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    Out Of Sync.

    Sunday, October 16 2011
    Kirsten falls ill, Farah has a change of heart, and Jenna wants another baby.

    Kirsten and Kelly have lunch and laugh about soap storylines. Kelly jokes that no one wears a condom on soaps. Their talk turns to Farah. Kirsten claims she has more pressing issues to deal with, which hopefully include getting her roots done. Kirsten believes they are different people than when they were younger.

    Nadia and Brandon return home to enjoy some down time from not working. Brandon reveals he has taken a modeling gig. Nadia is excited for him, but he is worried about being too short. She bums him further because she might be on a movie set and miss his runway debut. Brandon just needs to look at himself in the mirror.

    Galen and Jenna let their kids destroy their house with toys. Jenna tells a silent Galen they can make things better by having a baby girl. Galen seems like he would rather have a Dimera baby than another one with Jenna. She drags him to a fertility specialist about gender selection. A giddy Jenna is excited that multiples are possible, but the doctor points out the miscarriage rate is high. The doctor leaves them to talk alone. Jenna is disappointed that he would rather check out the pornography in the bathroom than discuss more babies.

    At a Soap Star Photo Shoot, JP refuses to clip his beard, but Farah gives orders to get rid of it. She is even more weirded out seeing Kirsten. Kirsten wanders off the set and has no energy. Kelly worries for her friend.

    Farah stops by Nadia and Brandon's house and jokes about how bad her orange hair looked when they worked together on "Days of our Lives." Farah brings up Kirsten and wonders what was wrong with her at the photo shoot. She believes Kirsten wasn't happy with her hair and makeup and can't stop talking about her. Brandon encourages her to drink more, because alcohol is the only thing that might make Farah less annoying.

    On the "General Hospital" set, a concerned Kelly watches as a disoriented Kirsten lays in a hospital bed. She questions Kirsten about what is going on. Kirsten doesn't want to talk about it, but promises to when she is ready. Kelly is heartbroken to see her in so much pain.

    JP and Brandon take a run through New York to prep for Brandon's runway show. Brandon worries that he is not buff enough, but he feels better when Nadia is able to come be with him for his big debut. They pal around and party with Farah and JP. Farah is ready for Nadia to be done with her movie so she'll have a friend again, since she's run all of her other ones off. Nadia drops the bombshell that Kirsten is being recast on "General Hospital." Farah feels bad for her and wants to reach out to her.

    Nadia has to leave Brandon in New York because of work. He is bummed to lose his rock, but playfully spanks her on her way out the door. Despite being nervous and without his girl, he mans up and rocks the runway show. When he returns home, he and Nadia have a date and toast to understanding one another's worlds. He wants a day alone with her and no cell phones. Nadia is scared, but she might want to take him up on the deal before he threatens a double date with Galen and Jenna.

    Galen and Jenna take a walk through the Hollywood Hills. She is happy he wants to spend time with her. Galen can't imagine adding another child to their brood. He wants to enjoy life in the now. She agrees to close the door temporarily. They return home with their senior dog, who is more entertaining than this pair.

    Farah and JP return to LA. Farah looks for news online about why Kirsten is out of work. Farah is scared, but Danny tells her the Kirsten she knew is gone. She calls Tiffany, one of Kirsten's friends, to get information. Tiffany gives Farah an earful about how awful she is, but does admit Kirsten has endometriosis and it is a serious situation. Tiffany thinks it shouldn't take someone getting sick to make them be nice, causing Farah to get defensive and end the call. She goes to her mom for advice. Farah thinks that hearing the sad news makes her want to forget about the bad blood. Farah's mom thinks Kirsten has had it rough. Farah cries, maybe because she's worried for Kirsten, or maybe because a situation isn't about her.

    Ally's Thoughts:

    Kirsten seemed so frail and ill. I really hope she is doing better. I hope to see more on how she's doing in future episodes. I can't tell if Farah was genuinely concerned for Kirsten, or just nosy. Brandon seemed a bit needy tonight, but it's sweet how happy Nadia makes him. Why are Galen and Jenna on this show again? Just talking about them is making me fall asleep. I'm looking forward to some drama between the stars and their parents next week. Let me know what you think by sharing your comments below.

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    - Allyson Wells

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    Posted by Kimberly ann at Sunday, October 16 2011 09:07 PM

    I really think that Farah was showing that she really does care about Kirsten,even if they aren`t friends that doesn`t mean that she can`t be worried about her,and nobody really knows what happened between the two of them and why they are not friends anymore,but if there was something wrong with Farah i really think that Kirsten would like to know that she is ok. but i really love this show it is so great.

    Posted by somuchdrama at Sunday, October 16 2011 09:29 PM

    I am sorry but Farah Fath bugs the living heck out of me! All she does is talk behind Kirsten's back and bug JP about marrying her. I am hoping this show picks up a little far I'm not that taken with it.

    Really hoping that Kirsten will be ok....NO ONE I mean NO ONE can ever replace her as Maxie. She needs to come back!

    Posted by ShannieB99 at Monday, October 17 2011 09:43 AM

    Somuchdrama, I totally agree with you. I also hope that Kirsten will be OK and back to GH soon. I am not liking who they have replacing her, she is whiney and irritating.

    I am loving this show. I also hope we get some real drama soon and not just from Farah and Jenna.

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, October 17 2011 11:59 AM

    First I just want to say..Get better Kirsten. You are missed on GH.

    Well I think Farah has genuine concern over Kristen being sick I don't think she should have tracked down Tiffany to find out what was wrong. I think Nadia would have been a better person to call & find out since they are still friends.

    IMO Jenna needs another kid like a hole in the head. The boys already run that house. Seems like she has no control & seems like she is stressed out.

    Can't wait to hear Nadia sing the Nation Anthem. She has a beautiful voice.

    I love this show. And love that is doing recaps & have a comment board for us.

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, October 17 2011 01:26 PM

    Handieandy, actually Ally was hired specifically because she likes the show and she likes to interject the funny snark. I thought it was hysterical and agreed with everything - plus it's all in fun. Don't take things so seriously. : )

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, October 17 2011 05:06 PM

    I loved the recap. ITA that dog is more interesting then G & J.

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Monday, October 17 2011 09:09 PM

    LOL - I loved the recap too!!! I'm really enjoying this show and getting to see some of the personal sides of these actors & actresses I've only known from watching DAYS. To be honest, Kelly (and her character Sam) seem like so much fun, and I always loved Kirsten on DAYS (plus I hear she's great on GH) . . . it "almost" makes me want to start watching another soap!!! ;-)

    I too find Jenna & Galen boring, but honestly, in a way it's nice to see that they're just regular ppl living life the way we all do. I'm also a stay-at-home mom, and sometimes you feel like you've got it all together, and other days, you feel like the kids are running the show. I find that it's mostly the latter when my husband is home - lol! Because I'm not as focused on the kids when DH is around, they tend to get more wild (and into more trouble) than they normally would. I kinda thought Galen would be a cooler Dad than he seems to be thus far. I'd like to see him interact more with the kids in a fun & playful way. In general, I kinda don't get how/why this couple has lasted so long in real life. They don't seem to have much in common at all and seem so dull together . . . hmmm, probably just the way it's been pieced together for TV.

    I ADORE Brandon & Nadia together!!! They are two of the most beautiful people I've ever seen, and they are both so humble and unassuming! They make a wonderful couple and are so supportive and loving towards one another. I really hope Nadia's mom gets on board cuz it would be great to see them married & having kids together.

    I never liked Farah Fath on DAYS as Mimi. I thought she was always pouty & depressing, and she seems to be that way in real life too - lol!! JP, on the other hand, is hilarious and so much fun! The preview for next week's show says she wants to "move on". For "his" sake, I hope she does!!! I think he could do waaaaay better. But again, I'm sure they must have some fun times together, or they wouldn't have lasted this long. I do think she's probably the one who screwed up the friendship with Kirsten since all of Farah's friends (except Nadia) seem to be guys. Some women just don't know how to be friends with other women. Not judging her at all . . . just sayin' ;-) I'd like to see her at least apologize to Kirsten for all the drama, knowing now what she knows about her health. I'm kinda surprised she didn't go straight to the internet to look up "endometriosis" to find out what Kirsten is really going through. It's the first thing I did!

    Anyway, looking forward to next week's show! Can't wait to see Mike & Kelly and more Nadia & Brandon

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, October 18 2011 11:41 AM

    Well, I’m not sure if anyone is interested in a guy’s opinion about this show, but that’s all I’ve got, so here goes.

    For one thing, I’ve never seen a sorrier excuse for men in my life! What a bunch of wimps! If they’re not completely p-whipped (they ALL are) then they’re mama’s boys too (I’m talking to YOU Pajama Boy). Brandon is clearly uncomfortable in his own skin. For a good looking guy, he seems to have absolutely no confidence, as if someone is going to peek beneath the veneer exterior and expose the fact that he’s got nothing else to offer. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s how he seems to me. Often, insecure men go into acting because it gives them the chance to be somebody other than themselves, because they feel unworthy of attention or consideration, or underserving of love. He needs therapy, and he’s the most normal of the bunch.

    Do you want to know why JP is attracted to Farah, and why she and his mother don’t get along? It’s because they are the EXACT SAME PERSON! It’s unbelievable, but this man-child has found a woman who will run his life for him with blind adoration just like his dear ol’ Mom. She’ll handle the money and give him an allowance. She’ll make all the decisions, small and large, ranging from what to have for dinner to what he should wear to a public appearance, to what house they should buy together. Heaven forbid if he should ever have to make a decision on his own or pick sides in a conflict. He practically ran for the hills when Farah decided to approach Kirsten at the birthday party, so you can bet he’s NEVER going to stand up to his own mother on Farah’s behalf. He’s too much of a puss to initiate a confrontation and put himself between the two women that control his life.

    Farah and JP’s Mom hate each other because they are both in love with the same man. Mom knows that she’ll lose her primary position in her son’s life if he should ever marry, and the very thought of that gives her nightmares. Her New York style, overbearing, passive-aggressive attitude towards Farah and her relationship with her son is so stereotypical, it should be protested by the Yenta Anti-Defamation League, and I don’t know for sure if she’s even Jewish! Who brings their own pillow and milk (??!!) on a weekend visit to the home her son shares with his girlfriend? When she had the nerve to actually and enthusiastically sign autographs at a Soap Fan event, loudly and repeatedly announcing her one and only accomplishment, “I gave him LIFE!” it’s easy to see that she’s not going to give up being the number one woman in her son’s life without a fight. That’s why Farah is so intent on pressuring him to cut the longest and oldest umbilical cord in the history of childbirth, and marry her. She’s wasting her time asking him to make the only decision that she can’t make for him. Mama will never let that happen, and she’ll pull out all the stops, including I’d bet faking an illness, just to keep him from marrying Farah and moving to LA permanently.

    Nadia’s mother isn’t passive aggressive, she’s just aggressive, and murderously so. For Nadia to take her mother’s threat to “kill you myself” if she marries or tries to have children with Brandon, and dismiss it as “Mom just being old fashioned and traditional” is alarming, and dangerously naïve. If Brandon wants a preview of life with Nadia in the future, just picture her slowly turning into her mother over the next twenty years, while the real deal continues to berate him behind his back and to his face at every opportunity, probably because he’s not Iranian, or in a “respectable” profession other than acting which she thinks is frivolous and short-lived. By the time she’s dead, she will have turned Nadia into a veritable clone of herself, dooming Brandon to a life of unending torture and abuse. Unfortunately, every time Brandon seems like he is just about fed up with the whole thing, Nadia will sit on his lap, using her considerable charms to work on him to get him to “play along to get along” until she makes him forget what he was so upset about. It’s insidious!

    Nadia herself defines the term “shallow” if that describes someone who has no depth of character or intellect and thinks “introspection” means looking at herself in two mirrors at once. Typical of women who have had everything handed to them on a silver platter all their lives, based on her perfect body and unearthly good looks, she is only concerned with the trappings and accoutrements of a glamorous Hollywood life. She wants the acting career, because it’s easy to stand around looking beautiful while playing the part of the object of every man’s desires, but she doesn’t care about perfecting her craft. She’s more concerned with her wardrobe and makeup than taking acting classes, or trying to infuse her character with something beneath the stunning outer package. Instead, she surrounds herself with glamorous friends, drinks copious amounts of expensive wine, goes to posh B-list parties, and has a live-in boyfriend who is almost as pretty as she is. It’s all on the surface, but there’s no “there” there. I’ll bet she has no idea what’s going on in the real world beyond her own Hollywood circle, and she probably can’t even balance her own checkbook, if she knew where it was.

    Galen and his wife are sad. He’s simply beaten down and is just trying to get by day-to-day with her insecurities and lack of faith and trust in him. She’s typical of women who can’t distinguish between the dual roles of wife and parent, choosing to “mother” her husband as well as her children. She treats him as if he were an irresponsible teenager, instead of the man who bought her that big house, and paid for all those expensive toys in it, and I’m not just talking about the ones for the kids. Jenna has no respect for her husband, and you can see in his eyes that he’s slowly dying inside. If not for their kids, I think he’s have bailed already, which is why he’s against having more. I think she recognizes that fact which is why she wants to add yet another child, thinking for some reason that a girl would solve all their problems. She’s like a lousy musician who thinks that if he just buys that expensive guitar or a fancy keyboard that it will make him sound better, but it never does. Adding another child will not make them into a happy family; it will only make them a bigger, unhappy one.

    Kelly and Kirsten are the reasons why I tuned into this show in the first place. Kelly is the perfect woman (single, no kids, has her own money, and super incredibly hot!), and it’s a shame she wasted all those years on a freeloading bum like her ex, but it over now, so she needs to move on. She should have no trouble finding a suitable distraction. I only hope he’s of a more masculine variety than what the other women are dealing with on this show.

    Kirsten is heartbreaking. Overly emotional and obviously scarred by her past family history, she is a bundle of insecurities and boundless energy. Her “feud” with Farah is obviously mostly in Farah’s mind, and far more of an issue for her than Kirsten, but it’s still annoying that Kirsten has to deal with such childishness. I certainly hope that her current health issues are resolved quickly and permanently with no lasting aftereffects. She’s a gifted, multifaceted actress, and a good friend to Kelly and their friendship is probably the most compelling reason to watch this show.

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, October 18 2011 12:38 PM

    25YRSOFDAYS...It is the first thing I did too. After trying to figure out how to spell it. i went start to Webmd.

    Scrimmage...Good to see you my friend. Nice post as usual.

    The thing w/Nadia's mom is a cultural thing. they are Persian. And Persian mom's are very old school & traditional. My brother has a Persian mother in law. And she didn't even give her blessing at the announcement of the engagement but 5 years later & two beautiful babies he can do no wrong in her eyes. Maybe Nadia should just marry Brandon & then her mother will just have to deal w/it & eventually accept it.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, October 18 2011 04:07 PM

    MamaJJ – Iran hasn’t been called “Persia” since 1935. It’s only Iranians in Western countries that try to hide their true nationality by hiding behind the “Persian” label. Just like the carpets of the same origin, they’re lying! I suppose it’s to avoid being associated with the brutal, misogynistic culture that has trampled the right of women for centuries in the name of Sharia law which advocates honor killings of daughters who have sex outside of marriage and mutilation of women to keep them from enjoying sex. Nadia’s mother gives me the creeps, and I wouldn’t take her murderous threats lightly. That woman has something very cold and dark where her heart should be.

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