was the right thing to do. FINALLY someone was on JP's side.

    Good to see Kelly getting her life in order. She looks like she really knows how to have a good time. I wish I was on that camping trip.

    OMG Fary needs to be stopped. That woman is unbelievable. Saying Brandon is rude cuz he didn't go shake her hand & say hello. WTF Why the h*ll should he. That is his girlfriend she is trying to set up. She's lucky Nadia & Brandon didn't tell her to f off right then & there. Poor Brandon was probably in shock on what he walked in on. Poor guy.

    Love this show, hope it gets picked up.

    Thanks Ally for the recap.

    Posted by hecate2909 at Monday, November 14 2011 03:00 PM

    I'm also really hoping that this is just the beginning of a long and loving relationship between myself and Dirty Soap, please E bring this show back for a second season and fast!

    I Love Nadia, & Kelly

    Galen, Jenna and Brandon are okay

    Farah does my head in as does JP and I really hope that Kirsten is back to full health asap.

    Fary seems vey irrational if not a little touched in the head! but she makes for good drama! Nadia really should tell her Mother to Back the He!! off though!

    Posted by Soap4evr at Monday, November 14 2011 04:54 PM

    Some parts of this show seems so fake. The relationship drama between Brandon, Nadia, JP, and Farah seems made up. Especially since all is well in the twitter world. Brandon and Nadia's mother are quite chummy. I don't see the fascination with Nadia. She seems so shallow to me. My favorite by far is Kelly. She is very down to earth and fun to hand out with. I was so happy when she showed up at the camp grounds. Her Vegas trip was the best also. I'm glad to see her planning for the future. She has a good head on her shoulders. Farah even found her more interesting to talk to than Nadia.

    I also was glad when Galen stepped in and stood up for JP. I'm so sick of that guy getting into everyone's business.

    Brandon finally admitted that he thinks about the relationship with Nadia ending. He shouldn't have to live like that. He must be soo stressed out (if it's real).

    Nadia needs to stop acting trashy when the group gets together. She seemed a little jealous when Kelly showed up and took the spotlight from her. Kelly does have a rockin' bod. I'm with Farah, if I looked like that I would've showed up in a bikini too!

    Here's hoping for another season.

    Posted by Kimberly ann at Monday, November 14 2011 08:38 PM

    I really can`t stand Fary, she is one crazy lady,trying to break up Nadia and Brandon,really she should stay out of it they love each other and that is what matters,and than there is Farah and JP, come on girl if he wants to marry you he will and your friends are being to pushy with him telling him that he should marry you,he will when he is ready.Love Kelly she is so down to earth with everything.

    Posted by cityhunter at Tuesday, November 15 2011 09:07 AM

    Nadia shallow and jealous of Kelly?Do you have more crap of this kind? Obviously you're a kelly fan,jealous of Nadia.Kelly has nothing that Nadia could possibly want?Nadia has looks,brain,personnality and MANY talents...Kelly can't even begin to compare to her.Kelly is so shallow and self centered that she failed to be for her friend who was going through cancer.As far as Brandon if he can't take it all he has to do is end that relationship.Instead all he does is take the position of the defeated one and whines.Like Nadia said he should take a position and not give Fary the power to affect their lives.He ignored her at that lunch and that's how she should treat her until she learns to respect him.But I'm sure there is more than we know.Danny,Farah's friend,did ask him what happened that caused Fary to have that reaction towards him.He didn't answer.I'm sure something did happen at the begining of Nadia and Brandon's realtionship and ever since Fary is against it and Nadia and Brandon are trying to win her over.Beside that, Fary treats everyone like that,not just Brandon.Nadia either has to cut her out of her life or accept her the way she is.So far she decided to accept her the way she is and to keep trying to talk to her and have her accept her choices and decisions.Smart lady.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, November 15 2011 09:50 AM

    What this show really needed to make it a great season finale was some good old fashioned violence. Danny took advantage of his so-called friendship with Farah and his intimate knowledge of her relationship with JP to push her buttons, get her all wound up after drinking all day, and make her confront JP, apparently for his own amusement. As soon as she stumbled off, drunk, upset, and crying, all because of Danny, if I had been John Paul, I’d have kicked Danny’s ass up and down that campsite. Danny is a man, in spite of the fact that he doesn’t act like one, and a man shouldn’t expect to purposely hurt another man’s woman just for fun, potentially damaging their relationship, without having to pay the price. JP would be justified in acting in defense of his woman’s feelings, and retaliating for the way Danny continually eggs on Farah, talking down JP (and Kristen), playing on and increasing Farah’s insecurities, screwing with her head and sabotaging their happiness.

    If a straight guy did all that it would be obvious that he’s trying to break them up because he wants Farah for himself, and I believe that’s the case here. He openly wants her to be the mother of his children and live as a happy little trio along with his silent lover. I don’t care if Danny fought back, or if he screamed like a little girl, but JP should have introduced his fist to Danny’s face several times while he made it extremely clear to Danny that he needs to stay out of his personal business until he’s sure he gets the point, and then JP should’ve made him eat sand to clean out that mouth of his.

    I would also hope that Galen would’ve kept everybody else from interfering because Danny crossed a line that men just don’t cross without having to face the consequences, and it’s something that can’t be settled with mere words; it needed to be dealt with man to man. Unfortunately, we seem to be dealing with a variant of the species in this case.

    Likewise, I would not have been nearly as friendly to Fernando, had I been in Brandon’s place. I wouldn’t have even sat down. As soon as Brandon saw what was obviously going on, he should have said to Fernando: “Look, I don’t know you, and right now we don’t have a problem because I also don’t know if Fary told you that Nadia was in a committed relationship or not, but Nadia texted me to come get her because she feels uncomfortable being put in this situation. Now you know! Don’t call her or try to get in touch with her in any way again, or we WILL have a problem. We’re leaving!” And then he should’ve taken Nadia and walked out, without ever saying a word to her mother, or even acknowledging Fary’s presence.

    Fary is a pathologically unbalanced woman with seemingly no other interests other than controlling her daughter’s life. I thought no one on the show could possibly irritate me more, but Danny did just that, with the way he willfully inflicted pain on someone supposedly his close friend, picking at her scabs until they bled, and he apparently did it out of sheer boredom. Fary probably can’t help herself, but Danny knows EXACTLY what he’s doing, which makes me sick, and I don’t even LIKE Farah.

    If both JP and Brandon had acted like real men, both Nadia and Farah would feel reassured about the depths of their respective boyfriend’s feelings for them and their commitment to the relationship. No guy likes to talk a thing to death, but actions speak much louder than words.

    Kelly proves once again that she is the perfect woman. Probably the only woman not intimidated by the sight of a drunken Nadia fondling herself and playing peek-a-boo in a bikini. Kelly takes a back seat to no one in the HAWT department, but she doesn’t shove it in everybody’s face either, which is very endearing. I can sympathize with her feelings of impending doom about the inevitable fate of General Hospital, but it’s good to see she’s taking advantage of her current celebrity status to diversify her interests beyond the world of soaps. I doubt if she’d ever be out of work as an actress for very long, no matter what happens to GH.

    I doubt if Dirty Soap will be back, at least not with the same cast, but it was an interesting glimpse into the private lives of the privileged, self involved, and generally working class of the Hollywood set. It certainly lost a lot of sizzle after Kirsten dropped out, but Kelly came out looking even more likeable than ever before, if that’s even possible.

    Posted by cjandej at Wednesday, November 16 2011 08:52 AM

    I think Brandon deserves boyfriend of the year award for putting up with Fary. That is just ridiculous. My husband even said Fary is one woman you want to say just shut up or get out!

    Posted by LowCountry Girl at Wednesday, November 16 2011 12:21 PM

    Mammajj I agree I was happy Galen was on JP's side. That was not the place for that kind of discussion.

    Scrimmage I was disappointed with the finale as well. You were spot on with your comments once again! I agree with you if we are lucky to have it return I think a chage in cast will be necessary to keep the ratings up.

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, November 16 2011 02:15 PM

    scrimmage...LOL YES JP should have socked Danny. He was being a nosy lil sh*t & poking & prodding at their relationship. Danny really needs to STFU already. He does want Farah for himself. He wants some kind of modern family w/her & his boyfriend. But NOT JP. That's the vibe I get.

    Posted by Soap4evr at Thursday, November 24 2011 05:34 PM

    Scrimmage, I agree with you comments. I think they are spot on, except for the Fary-Fernando lunch date. Fernando was clearly in the dark to Nadia's relationship status, so for Brandon to show up and take it out on him would be uncalled for. Why does Nadia need rescuing? She's a grown @$$ woman! If I were in her shoes I wouldn't have called Brandon just to rub his face in it and hurt his feelings. I would've simply told my mother a thing or two, excused myself, and left the restaurant. I would've told Brandon about it later at home.
    Cityhunter, you are clearly a fan of Nadia and that's fine. But you must except that she isn't appealing to everyone. Beauty isn't everything. I think if she were less attractive Brandon would've left long ago. No man would take that crap unless it came in an attractive package.
    If the show does return, I would like to see some new faces.

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