Meant To Be.

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Farah gets some unsettling health news, Fary thinks Nadia's style is trashy, Galen goes too far, and Kelly tries to pack on the pounds.

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Kelly meets with a Self magazine reporter, who wants to incorporate her "Dancing with the Stars" experience for a story. The energy needed for dance worries Kelly because she knows she is too thin. Her General Hospital co-star, Steve Burton introduces her to his nutritionist, John. She jokes that maybe they will be making out before the day is over. Kelly wants to be healthy, and Steve advises her to eat real food. Kelly hopes she doesn't lose her rack. She decides to take a cooking class to learn how to maintain a healthy weight. Kelly ends up rocking her photo shoot and is proud of herself for setting a healthy example, not to mention make us all jealous of her fabulousness in the making.


Farah and her mom, Lisa, lunch with Nadia and her mom, Fary. Fary tells Farah she looks much thinner and asks about her boyfriend. For once, Farah is rendered speechless, as Fary tells her not to make a mistake buying a house with her boyfriend like Nadia did. Nadia is disgusted by Fary slamming her choice in men.


Galen wants to teach his sons how important sports are, so he enrolls them in karate. He's pumped to live out his sports fantasies through his sons, since he had to take ballet as a child. Ironically, the normally sedate Galen gets scolded by the instructor for being too enthusiastic. His enthusiasm doesn't stop there, and he decides to teach his sons kickboxing and other karate acts when they return home. A nervous Jenna thinks it is a bad idea when Galen has the boys break wooden boards with their bare hands. Their youngest begins to cry after hitting the board. Jenna takes the boys inside to play and the oldest boy kicks over his little brother's toy. Jenna pulls Galen aside and is confusingly the voice of reason, as she sets some ground rules.


Farah's friends, Danny and Nathaniel, joke about wanting to move in with Farah and JP at their apartment. Danny claims he is going to have a child with Farah and have beautiful big-lipped babies. He forgot the natural eye-rolling and speaking fluent sarcasm. Alone with Danny later, Farah wonders if she should ask her doctor about donating an egg for him. Danny wonders why she all of a sudden has one life to give. She wants to move forward with learning more about it because she loves him. He thinks it makes perfect sense since JP doesn't want a baby.


Nadia tells Brandon that In Touch Weekly is doing a photo shoot at their home. She wants to redecorate. He is open to hiring a decorator, but not open to Fary's advice. A glutton for punishment, Nadia calls Fary over for her advice. Fary actually agrees with Brandon and likes the couch, but hates everything else. Nadia wishes she had not asked for her help. They go to meet with their designer, Michelle, and Fary slams her decorating style. Michelle remains her calm as Fary tells her everything she does is ugly. Brandon hides in the shadows, ecstatic that Fary hates someone else other than him for a moment. When leaving, Fary tells Michelle it was nice meeting her, but she would never use her thrift-shop designer ideas.


JP meets Farah at her apartment. She interrupts his gross rat trap story with the bombshell that she has to return to New York for surgery. She informs him that her pap smear was abnormal, and her biopsy revealed pre-cancerous cells on her cervix. JP promises to be there with her through her surgery, but he seems nonresponsive and more into his rat story. At the hospital, he fails to find a place to park and Farah is annoyed when she has to walk several blocks post-surgery. She tells him he failed his mission. Danny stops by to check on her. Farah delivers the unfortunate news that she has to heal before being his donor. He isn't in any rush and thinks what is meant to be is meant to be, and maybe a little bit relieved to have escaped creating a mini-know-it-all with Farah.


Both Fary and Michelle are present for Nadia and Brandon's photo shoot. Fary tells Michelle the house is ugly. Fary blames Brandon for the ugly house. Nadia tries to tell her that people have different tastes and she needs to know when to quit. Fary claims Nadia hurt her feelings for not wanting her help. Nadia and Brandon get all lathered up for their photo shoot, which Fary thinks is trashy. Nadia later shows Fary the pictures, but Fary still hates them. Fary believes Nadia isn't really happy. Instead of hauling off and punching her in the face, Nadia calmly asks Fary to respect her life. Fary does admit she is proud of her.

Next week on "Dirty Soap:"

Brandon tells JP that Farah is too bossy.

Kelly tries to reconnect with a friend.

Brandon tells Nadia that Fary's negativity is effecting their lives.

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Ally's Thoughts:

Every week, I'm more impressed with how calm Nadia remains around her over-bearing mother, Fary. Granted, Nadia has had a lot more time to get used to Fary's ways. She handles her quite well. At the same time, why does Nadia invite such drama into her life? Why would she call Fary over for advice, knowing Fary would have nothing but negative things to say? I am sure Nadia wants to respect her mother, but until Fary respects her and Brandon in return, they shouldn't invite her over so much.

While I can appreciate being a stay-at-home mom, being a work-at-home mom myself, I just wish Galen and Jenna were more exciting. I know how tough it can be to make time for one another, but they just seem to be going through the motions. Forget the karate, show us the romance! If I wanted to be bored, I'd just watch Sami and Rafe on "Days of our Lives."

Now, while I find Farah to be totally annoying, I felt bad for her in tonight's episode. JP was not the supportive boyfriend he should have been. She tells him she is having pre-cancerous cells removed, and he just sat there and seemed totally uneffected. While he offered to be there for her, it seemed like it was more of a chore for him. Again, it could just be bad editing, but I was a bit turned off by his lack of support.

Finally, Kelly seems like such a cool chick. She admits her flaws and does her best to do what she can with them. I wish her buddy, Kirsten, was around. I know she's sick, but maybe they could at least work in a phone chat between the two? It was also a treat to see Steve Burton!

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- Allyson Wells

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