You Are So Unstable.

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Farah and Kirsten face off, Kelly has a rough time filming marriage scenes, and Brandon aims to make Nadia's birthday perfect.

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Over breakfast at their home, Brandon tells Nadia she looks very sexy on her birthday. She discovers a hidden gift. Nadia isn't impressed by the iPad and wishes Brandon had gotten her something sweet or sentimental, like jewelry.

Galen and Jenna can't have a moment alone in their home with the kids screaming. Galen wants a getaway. Jenna notes it will be her first trip away from her kids. While tough, she knows she must cut the umbilical cord.


Farah and Nadia have a birthday lunch. Kirsten's name comes up. Farah admits she hasn't talked with Kirsten since 2008 because of a falling out over a love scene Kirsten had to film with John-Paul. Nadia reveals she will run into Kirsten at her birthday party. Farah absurdly points out if Chris Brown and Rihanna can be in the same place, so can she and Kirsten.

Kirsten and Kelly go club-hopping, but Kirsten isn't into it because she's worried about running into Farah. Kelly promises to have her back.


John-Paul and Brandon meet up to play a game of pool. John-Paul wants to gamble, so Brandon thinks they should bet on who will get engaged first. John-Paul claims he isn't ready, but is happy Farah is so patient. Brandon brings up Nadia's birthday present and wishes he didn't have to read her mind.

Farah and her friend Danny share a glass of wine at his hair salon. He tells her how he ran into Kirsten, who is telling everyone that Farah won't talk to her because she's jealous. Danny offers to help Farah dispose of Kirsten.


Kelly looks at wedding dresses on the General Hospital set. She is weirded out by looking at dresses for her character Sam's wedding, when she isn't married. Kirsten thinks it is very exciting, but a morose Kelly gets bummed. Kelly has an emotional time filming the scenes, but decides to live for the present and not be consumed by the future.


At Nadia's birthday party, Brandon and Nadia cuddle. John-Paul dodges marriage talk with Farah, who claims she is okay with their situation. Kirsten sits at a table with Kelly, as Farah and Kirsten eye one another from across the room. Farah decides to get it over with and approaches Kirsten's table. Farah tries not to cry and wonders why Kirsten would think she was jealous of her and John-Paul. Kelly thinks they are silly. Farah claims she doesn't have ill feelings towards Kirsten. Kirsten fires back that it is bull and to quit bitching. Farah tearfully walks away and cries to Nadia that Kirsten is a bitch for not being emotionally affected. Kirsten has a change of heart and calls Farah to see if she will meet her for coffee to clear the air. Farah reluctantly agrees.


Brandon asks Nadia to pack for a surprise night away. They head to the airport and he reveals Napa is their destination. Galen and Jenna join the pair for their romantic trip. Galen asks if she is going to wine guzzle and Nadia naughtily replies she is going to Beemer guzzle. The couples arrive in Napa and Galen asserts it is important for their relationship to get away. As Jenna calls the kids, Galen wants to drink. Nadia discovers she didn't pack any clothes and blames Brandon for rushing her. He jokes she just wants to go shopping. An angry Nadia stomps away.


Nadia goes to see Jenna to chat about her clothing fiasco. The girls leave to meet up with their guys for golf. Nadia decides to not be upset about her clothes because Brandon came through with a sentimental birthday. Jenna decides to loosen up, drink and have fun. The duos toast to how great their relationships are.


A nervous Kirsten and Farah meet to talk about their confrontation. Kirsten says she was thrown when Farah confronted her in front of other people. Farah doesn't want drama and points out how unstable Kirsten's relationships are. Kirsten is fine with them not being friends, but doesn't want Farah's judgment. Farah feels Kirsten isn't happy unless she is fighting. Their discussion goes in circles and an annoyed Farah leaves.


Farah returns home and tells John-Paul and Danny that Kirsten has really bad hair roots. They get catty about how Kirsten is a valley girl. Farah thinks she is the easiest person in the world to get along with, but time will tell for her friendship with Kirsten. Danny meows not to worry since Kirsten will be in the valley.


Kelly hits Vegas with Kirsten and some of her other friends to have fun and get their minds off of things. They party it up on the strip with zip-lining and planking. Kelly is excited to see what happens next in life.

Ally's Comments:

Wow! I had no idea how much tension there was between Farah and Kirsten. I love how Kirsten kept telling Farah they needed to work things out, but just kept getting confrontational. It was brave of Farah to take that first step, but she probably shouldn't have tried to air out their dirty laundry at a party. How adorable are Brandon and Nadia together? Pop the question, Brandon! I was happy to see Jenna finally cut loose and enjoy her time with Galen. What did you think about tonight's show? Let me know in the comments section!

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- Allyson Wells

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