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    Dirty Soap - DAILY UPDATES

    Dirty Soap Daily Updates -

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    Under Pressure.

    Sunday, November 13 2011

    Farah pressures JP, Fary pressures Nadia and Kelly thinks beyond "General Hospital." » Read More


    Sunday, November 06 2011

    Farah tries to be less bossy, Kelly does something sweet, and Nadia stands up to Fary. » Read More

    Meant To Be.

    Sunday, October 30 2011

    Farah gets some unsettling health news, Fary thinks Nadia's style is trashy, Galen goes too far, and Kelly tries to pack on the pounds. » Read More

    He's Not My Cake.

    Sunday, October 23 2011

    While visiting her family in the Poconos, Kelly's surprised by Mike's presence, and JP is grilled about proposing to Farah. » Read More

    Out Of Sync.

    Sunday, October 16 2011

    Kirsten falls ill, Farah has a change of heart, and Jenna wants another baby. » Read More

    You Are So Unstable.

    Sunday, October 09 2011

    Farah and Kirsten face off, Kelly has a rough time filming marriage scenes, and Brandon aims to make Nadia's birthday perfect. » Read More

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