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Lori's "Dirty Soap" dish for November 14.

The first season of "Dirty Soap" wrapped up with Farah and JP's and Nadia and Brandon's relationship drama coming to a head. A few other things happened as well, so let's dish what went down on the last episode of "Dirty Soap."

A favorite emerges.
From his drunken slurs on the beach to him calling out hanger-on Danny for ambushing JP regarding Farah, Galen was the highlight of the season ender. A note to the producers: If there is a season two and Galen is invited back, they should throw him in with the rest of the cast more and ply him with loads of liquor. He's a lot more entertaining that way.

A new villain?

The only conclusion to be drawn from Danny pressuring JP in front of everyone about marrying Farah at the campfire is that he wants Farah all for himself. If there were more episodes to come this season, he probably would have been revealed to be a mustache-twirling villain who was secretly meeting with Fary to brainstorm relationship sabotage tactics. One has to wonder if he's using Nathanial as a beard to get closer to Farah or if he's just trying to make sure no one steals away his future egg donor. Otherwise, there's no real reason for him to be so involved in how Farah and JP's relationship progresses.

Last ditch effort.
As for Danny's future mentor, Fary tried to set Nadia up with Fernando, who was mugging for the camera by egging on Fary's hatred of Brandon. It wouldn't be too big of a surprise to see him pop up if there is a season two as Fary's boy toy. Anything to be on TV. Between Fary, Bambi, Danny and Fernando, that seemed to be the theme of the season. Fary was no doubt the break out personality of the first season and it seems inevitable that she'd return for future episodes. However, her shtick is growing thin. So, before she turns into Vivian Alamain on "Days of our Lives" and buries Brandon alive in a coffin, she'll need to drop her over the top hatred of him and find someone else to torment.

Season in review.

It's up for debate how much of "Dirty Soap" was real, but the most interesting drama came from the two unmarried couples on the show. There didn't seem to be any real fear of Farah & JP or Nadia & Brandon breaking up, but watching the dynamics between the couples provided viewers with some juicy, eye opening moments. There also didn’t seem to be any change or growth for anyone as the couples stayed in the exact same place as they started in. JP's already committed to Farah, so his half-assed, appeasing declaration in the finale that one day they would get married wasn't exactly life altering. Although, Danny's heart probably sank when he saw the footage. As for Brandon and Nadia, they will seemingly just continue to put up with her mother. The only growth it seems came from Kelly, who, if it's to be believed she was still hung up on the break up with Mike, gained some closure and looked to the future. It would have been fun to watch the confusing dysfunction of Farah and Kirsten's relationship continue to unfold, but alas, Kristen fell ill and left the show early on. At least they mentioned her in the finale. As for Jenna and Galen, see the above suggestions for the producers.

Overall, it was fun to get a glimpse of a few Daytime stars' personal lives and real (realish?) personalities featured on a mainstream cable network. It was good exposure for soap operas so here's hoping for a season two.

What did you think of the first season of "Dirty Soap?" What suggestions do you have for a second season? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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- Lori Wilson