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    Sunday, November 06 2011
    Farah tries to be less bossy, Kelly does something sweet, and Nadia stands up to Fary.

    Farah and her tacky hat have breakfast in her dressing room with JP. She orders JP back to the kiosk to get her another breakfast burrito, because hers is missing cheese. When she goes to work on the "One Life to Live" set, she has a tough time recalling her lines. She is overwhelmed playing two characters, one good and one bad. All Farah needs to do is act like herself to play the bad girl. Danny drops by Farah's to show her his new product, a chap stick with Viagra in it. Farah jokes about how big her lips already are and then reveals Deidre Hall slammed her for wearing too much lip gloss, making Deidre the woman of the hour.

    Danny and Nathaniel join Farah and JP for shopping. Nathaniel tries to sell JP on a sensible cardigan. JP feels his individuality dying. JP gets frustrated and Farah sighs that the mission has failed.

    Nadia calls her mom, Fary, and invites her over to her house to spend time with Brandon's family. A less-than-thrilled Fary suddenly has a cold. Nadia hopes she feels better. That would take a lobotomy. Brandon's family arrives and his mom compliments their beautiful home, but thinks it needs children in it. Nadia explains Fary isn't there because she is sick, but Brandon believes that Fary isn't really sick and notes it hurts his feelings.

    Kelly invites her former friend, Lauren, over to reconnect. Kelly feels regret over losing touch with her, especially since Lauren overcame Hodgkin's. Kelly could kick herself for not being strong enough for her, and Lauren is still hurt over waiting at the hospital for her to show up. Lauren forgives her and Kelly cries that she needs her in her life.

    Kelly goes out for a girls' night and discusses some charity work she's doing for Children's Miracle Network. She is inspired by a young girl, Mikayla, who is fighting leukemia. She wants to do something special for her. She invites Mikayla to the "General Hospital" set to be a part of the show. Doing a hair touch-up, Kelly accidentally singes Mikayla's wig. They end up having to get a new wig. Mikayla reveals she gets picked on by other kids for not having real hair, but loves the new wig. Kelly stokes Mikayla's new hair and says, "Hair or no hair, you are amazing." Mikayla's scene of the show goes great, and Kelly beams like a proud mama.

    Farah and Nadia go to an event and get free manicures. Farah thinks Fary is so funny, perhaps because she sees so much of her bossy self in Fary. Nadia notes it is tough for Brandon. Suddenly, Farah finds Fary not so fabulous and wonders how Fary can treat Nadia so bad.

    JP and Brandon meet for lunch. He tells Brandon about his fight with Farah. Brandon wonders why Farah yells at him, and finds her to be very bossy. Brandon should know about bossy since Fary owns him. He thinks JP should just let Farah have her way to make her happy. He reveals he puts up with Fary because it makes Nadia happy, but he wishes Nadia would stand up to her. JP randomly asks Brandon if he has had eye work done.

    Brandon returns home and laments his wish that Fary was as easygoing as his family. Nadia believes everything Fary does comes from love, except for interacting with the human race. Nadia chokes up feeling like she's always in the middle. Brandon advises Nadia to stand up to Fary because her negativity is effecting their lives. They invite Fary over for a serious chat. Fary channels her inner Farah and rolls her eyes. An upset Nadia wants Fary to stop making up things about Brandon, like him being a drug dealer. Fary twists everything around and answers their questions with questions. Fary claims she will be nice when Nadia is actually happy with Brandon. Nadia says she is happy, but Fary believes she has had too much champagne and yells, "Cheers!" More yelling ensues, Fary tells Brandon he is an assh*le, and leaves. Nadia cries, but Brandon is happy she stood up for him.

    Farah surprises JP by taking him to play golf. He teases her by offering to go ring shopping if she plays well. She then surprises him with a brunch on the 18th hole and a golf membership for when he moves to LA. He says it is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him. She apologizes for being so controlling. Knowing Farah won't be able to help herself from bossing her man around, I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic for Galen and Jenna, who are at least nice to one another most of the time.

    Next week on the season finale "Dirty Soap:"

    On a camping trip, Brandon tells Kelly he does worry things might not work out between him and Nadia.

    Danny tells Farah he needs to have a serious discussion with her about JP.

    Farah tells JP they are done.

    Feel free to leave a comment about your take on tonight's "Dirty Soap."

    Ally's Thoughts:

    It was awesome to see Nadia stand up to Fary. It must be tough being caught between her mom and Brandon, but she has to recognize that her mom is indulging in some unhealthy behavior. How in the world does Fary get away with accusing Brandon of being a drug dealer? I have to wonder sometimes if Fary is trying to live vicariously through Nadia.

    I find Farah to be a bit two-faced. One second, she is barking orders at JP. The next, she is arranging for romantic dinners on a golf course. It's nice that she apologized to him, but I don't think she will be able to make good on her promise to be less controlling. Of course, I don't find JP to be such a great boyfriend, either. These two just seem to want different things and it is making them both crazy in the process, and making me crazy watching them. Also, I think Farah's hat should be credited as a supporting character, as she always seems to be wearing it.

    It's really great when celebrities use their power for good, and I loved seeing Kelly do something so special for Mikayla.

    On a random note, how in the world did Danny make a chap stick with Viagra? Does he have his own Mr. Wizard's World lab or something? On another random note, why did JP ask Brandon if he had eye work done? Sometimes, it seems like he is intentionally trying to be weird.

    The season finale is up next week and Farah is teasing us with the prospect of leaving JP. I didn't see Kirsten in the previews, but hope she makes an appearance somehow.

    Thoughts? Go ahead and leave a comment.

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    - Allyson Wells

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    Posted by mamajj at Sunday, November 06 2011 09:23 PM

    I am really sad that next week is the last show. I hope E picks it up for another season. I love this show.

    How awesome of Kelly to get Mikayla that wig & a walk on part on the show. Very nice. How about that guy walking up to a table full of girls having dinner & asking her out. PLEASE!!! Keep on moving brother.

    I was glad to see Nadia stand up to her mother but I don't think it did any good. Fary is in her own world. Nadia says Brandon makes her happy & Fary says she is wrong & drunk. WTF Maybe Nadia needs to take a drastic step & cut her out of her life for a little while to show her she means business. Brandon's family was great. Down to earth, loving & fun. Fary calling them trash was horriable. She has some real issues.

    Farah saying she isn't going to boss JP around anymore will last through that meal. She will be all over him by by next week, I am sure. Leave the man alone. If he wants to wear pj pants, then let him. he is a grown man who can dress himself & wipe his own a$$. GEEZ!!! He knows when to wear pants. he wore them both times have seen him play golf & for the party. She knew what she was getting when she started dating him.

    NO GALEN OR JENNA YAY!!! Did not miss them one bit. Loved all the focus on the other people. Miss Kirstin though.

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, November 07 2011 07:06 AM

    Aw I can't believe that's the end of season one. I really think they'll get picked up for season two... okay I hope so!! Ally, another great recap that made me laugh throughout. Thanks!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, November 07 2011 07:51 PM

    It's strange, but even though I somewhat agree with her that the decor in Nadia & Brandon's home is sterile and impersonal, Fary is absolutely certifiable, and the way she constantly bullies her own meal ticke… er, I mean daughter and browbeats Brandon is shameful, and an indication of some serious issues. Calling Nadia a “true princess” is how every mother feels about their daughters, but in Fary’s case, to her it only means that she’s the Queen - the Wicked Queen.

    Apparently, Brandon watches the show because he referenced Fary’s threat to kill Nadia before she can have Brandon’s children, and we never saw where she mentioned it to him on camera. It’s hard to dismiss a statement like that as just Fary being “old fashioned and traditional” or even just quirky.

    Nadia will eventually have to decide between having Fary in her life or having Brandon as her lover / husband, and potentially the father of her children, because she can’t have both if things stay the way they are. I doubt if Nadia will ever tell Fary that she will not welcome in their house if she can’t accept Brandon and treat him with respect, but clearly that is what Brandon wants her to do. They may stay together for a while, but he will never marry her or have kids with her until she sets some real boundaries for her overbearing and dangerously disturbed mother. Fary makes JP’s crazy mom look like June Cleaver.

    Farah is another one who needs a reality check. She either needs to accept JP the way he is, or let him go and start a family with her adopted gay couple who seem to have a lot of influence on her and waaaay too much input into her relationship with John Paul. She doesn’t seem to want a partner anyway, she wants a makeover project. She doesn’t like his clothes, his facial hair, his adolescent personality, or his mother. She has no respect for his ability to think for himself and she ambushes him, trying to put him in situations where he’ll feel pressure to do what she wants. That's not love.

    Farah’s top questions for JP, and his answers that she never hears:

    Are you going to wear pajama pants forever? / I LIKE pajama pants. They’re comfortable and they’re my trademark.

    Do you want to buy a house with me in LA or not? / I’m a New Yorker, through and through.

    Are you ever going to propose to me or not? / You suck the life force out of me.

    Do you want to have children with me someday? / I’m getting a vasectomy at my Bachelor party.

    Do you see us staying together forever? / I don’t even like to think about what I’m going to do TOMORROW!

    Posted by TheVirg at Tuesday, November 08 2011 08:57 AM

    OK I've been reading the recaps of this for about a week now. I have a couple of questions:
    1. Is this a reall soap?
    2. Or is it supposed to be their real life?
    I'm confused because they use their real names.
    Hope someone can clear this up for me.

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Tuesday, November 08 2011 07:59 PM

    "Dirty Soap is an American reality television series that debuted on E! on September 25, 2011. The hour-long series focuses on the personal and professional lives of daytime soap opera stars and their off-screen time. The series is being produced by Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and Amber Mazzola." Wikipedia

    I agree with Mamajj that I'm gonna miss this show when it finishes. I'd actually love to see it continue with some new stars (and minus Jenna & Galen). I also really want to see Kirsten again and was sad she left . . . how odd that we never got an update as to what happened or what was going on with her when the cast is so small, and she's such an integral player! Really not too happy about that :-(

    So, I think Nadia really needs some counseling on how to deal with her mother, or she's gonna lose Brandon (who really seems like a great match for her). She doesn't seem strong enough on her own to deal with her mom, and her mom is going to ruin her life (and her happiness) if things don't change soon.

    Loved Kelly's day with Mikayla . . . what a sweet young lady that little girl was!

    Farah & JP are sooooooo mis-matched, I'm amazed they've lasted this long! Kinda looking forward to seeing this relationship fall apart! ;-) Sounds terrible, but honestly, it's the best thing for both of them. They are just soooo wrong for each other in every single way!

    Another great post Scrimmage!

    Looking forward to next week's show and hoping it won't be the last!

    Posted by levann at Monday, November 14 2011 12:10 PM

    Farah is not "two faced" about JP. She's conflicted. I think part of her believes that he's taking her for a ride to nowhere and the other part is willing to just close her eyes and follow him blindly. Jokes about ring shopping won't help...

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