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Meddlesome Mom (Soaps.com)

She loves to whine! (Soaps.com)

Fantastic Firsts!

Dirty Soap gave soap fans a glimpse into the lives and backstage moments of a few of our favorite stars. The first season was full of drama, and the following were standouts.

Overbearing Mama Drama
While nearly every moment with Fary was memorable, it was her ambush of Nadia that was most unforgettable. Despite Nadia declaring that Brandon was the man she wanted to be with, Fary decided to set her daughter up on a surprise date. Not even Brandon's arrival to rescue Nadia could slow Fary down from trying to push another man on Nadia. Unbelievable!

Former best friends Kirsten and Farah had been on the outs for awhile. Farah wanted to try and smooth things out with Kirsten since she was living in Los Angeles again. The two frenemies had not one, but two discussions that escalated into harsh words. The fights left Farah reduced to tears, and the rest of us wanting more. More of Farah being put in her place, that is.

Mr. Wrong
JP was never out to win any boyfriend of the year contests. When his girlfriend Farah had outpatient surgery, instead of picking her up in front of the building, he parked several blocks away and made her walk. Stay classy, JP!

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-Allyson Wells